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The Return Of The Stables/Tag Teams

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Hi All It's dazzaschofield back with the re-branded 'Blog of all Blogs' bringing you the musings, ideas and general thoughts of a wrestling fan.

Today I'm going to look at what could be happening within the Tag Team division and the formation of stables in general.

After Elimination Chamber and this weeks Raw I got wondering if the WWE are trying to bring back the formation of Stables/Tag Teams within it's product.

Firstly we have the events of Elimination Chamber and Raw with regards to Johnny Ace! The WWE have the opportunity after EC to turn the in ring segment with Johnny into a newly formed stable. We have been hearing that WWE plans to have a Team Laurenitus Vs. Team Long at Wrestlemania.

This is a good idea and could be an ideal opportunity to turn Team Laurenitus into 'The New Corporation', you have
  • Laurenitus - The Leader
  • Alberto Del Rio - The right hand man/Brains
  • Mark Henry - The Muscle
  • Christian - The Weasel/Cheat

I believe it could massively help all 3 stars reach a new level within the company, hell they could even have Bryan join so that the stable holds the championship. This would make any feud for the championship more interesting as the fans would be more involved in wanting their 'face' guy to overcome the odds and win the championship.

Also happening within the WWE it seems they are throwing a few random superstars together to see what they would make as a tag team, this week it was R-Truth and Kofi Kingston. Now after watching their match and seeing how they worked together in the battle royal can see these two being a very successful tag team if WWE decides to run with it for a while. If they then throw a few more wild combo's together such as Mason Ryan/Tyler Rekks dominant muscle tag team then we may just have the starts of a decent tag division.

Anyway this was a simple first edition of 'The Blog of all Blogs' and I hope you enjoyed. let's hope that the WWE run with this and bring back a part of what has been missing for a while.

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  1. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Interesting musings you have there... It seems that WWE is toying around with the stable idea and I think it could work. I like your proposed lineup of Team Laurenitis above, but I would add in Dolph Ziggler (the Ladies Man) to the mix, as he may turn some heads if given the opportunity. I'd like to see WWE do something noteworthy with the stable and tag team ideas - and stick with them. All in all, I agree with your thoughts above. Nice write!
  2. Alan Tan's Avatar
    You forgot David Otunga.
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    Dude, not to be rude but we have seen this blog a lot... the "how to make tag teams/stables relevant again" blogs... It's great but let's be honest... the wwe does not come to these sites and read the blogs... they are not going to revive the divisions for a while... don't put too much effort into nothing... we already know what needs to happen and it won't get done.
  4. Dazzaschofield's Avatar
    With all due respect Bartish2, I welcome feedback and critique but have you actually read the blog? How does this read as a 'My Ideas to fix the Tag Divison' blog? Above I am not offering my opinion on how to fix the division but am offering my observations on what the WWE seem to be doing at the moment..two totally different concepts

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