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WWE: 'What The Hell' Of The Week

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Drew McIntyre.

As I said in an earlier blog, the so-called 'Chosen One' has done nothing for ages. So what the hell happened? Well, everybody's thoughts have more or less been confirmed by, who says he's in the doghouse.

However, there is hope for 'The Sinister Scotsman', as PWInsider also says that McIntyre's losing streak will culminate into a character change, and that he will become an 'arrogant playboy'.

Can he pull that off? The only other alternative would be for him to turn face, which I can't see happening anytime soon. But for the time when Drew was in the spotlight, he wasn't a cowardly one. Arrogant yes, but not cowardly.

Only time will tell whether he can generate heel heat as a cowardly heel. Only time will tell.

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    What kind of blog is this? I think you probably meant to post this on the forum right?
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