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TNA - 23 February 2012

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Opening video of Bobby Rude’s recent acts. Cut to Rude entering the ring, to the apparent displeasure of the crowd. We are reminded on-screen of Sting's tweet this past week reading simply “I’M DONE,” and a promise that Sting will be present to address that.

Rude starts out by saying that Sting has quit and is leaving because of Rude. He runs down his own accomplishments, starting with winning the WHC, but says that ending Sting’s career is the greatest accomplishment of his life.

Backstage scene with Matt Morgan and Crimson arguing over the loss of the Tag Team belts, but they agree to go out and get the belts back as a team.

Match: Samoa Joe/Magnus (champions) v Matt Morgan/Crimson
Who I think will win: Joe/Magnus
Who I want to win: Joe/Magnus

I think the team of Matt Morgan and Crimson is quickly breaking down without the belts, and we really need to see these two go at each other. Eventually they may recombine to take back the belts but for now it’s more interesting to see them fight.

Crimson and Morgan start out on the offensive, and Magnus gets tossed out of the ring. Morgan and Joe start the match proper off with a few high-impact moves, then tags Crimson in. Joe fights Crimson off and tags in Magnus. Back and forth it goes, until Morgan and Crimson come at Joe from opposite corners, Joe ducks out of the way, and Crimson knocks Morgan for a loop. Joe tosses Crimson out of the ring, Joe and Magnus hit their finishing combo and pin Morgan.

: Joe/Magnus (my score: 1/0)

Video recap of Brandon Jacobs (NY Giants running back) last week on Impact and we are told he will be on next, after the commercial.

Brandon Jacobs comes out to a mediocre pop from the crowd. He says that he probably shouldn’t have crossed the rail, but Bully Ray shouldn’t have spit in his face. He’s back this week to let Bully know that he’s in Bully’s backyard again, one more time. Brandon calls Bully out and wants to face him one on one. Bully comes out and says “Settle down for a minute Brenda … I mean Brandon.” He runs down Jacobs, and a pretty good “Brandon Jacobs” chant gets going. Bully says that he has a tag team match later on and isn’t going to waste his time on a guy who only got 59 yards in the Super Bowl and didn’t even score a touchdown, so he’ll stay where he is and keep running Jacobs down. Brandon says that if Bully is going to say there, then he will just have to come to Bully. He climbs out of the ring and chases Bully backstage as we cut to commercial.

We return to see Jacobs walking backstage looking for Bully. He is stopped by James Storm who asks him if he wants Bully Ray. Brandon says he does, and they are joined by Jeff Hardy. A quick whispering between the three and some sort of agreement is reached; the three walk off. I’m guessing Brandon replaced Hardy in the match.

Now, I’m usually not much into having non-wrestlers get involved in wrestling matches. WWE’s long-running series of “celebrity guest hosts” on RAW was pretty dismal, if I may say so myself. Let’s not even start talking about David Arquette. On the other hand, Jacobs is at least marginally believable and HAS to be better than Snooki. Or Drew Carey.

Match: Zima Ion v Alex Shelley
Who I want to win: Shelley
Who I think will win: Ion

I think it’s a mistake having Ion on and reminding people who caused Sorenson’s injury so much. On the other hand, it’s a good way to build up massive heat against this guy. Seeing as how they let him “steal” the pin from Aries last week, I think they’re building him as a pretty classic heel. Not sure what they’re going to do with Aries though, as the rivalry between these two is getting heated. Either turn Aries face or go heel v heel storyline. Both sound interesting.

Ion beats down Shelley and starts to use his hair spray to get prettier. Aries comes out from the back, wearing the X-division belt and carrying a big box of popcorn and a glass of wine. This distracts Ion and Shelley is able to get the upper hand. Aries sits down on a chair at ringside and eats his popcorn. The actions spills out onto the floor, and Ion slips his hair spray into his tights, seen by everybody except the referee. Ion knocks Shelley toward the corner, almost colliding with the referee who cowers in fear while not seeing Ion spray the hair spray into Shelley’s eyes then toss it out of the ring. Ion knocks Shelley around a few seconds then covers him for the win. Aries just walks away, shaking his head.

Winner: Zima Ion (my score: 2/0)

Video recap of Garrett Bischoff with Hogan against Gunner with Eric Bischoff, followed by an “interview” with Garrett followed by Hogan coming in and warning him about Eric. Cut to Madison Rayne talking about Sting and Gail Kim.

Match: ODB v Gail Kim
Who I want to win: Gail Kim
Who I think will win: Gail Kim

I’ve always liked Gail Kim, no secret there. I think her monopoly of the women’s championships is, while arguably undeserved, at least somewhat interesting and gives some great opportunity for plotlines down the road. Not very far down the road hopefully; it is starting to get a wee bit old. On the other hand, I think that having BOTH the men’s and women’s tag teams fighting each other at the same time might smack of running out of ideas, so I really hope they don’t do that.

ODB comes out with Eric Young. Gail Kim comes out without Madison Rayne. Kim makes fun of ODB’s attire and appearance, and gets manhandled (womanhandled?) as a result. Kim fights back and takes control for a bit, then gets ODB into that octopus submission hold. ODB drops Kim to the match to break the hold, but then gets clotheslined while charging at Kim in the corner. Rayne comes out, distracting Kim. Eric Young pours some of the contents of ODB’s ever-present flask down her throat while the referee isn’t watching. ODB appears to gain new life and runs over Kim a few times, then pins her with a Lou Thesz press out of the corner. Kim kicks out and fights off ODB’s attempt at slam to hit the Eat De Feet for the win.

Winner: Gail Kim (my score: 3/0)

Interview with AJ Styles regarding Kazarian and Daniels, AJ says he’s done with that. He’s going to put that behind him and focus on the WHC.

Video package of Sorenson’s injury, talking with Sorenson’s mom and Jesse’s comments. Tenay comments that Sorenson has been released from the hospital and is now at home recovering. Hope he gets better soon, bad injury.

Match: AJ Styles v Robbie E (champ)
Who I want to win: AJ Styles
Who I think will win: AJ Styles

Yes, believe it! A TV championship match! Even though I hate Robbie E, I am willing to put up with him one more time to see him get squashed by AJ Styles. And I do think that will happen; AJ is an infinitely better wrestler and even as a heel he got more heat than Robbie E. Plus I think that AJ having the title will make it worth something again instead of the joke it’s been for quite some time now. We might even get some actually good competition for it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Eric Young, but his reign was mediocre at best.

AJ takes Robbie to school in the early part of the match. Robbie slides out of the ring, and then hides behind Rob Terry. AJ follows him, is blocked by Terry, and Robbie slides back into the ring, catching AJ as he follows him. Robbie mounts a minor offense, and then AJ gets hit by Terry from outside the ring. Robbie starts showboating and hits AJ with a drop from the ropes. AJ recovers and fights back, showing Robbie why he is the Phenomenal One. Terry jumps up at ringside when AJ goes for the Styles clash, distracting the referee and Styles, allowing Robbie to jump AJ from behind. After a few hits, AJ hits Robbie with the Pele kick and lays him out. He goes outside the ring ropes for a springboard splash, but is interrupted when Kazarian and Daniels come to ringside (dammit, I should have seen this coming) and Kazarian pulls him off, running him into the ring post. Daniels, for some reason, seems surprised by Kazarian’s actions.

Winner: Robbie E by DQ (my score: 3/1)

Match: Bully Ray/Kurt Angle v James Storm/Jeff Hardy
Who I want to win: Storm/Hardy
Who I think will win: Storm/Hardy

Again, as I said earlier, I think Brandon will replace Hardy, and of course celebrities (almost) always get the win.

Ray and Angle come out to their intros. Ray again shows off his calves. (Note: I have bigger calves than Ray. But only because I’m a fat old guy whose legs swell.) Storm and Hardy come out. This is announced as a no-DQ match. As the announcer goes to introduce the teams, Ray grabs the mic and introduces himself instead.

Well, looks like I was wrong about Brandon replacing Hardy. But, since this is a no-DQ match, I think he’ll get involved at some point to give Storm and Hardy the win. On the other hand, he could get involved and screw things up so that Ray/Angle win, but I think that’s less likely.

Storm says that he has a beer-drinking friend who has some unfinished business with Bully Ray, and introduces Brandon Jacobs who comes out to the ring. Jacobs get in the ring, the gets out to the Hardy/Storm corner. Storm and Angle start things out fast and furious. Storm tags Hardy in, but Angle runs out of the ring. (Since this is no-DQ, why do they even bother tagging each other in? I know, I know it’s scripted, but still …). Cut to commercial.

After the commercial, Hardy and Ray are in the ring, and Hardy hits some high-flying moves on Ray, then Ray grounds him and starts taking over. Hardy is sent to the Ray/Angle corner, and Angle pulls Hardy crotch-first into the ring post. Ray eventually tags Angle in, who takes over on Hardy, keeping him grounded for a while. Angle tags Ray back in, but Hardy fights him off and makes the tag to Storm. Hardy rushes Angle and knocks him off of the ring, then starts to pummel Ray for a while. Angle gets into the ring and suplexes Storm, but is hit hard by Hardy. Ray kicks Hardy in the face and lays him out, but then drops to one knee and hold his head, as if not fully recovered. He then yells to Angle to get the table.

As they go to bring it into the ring, Storm and Angle drop-kick it right into their faces, sending them reeling. Storm and Hardy set up the table but are then ambushed by a recovering Ray and Angle, who finish getting the table ready. Angle charges Storm but is hit with the superkick, but Ray beats him down. As he stands over Storm, Brandon climbs into the ring and surprises Ray when he turns around. Ray is startled but yells “You wanna fight me?” He then drops down into a three-point stance, and Brandon follows suit as Storm is recovering in the corner. Brandon and Ray face off, but Storm gets up and pulls Ray up and into an uppercut, sending him reeling backward to Brandon who lifts Ray up and smashes him through the table. Actually a fairly decent smash through the table for Jacobs, better than some I’ve seen. Storm covers Ray for the win.

Winner: Storm/Hardy (my score: 4/1)

Jacobs shows off his own calves as Ray and Angle remain laid out. Storm and Jacobs celebrate in the ring; I have no idea what happened to Hardy. Shot of someone knocking on Sting’s door and just saying “Showtime.” Cut to commercial.

Return from commercial, and Sting comes out to the ring. No ring wear, no makeup. Sting says he’s done, there’s too much for him to handle, too much slipping through his fingers, and he’s been pushed over the edge by Bobby Rude. So he’s done. Bobby Rude comes out with a golf clap and a fake tear in his eye. He apologizes for interrupting but he felt like he had to be there and listen to his words as Sting tells the world that Bobby Rude is the better man. Sting says that Bobby didn’t win any war, didn’t win any battles.

Sting takes off his sunglasses and tucks them into his T-shirt, and says that Bobby helped him out and woke him up. He then gets out some black makeup and starts rubbing it all over his face. He starts to get into the Insane Icon voice. He says he’s not doing any part-way anymore, no mediocre, and makes a gagging sound. No more Mr. Nice Guy. He’s going to put on his boots, put on his tights, put on his warpaint, and then at Victory Road he’s going to kick the living crap out of Bobby Rude. Bobby looks nervous and turns to leave, then turns back with a low kick (like last week) that Sting catches before it hits him. Bobby begs him to stop, so Sting slowly lowers Bobby’s foot to the ground and appears to calm down … before hitting Bobby with a low blow of his own, to a massive pop by the crowd. In a munchkin voice, Sting tells Bobby to “Follow the yellow brick road … follow the yellow brick road to Victory Road!”

Overall, not the greatest TNA. Nothing really exciting happened. I did not for a minute believe that Sting was “done” with wrestling or TNA or anything like that. During the last match, the announcers said that AJ Styles was asking for a gauntlet match next week facing both Kazarian and Christopher Daniels, which has the potential to be interesting. Hopefully, it will finish off this feud and AJ can go back and humiliate Robbie E (again).

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  1. monctonvike's Avatar
    Its crazy because the show had a solid story and flow to it, but I agree it was very average show. Russo was famous for having everything written well in advance. I wonder how much longer they will use his stories?

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