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Rick Starr

The Splash: The Rights and Wrongs of WrestleMania 28.

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The Rights and Wrongs of WrestleMania 28

Well Splashers, The Road to WrestleMania is underway, so I thought it was time I get back into shape and start writing again! WrestleMania28 is just over 4 weeks away, and there are still several matches that have yet to be confirmed (or even announced for that matter). The rumor mill has gone crazy, over a couple of matches that are expected to happen, and it appears that this time they could be right on track.

John Cena vs The Rock – Wrong!
This year’s WrestleMania started to look bad, when the WWE decided to start a major feud between John Cena and Dwayne The Rock Johnson on the day after WrestleMania 27. The problem is in the past 10 months the two have “feuded” Neither Cena or Rock have had much interaction. Now they are promoted as one of the biggest matches for WrestleMania 28.

Although Cena has been known as one of the hardest workers in the WWE, Johnson has not been seen, busy making movies over the past several years. Many respect what Johnson has done as “The Rock”, back in his hay-day. However, I think that Johnson’s past is not merit enough for this half-assed feud, just to plug one of his latest movies.

This past Monday Cena , did a shoot/promo on Johnson, and got one of the biggest pops in years by simply stating the truth. In a nutshell he stated that millions of people are loyal to a person (Johnson) which has no loyalty for the “wrestling” industry.

Undertaker vs HHH III – Wrong

We should have all seen this one coming. Once Undertaker was taken from the ring, and was not seen for several months, the angle should have been clear. I truly was hoping that Jericho was going for Taker; at least it would have been a different friggen match!

I’ve said before in other Splashes, but I think best way I really would have liked the Taker to take his exit, was to come to the ring, similar to what Edge did last year. Taker was not looking good even before his last match at WrestleMania 27, and despite what Triple H said a couple of weeks ago was scripted, I have to agree with it; I would rather remember The Undertaker as the Phenom, rather than a tired old man.

To top things off, it’s becoming clear that the WWE is throwing Shawn Michaels into the mix somehow. And again this is something that I am wondering if it was something that was really needed. Now let me make myself clear, I am a true blue HBK fan, and he like the Undertaker will go down in history as one of the very best. However, I am tired of seeing wrestlers of today bust their ass all year, for that “WrestleMania Moment” but get shafted because “legends” feel the need to come back just to relive their glory years for a few short weeks.

I was really hoping that the WWE was going to pass on this feud, and bring someone else into the story. However that was just too much to ask, and the WWE just upped the stakes, and brought the next obvious match in: Hell in the Cell. The WWE is trying to imply that Triple H “will end” The Undertaker, hence he will end the streak, and end his career. While I have no doubt this is the end of his career, I think The Undertaker will retire from the WWE, with his WrestleMania streak intact.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Title – Right

This could be the first match on the card, which is worth mentioning. Despite the fact that the outcome of this match is pretty obvious (Sheamus), the quality of this match should be top notch. First we have the number one contender Sheamus; a brick house of a wrestler if there ever was one! Then there is Daniel Bryan who has had a great run with the World Title, and has gotten over huge as a heel. Despite the fact that some of his matches have questionable endings, Bryan is one of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE. With all the elements coming into this match, I’m betting that this match will be on DVD’s for years to come!

Chris Jericho vs C.M. Punk for the WWE Title – Undecided

This is a match that I can’t, say that I truly think is right or wrong. My only real beef with this match is that the WWE Title is on the line. While I do consider Jericho a wrestler of yesterday, he has come back, and has been putting the time in. However I just don’t think that Jericho needed to have a WWE Title shot at WrestleMania. There is no doubt that this match will be a great match as both Punk and Jericho are great wrestlers, and I think they will tear the house down.

Another factor that concerns me is the recent “Twitter war” that C.M. Punk has gotten in with Chris Brown. Everyone from TMZ, to CNN, and even the WWE has been promoting this feud. This leaves me with a big question: Is this really a war? Or is this just a little WrestleMania magic going on here? I would not be the least bit surprised if Brown showed up in Jericho’s corner no less. If it does happen…you heard it from me first Splashers!

The Big Show vs Cody Rhodes – Right
As of right now this match is not even officially on the card. However the way Rhodes, and Big Show have been going at it, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes official. I was truly hoping that Rhodes was going to get his push this year, and become the next I.C & World Champion. Yet for some reason they passed him over. Big Show was another wrestler who had tried many times to win the World title, yet he only kept it for 45 seconds. Perhaps the WWE is considering giving him the secondary prize…a win at WrestleMania, and the I.C. Title.

John Laurinitis vs Teddy Long
(Winner becomes GM of Smackdown and RAW) – Right

This is another match that is not officially on the card, but any moron can clearly see where this storyline is heading. There have been some early speculations as to how this match will go down. Some think it will be similar to The Vince McMahon/Donald Trump feud, where they had wrestlers represent them.

I read a news bit here on that Shaquille O'Neal clearly stated that he WOULD be competing at WrestleMania 28 (However denied this.). Early rumors suspected that Shaq was going to face the Big Show, however now that Big Show is in a heated feud with Rhodes, but that just doesn’t seem to fit.

Final Thoughts
Over the past years, WrestleMania has always been setup ahead of time. With less than 40 days, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the “Granddaddy of them all”. We Have matches that shouldn’t be happening, matches that we are not officially happening yet, and even more so there is a whole half of a card in the dark, with no real major feuds building up. They spent so much time, money, and effort building the Cena/Johnson match one year ahead of time; they forgot to set up everything else the right way. And now the WWE is worrying about WWE 29 and 28 have not even gotten here!

Well Splashers that wraps up another one. For those of you who have wondered where I have been the past few weeks, my friends and I have been putting together a new internet wrestling show concept! With streaming videos, the week in review, slap-stick comedy, and much more as the show develops! It’s called OTR: Over The Ropes! And we can be found on Ok enough plugging for this one. Until next time Splashers…See You When I See You!

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  1. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    When my turds hit the water.
    Updated 02-24-2012 at 11:36 PM by Rick Starr
  2. Bane of Balin's Avatar
    Twas the point of it being in there, bud.

    Now do you have any actual response to my very valid points? Or is that your way of avoiding any meaningful criticism of my argument?
  3. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MR Boss
    You can't just say which matches are right or wrong because that's your opinion. Its doesn't mean what ever you think is right, so don't act like your the Booker for WWE because your not.
    First off Mr.B Thanks for reading my blog. I read your past posts. so I'll respond to all 3 there:

    On Taker/HHH: My point for Taker was he didn't NEED that "One more match". Undertaker will go down in the books as a legend, but the longer the stays around, the more we will remember him as a tired old man, not as the unstoppable force he once was. Show me where The Undertaker last owned a PPV match...not just won it. He hasn't had any great matches for a long..long time.

    Granted HHH is worthy of that spot of ending his career, and I'm hoping they will pull out ALL the stops for this match, but I'm tired of seeing rematches at WrestleMania...maybe you and other people are just not.

    On Cena/Rock: I can honestly say I speak for several other people, when I say it's a load of crap that this is the main reason that people are going to watch the PPV. Sure some sheep are blindly following this match, because many people are still Rock fans...WHY? I don't have a clue! Has hasn't done didly squat in nearly a decade! Yes I know what the angle is: Push the Rock over yet not have him be on WWE, so people like me will want Cena to kick the shit out of him. Guess worked! I hope Cena beats the ever living snot out of his ass.
    I can say which matches are right are wrong. Why? Because they ARE my opinions. I'm not saying anyone else is going to agree with them, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is more than a handful that do. Again thanks for reading @Rickstarr
  4. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    Y do everybody have a problem with The Rock vs. Cena? U get the People's Champ vs. The Peek-a-boo Champ! Kids and adults win!
  5. Rick Starr's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bane of Balin
    The wrestlers backstage that supposedly are giving The Rock heat for this need to grow a set of balls and realize that this happens EVERY YEAR and has ALWAYS happened. Besides, 'Taker, Triple H, HBK, and The Rock have more than paid their dues to get that spot, especially if they can still go, and if they are still proven draws. Bitching is still bitching.
    First off Dwayne isnt The Rock in my book. he lost that right 7 years ago when he became an actor. its sheep like you that don't know the difference. And to be honest with you I would like to see some of the younger talent in WrestleMania, they have been pushing them all year. Who will we have when Dwayne, HBK, Taker, and the rest of them finally do say "nah I can't be bothered to come back"? Because that day is comming faster than you think. I love the older guys, but ask yourself, who do you watch week in and week out? THEY should be in WrestleMania!!!
  6. Sony's Avatar
    The wrestlers backstage that supposedly are giving The Rock heat for this need to grow a set of balls and realize that this happens EVERY YEAR and has ALWAYS happened. Besides, 'Taker, Triple H, HBK, and The Rock have more than paid their dues to get that spot, especially if they can still go, and if they are [B]still[/B] [B]proven draws[/B]. Bitching is still bitching.[/QUOTE]

    Proven draws? How did the Rocks last PPV do? As I recall, the PPV's were a huge disappointment!
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