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Crisis Management: The GM of Both Brands?

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Sup everyone, Cousin Scribbler again! So I was catching up on the Elimination Chamber results (sadly, I was not surprised by any of the results... pity... but that's another rant for another time...) and noticed that one of the themes that came up was "who should be GM of bot RAW and Smackdown?" I find myself slightly intrigued by the idea. I'm sure it may have been done before at some point, but still it would be somewhat different to see it happen. Or would it? Would WWE truly benefit from this storyline?

First, let's look at the contenders for the title. On the one hand, we have John Lauranitis, current GM of RAW. Former wrestler in his own right, big guy in talent relations, blandly insufferable persona. On the other hand, we have Theodore "Teddy" Long, current GM of Smackdown. One of the longest-running GMs I've seen, somewhat likeable, actually has superstars come to his aid when he gets in over his head (like when he suspended Mark Henry.) Everyone hates Johnny, everyone (sorta) likes Teddy. To me, this is a bad sign for Teddy. In wrestling, it's usually the likeable guys that get screwed and lose. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see Teddy be the dual GM... which is why I'm sure creative will give the title to Laryngitis. Oh wait, Lauranitis you say? Oh, okay then. The two are similar. Sound the same, irritating, can live without them... just saying... Anyway, creative knows that people can't stand "Big Johnny" and despite this will tune in regularly in hopes that he will finally get what he deserves and maybe be fired from his position. But I'm betting that Johnny's character kisses enough ass for the higher ups that he manages to survive. Teddy, as we've seen, isn't so much a spineless twit: he did look Mark Henry in the eyes as he suspended him, knowing that Mark could probably fold him up and use him as a stress ball. Unfortunately, in the corporate world, having guts is not always popular with one's superiors - this could be played out in the storyline somehow, maybe that Teddy refused to play ball and is deemed unsuitable.

Next, let's look at the supporters of the competition. As I noted earlier, John seems to have quite a following, despite it being the usual heel suspects. However, I didn't see many people stand up for Teddy. This too could play out. Maybe John has his followers form a semi-stable, not to compete per se, but to come out or do backstage segments trying to promote him and undermine Long. Maybe even interfering in Smackdown affairs and matches in an effort to make Teddy seem unfit and incapable of keeping order - if they could prove that Teddy can't control Smackdown, then he would definitely be unfit to control both brands. Teddy, on the other hand, is in a bind unless he can find his own people to counter them. Perhaps he could rely on... Santino. Or not. He would definitely need more muscle - perhaps in the form of Sheamus. Not sure Orton would be willing to get involved (doesn't play well with others.) Maybe he could recruit some talent from RAW. After all, I don't think anyone hates Johnny more than CM Punk. Who knows?

But let's take a look at what the point of having one GM could be. I don't think it would really be a big thing to look for. Either John gets to harass people on SD too, or Teddy would come to RAW trying to be the good GM. I can't see how that would dynamically affect things as is. It could be a setup for a major storyline and some good PPV material. Maybe at one of the big events (Survivor Series? Bragging Rights?) have a five-man elimination tag main event. In John's corner, you could have Christian, Swagger, Ziggler, Del Rio and Mark Henry. In Teddy's corner, maybe Santino, Sheamus, CM Punk, and a couple of other faces who would likely support Long (Khali? DiBiase?) The prize: the winning team's sponsor becomes GM of both brands. I think it would give WWE another opportunity to try to make a story that would be more engrossing than just passively interesting. But again, I just can't see what the gain would be from having one GM for both brands, nor do I see it lasting very long at all. That's just me.

If you all have any thoughts or opinions, you know what to do! Til next posting...

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