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What If: The Cult of Cenation... John Cena and CM Punk

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Hi again folks, Scribbler Jones here again. I was watching some YouTube mash-up themes for various WWE superstars and just got to thinking of some oddball ideas. Let me start by saying: these are just some ideas I thought of, but am pretty sure they will never see the light of day; yes, I know a lot of people will jump to conclusions and not even hear me out; and I'm perfectly fine with that. With that mini-rant out of the way...

One particular mash-up I saw was a combo of John Cena's theme and CM Punk's theme. I liked it, and got to thinking... WHAT IF? First, let's take a quick look at both of these guys. First, there's John Cena. The chosen face of WWE (by WWE.) His character is that of a larger-than-life, family friendly, nigh-invincible superhero who promotes hustle, loyalty and respect. No matter how much hate is thrown his way, nothing can corrupt him or keep him down. Next, there's CM Punk. The outspoken anti-establishment anti-hero. The WWE's pipe bomber. A charismatic figure whose words can wound an opponent almost as badly as his kicks and Anaconda Vise. These two sit on opposite sides of WWE's paradigm - they even had a vicious rivalry (that Punk won, may I happily add.) So what could possibly drive them to work... as a team? The same thing that can bring two hated enemies together easily: a bigger and nastier enemy. And on RAW, I think that bigger threat could be John Lauranitis.

Looking at the current storyline, Big Johnny is making a bid to control not only RAW, but Smackdown. It's conceivable that, in doing so, he will look to recruit Superstars to stand with him... and to destroy those who refuse him. It's no secret that CM Punk hates him with a passion, but it also stands to reason that Cena, being the "hero" that he is, will not suffer the will of such a malicious and deviant and overall not nice person (the kids are watching after all) and will stand up to Big Johnny. In turn, Johnny will take out his wrath on both guys, undoubtedly using his lackeys as muscle. I suspect that David Otunga (aka the Harvard Stooge,) Dolph Ziggler (aka The Guy with the Odd Pink Fanny Scarf,) Jack Swagger (aka the All-American Reject,) and Alberto Del Rio (aka the Guy who Can't Really Have That Many Cars,) will play the role of Johnny's enforcers, as each of them has some connection with Cena and Punk and/or some beef with them from the past that can be played on. I think that this would be an interesting setup, with both Cena and Punk being squeezed individually (maybe being screwed out of a title shot/defense, repeatedly attacked at random, etc.) to the point that they realize that, as much as they hate each other, they hate Johnny more. So they partner up to survive and take the fight back to the New RAW Order.

I know on paper it looks a bit contrived, but potentially I think it could go over. Both men have serious star power and are quite controversial, but I think it's their opposing nature that could prove interesting. Of course, you can't have them get along and be a cohesive unit: the two despise each other, after all. But this could give them an opportunity to shine also: have them try to outdo the other and put more into the conflict than their partner, like they're competing against each other while trying to cooperate. Maybe even do a couple of promos where they face off and talk about how they dislike each other - maybe even almost walk out on each other and have the viewers believe that they will really implode... and that the future of RAW, maybe even of WWE, is going down the pooper as a result. Of course, in the end, Punk and Cena will stand triumphant, and weather the storm of Johnny's animosity and lack of mid-management skills. And then the real fight begins... John Cena and CM Punk finally implode, now that the enemy that brought them together has been dealt with. Maybe have Punk go back to being the awesome, scathing heel that he is famous for to go after Cena again... or allow Cena to embrace the dark side from watching Punk become more popular and beloved than he is...

Anyways, this has been a What If Mash-Up brought to you by Scribbler Jones. More to come later. Tell me what you think!

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  1. 01crusea's Avatar
    I honestly can't believe how well the mash-up of those two themes works.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    I donno abt the m ash up of themes...but, this idea sounds interesting!!

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