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Did John Cena & Cm Punk Switch Roles?

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Hey guys Knox here, hope all is well folks. I'm here today blogging on the recent character development and changes of Cm Punk. Before every starts reading, let me be honest....THIS WILL BE AN ANTI-PUNK & PRO-CENA BLOG. I'm just throwing that out there to all the "Punk-etts" out there. Now lets begin guys.

Cm Punk: The Catalyst of Change?

So Punk made a big fuss last year about the WWE losing that spunk. He compared Cena to the Yankees of all teams. We all know that was a worked shoot but really what has changed since Punk has been on that top guy level? Nothing has changed but the name on the title.

Now its Cm Punk that's becoming bland at a quick rate. Punk comes off as a bit too witty. His sarcasm really makes him look like a douche but that's just my opinion.

The Elevation of John Cena:

Basically, Cena has still been getting booed out of the building but since he's tweaked himself into a more serious babyface, he's been gaining some of those 18-34 male fans that he's desperately needed. People are starting to see the Rock for what he truly is. He's a guy that shows up to plug movies. Notice how we only see him actually on television right when a movie is about to drop.

My point is this. When you hear the typical "LETS GO CENA, CENA SUCKS" chant, there are alot more men on the "LETS GO CENA" side of things. Slowly but surely Cena is beginning to win over that 18-34 male demographic that made guys like Steve Austin so popular.

Cena is quickly winning over that fanbase that made Cm Punk & Daniel Bryan so popular. Once Cena turns heel, HE WILL WIN THAT WHOLE DEMO OVER. Hands down. I mean guys on this site are already claiming Cenation.

The True Difference Between Cm Punk & John Cena:

Ok, I'm about to literally make you guys go nuts on me but it has to be said. The biggest difference between Cena & Punk is EGO, MATURITY, PROFESSIONALISM & KNOWING HOW TO HANDLE BEING "THE MAN".

Cm Punk has the biggest ego in this business to this day. He expects the world be handed to him just because he was an indies star, ok we get it.

Punk is the kinda guy that you know will be bitter once his career is over. He's gonna be that Ultimate Warrior type of bitter. He'll be 50 years old shooting on everyone he had to work with.

Punk is the kinda guy that the WWE will regret pushing one day. He will throw this company under the bus once his days are over and I'm shocked not alot of people see this coming like I do.

This guys is busy feuding with an R&B singer yet he ran away from a fight against NFL Linebacker Shawne Merriman. Ironically his beef with Brown is the same beef with Merriman.

Cena might have an ego but he doesn't show it. He does his job and carries himself well. Cena knows how to be a star. His biggest quality is professionalism. He's the kinda guy you let run a company, he has the professionalism and you can tell he's the ultimate fan of this business.

He isn't out there tweeting to Chris Brown, making stupid videos or anything like that. He's busy promoting this company and carrying himself like a gentleman.

Cena reminds me of an NBA or NFL Player because he doesn't act like the typical "cocky unprofessional" wrestler like most of them act. He literally carries himself like a LeBron James or Peyton Manning outside the ring. He has respect for himself and this business. He is a role model.


I hope you all enjoyed this. I know 90% of the readers won't but that's ok. I'm used to you guys having my back so if I lose it for this one blog, I'll get you guys back eventually lol. And please leave the "Cena Fanboy" or the "I'm on Cena's male genitalia " comments in the kitchen trash. I'm simply a fan but even if I wasn't a fan I would still feel this way. Thanks guys, be safe. Until then.

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  1. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    Knox, I'm curious about your opinion on Cena being the go to guy and acting professional with the BE A Star and all the playing to kids when he essentially called Eve a ho and scank on live TV.
    Updated 02-23-2012 at 11:00 AM by Ace Lancaster (spelling)
  2. Krow132's Avatar
    Ever heard of a Gimmick? Yeah. Punk's Gimmick is a sarcastic douchebag that people like because he's so witty. That's the whole point. Even if he acts similar in real life it's toned way down. I don't hate Cena like most other guys, but I just think you went out of your way a little too much just to bash Punk.
  3. tetzu's Avatar
    why leave the fanboy comment? judging by the way you wrote the article. clearly you're a fruity pebble eating boyscout of CENATION.

    you are under the impression that a cena heel turn would win the whole demo of fans. sorry but a cena heel turn is nothing like hogan heel turn.
    hogan heel turn = riot
    cena heel turn = kids cryin

    It wont happen cena is the cash cow of wwe. the only chance for a cena heel turn is if Shane o'mac owns the company.

    I also think you are the only one feeling that they have switched roles.
  4. nosellshogan's Avatar
    As far as that great promo goes that he cut. I really think it was all a play to get a bigger contract and get his own private jet which apprently he did. If you demand more money and get it then more power to you but I'm not going to sit here for one minute and pretend the man cares as much as he was leading everyone to believe.I mean the dude got what he wanted since then and he's just been pretty bland. I mean when you really think about some of the things he's been complaining about .Like ice cream bars. Really dude ? Ice cream bars who really gives a shit.

    As far as his wit goes, to me he just comes across as a really snarky teenager. Especially with that Kevin Nash feud Nash came off as that old pissed off guy in the neighborhood always ready to fight teenagers and cm punk being that said teenager just says really snarky thing knowing the old man cant legally hit him back.

    Now in what I pretty miuch believe is a publicity stunt the dude is feuding with chris brown over something that happened two years ago.

    It's not all punks fault though wwe did afterall book him to look really weak against hhh.They brought him back way to fast after winning the title and now his chracter really has no direction to go in.I think people are starting to see that and more will see that as time goes on.He's pretty much john cena for the older audience and just as shitty.

    Punk is overrated but thats just my opinion.
  5. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    Dude, the ice cream bars were a joke comparing the merchandising the company used to have versus what they have now. Example: Why do guys like Hogan and Andre get ice cream bars and guys like Austin and himself (Punk) don't even though they're at the top of the same company and now much more geared toward kids. There's just a ton of irony in that.
  6. knox's Avatar
    Guys its not letting me reply to everyone of you individually for some reason but thanks alot for the comments.

    @Icon, you pretty much bash every blog I write so I'm not surprised by your blatant ignorance.'

    And I actually see everyone's point who disagreed with it once you all explained it. Thanks for that. But I'm still on the Cena side of things but I completely agreee with every comment.
  7. Mimillion's Avatar
    Cm punk, Cm punk
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