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CM Punk Vs John Cena - The Other Prespective

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Hi all and welcome to another blog.

I have Knox to thank for this blog as I was reading his great blog about CM Punk and John Cena switching roles. I hope you don't mind me piggybacking on your blog Know but you stated that the blog is coming from the direction of a pro cena/anti punk fan and I though it would be a good idea to get a prospective from the other side so here goes.

The Change That Was Promised
Knox is completely correct on this one, CM Punk came out and cut an excellent promo, in fact he cut the best promo in the last 2 years. He promised change, he promised difference & he promised old school wrestling.

Has he delivered? no! was it his job to deliver? no!

I don't believe Punk dropped the ball on this one, I believe that WWE saw the reaction and hype that Punk was getting and jumped on him like wild dogs and it smothered what could have been. They decided to dilute Punks success by adding HHH to the equation which was not needed.

Cena's Future
He doesn't have one, at least not in the way many people seem to believe so, Cena will never change, he will never go heel and he will never be as popular as The Rock or Austin, why? because of the product he promotes and the fact the his character is now etched in time. He has attained the status of The Rock and Austin in one way, let me elaborate.

The Rock went through multiple personality changes until he found the persona that works. Austin did the same. Eventually both their characters were engrained in our minds so much that if Dwayne or Steve ever came back and tried to pull off a different character it simply wouldn't work. The same way of Cena changing to become different then his 'Hustle, Loyalty, Respect' character just wouldn't work! this is because character become successful when they are extensions of themselves. The Rock, Austin, HHH and others attain megastardom when they go to the ring and be themselves. Cena already does this so any change would be defying who he really is and thus wouldn't work.

Cena's character could have worked in earlier years where restrictions weren't as tight. As his promo this week showed he can have some edge to him, however when your main fanbase is women and children there is only so far you can push that while still keeping within guidelines.

CM Punk
CM Punk has a bright future IMO as he again started to develop and achieve success when he was allowed to be himself which is as Knox said, slightly arrogant and full of himself, but as many people have rightly said...if your not in the WWE thinking your the best and aiming to be the top guy...what are you there for at all.

Yes he doesn't always tow the line and he says things he prob shouldn't but hell thats why guys like Austin were so successful. That's what the fans want to see. Even more so today when we have pg thrown down our throats daily and were subject to drugs policy's and 'no headshot' rules. WWE are selling a show claimed to be aimed at 18-34 demo whilst being family friendly!! trust me the 18-34 demo doesn't want family friendly..they want edgy and thats what Punk gives.

Both men do hold themselves very differently and I believe both hold themselves in their own ways as they are smart to their fans needs.

Cena is professional, loyal, kind, thinks of others, has respect for everyone....this appeals to his demo of women and children as they look up to him as the 'all american boy' who attains success through being an honest hard working gentleman.

CM Punk again is professional, outspoken, edgy, abrasive, in your face and confrontational....this appeals to his fans who seem to be the slightly older more adult and have the less 'dream like' view of the world, they see Punk as the guy who nothing was given to who had to claw, fight and hiss his way up to the top and will savage anyone who tries to take that away from him.

I think in 20 years time both will have had highly successful careers, Cena is more likely to stay on and work till the day he dies backstage as an exec working on storys and PR type jobs.

Punk will also prob stay loyal but I think he's more of an action guy so would become a trainer putting the guys through their paces..or he would be highly successful as a colour commentator.

Thanks for reading, Knox..thanks for the idea, I hope you all enjoyed, I'm sure if you did/didn't your always vocal enough to let the blog poster know.

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  1. 01crusea's Avatar
    It should read CM Punk vs. John Cena – The Other Perspective. But, aside from that, I absolutely agree. The worst thing (by which I mean the safest and least adventurous) WWE have done since the end of the Attitude Era was bring CM Punk back so soon after Money in the Bank last year.
  2. Kincaid's Avatar
    Only thing I disagree with: The Rock has basically only been 2 characters. Squeaky clean baby face- Rocky Maivia and The Rock. Just because people started to like what "he was cooking" and he eventually became a baby face again, The Rock persona remained the same. Same goes for Stone Cold. Sometimes people just gravitate toward the heel.

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