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One Word To Describe WWE...PREDICTABLE

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I've watched WWE since the 80s and to be honest, every time I watch it these days I really ask myself why? I literally fast forward through 80% of the shows, and the parts I watch are just in hopes that something interesting is going to happen (which never does).
This weeks Raw was so predictable its pathetic. Did anyone, even for a second think that Jericho wasn't going to win that Battle Royal? If you did, you're an idiot!
Or how about the Undertaker/HHH WM match; did anyone really think it WASN'T going to happen? Again, if you did, you're an idiot! Stop wasting our time with three weeks of HHH saying "No" when we all know that in the end he will say "Yes." And at least when he does say yes, have it be cause the UT did something big, not "You're not as good as Shawn." Who the hell thinks HHH is better than HBK? HHH would be nothing if not for HBK. But thats besides the point. My point is, have the UT do something drastic to make HHH say yes, like threaten Stephanie or his kids or something. I would say to have him kidnap her but that was already done back when WWE didn't SUCK! To be honest, I don't want to see another HHH/UT match. This will be the third time they have fought at WM, its been done, its old, almost as old as they are. UT is not going to lose at WM, it will be his legacy that he never did. If on the off chance they do have HHH beat him, everyone will look at HHH and think, "WOW! What a fucking ego on this guy. His head is as big as his nose." WWE should have fought harder to get Sting to do it last year, and let be UT's last match. Or hell, let him fight someone he hasn't before or at least someone he hasn't fought 100 times. Hell I'd rather see the Rock fight UT than HHH.

And that was my segway into this; The Rock vs. Cena. WHO GIVES A SHIT?! Cena is the absolute worst. His gimmick hasn't changed in like 8 years or some crap. Turn the guy heel for christ's sake, its what your fans want (at least the ones old enough to buy tickets themselves). Have Cena turn heel, fight the UT and beat him at WM. It will make Cena the most hated guy in WWE. In turn, have the Rock face HHH. I know, I know, that has been done a million times to...but at least not recently.

And lastly, Daniel Bryan. Possibly the worst Champ I have ever seen. He has no business being a main eventer. He is too small, horrible on the mic, and the most boring person to watch I've ever seen. To have him beating Mark Henry and the Big Show is a travesty. If I were either of those guys I woulda refused to do it. Daniel Bryan isn't strong enough to knock the Big Show off his feet with a "real" steel chair. The only bright side is that his title run is almost over, a there is no doubt that he will be dropping it to Ronald Mcdonald at WM. Not much of an upgrade, but an upgrade none the less. It should be Wade Barret facing Bryan at WM. They have history that could lead to a decent feud.

In the end, I think its time for some newer faces to be wearing the gold, ie Rhodes, Santino (yes Santino, if Bryan can be a Heavyweight Champ, then so can Santino), Kane, Christian (for a decent amount of time, and not having to cheat in every match to win), Barret, or Big Show.

Who I never want to see be champ again; Cena, HHH, Bryan, Orton, or Miz. Played the fuck out!

Bring in a new wave of factions; at least 2 or 3. And for Christ's sake have some real fucking tag teams. Teams with actual tag names, not just two stupid wrestlers thrown together because you can't think of anything better for them to do. Remember how awesome tag teams were back when you had Demolition, Hart Foundation, Rockers, LOD, Steniers, New Age Outlaws. I mean who are the champs right now? I don't even know.

Anyway, WWE has got a lot of work to do to better their programming or risk losing lifetime time fans like myself for good.

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Updated 02-23-2012 at 07:40 PM by cnoevl21

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  1. LoGik's Avatar
    Stop Whining!
  2. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    stop whining
  3. bearkg88's Avatar negative. At first I just gazed at your blog, but then I decided I wanted to really read it before I made some kind of comment. I won't be like LoGick or TNBT above and say stop whining, I'll say stop watching. Anyone who wants to look at WWE and see things as negative aspect instead of looking at the positive(and there are positives), then maybe they shouldn't waste their time watching it. I know when I see a movie and I think it sucked, I normally keep an eye out for the main actors and normally refrain from watching any of their other movies unless it looks to be completely amazing. Much like anyone who just bashes WWE or TNA week in and week out, if you are going to complain about every little thing and nit pick, don't watch. I know it is your opinion that things suck and are bad, but the better question is, if you feel this way(and you have probably feel this way for a long time), why continue taking the time to watch.
  4. Kaisered's Avatar
    Smark Smark You whine worse than Christian on the last heel run. If you don't like don't watch it. Don't read the spoilers. Look the only thing you have right is that wrestling is predictable, but its a soap opera of course we all know what is going to happen but we still like to think that something will show up and surprise us like Santino although he ain't no main event material he for sure had people on the edge of their seats during his performance at EC
  5. The Sneakiness's Avatar
    cnoevl21, why you so mad bro?

    Wrestling changed, either adapt and enjoy or write a stupid blog and stay plastered in the '80s.

    Oh wait...
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    I fast forward through most of the shows as well. I'm always astounded that I can get through something like 2 hours of video in 20 minutes or less. I don't care about most of the matches because they have no story content behind them. The tag team division is a joke; most of the characters are ridiculously 1-dimensional; there are too many squash matches; and few if any divas matches are worth watching.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    hmmm....The only thing I loved in your blog is Making Christian a Champ for decent Tie!! Because I'm a Christian Mark!!
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