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15 Greatest WWE Rivalries (96-Present)

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Hey guys Knox here hoping all is well. Today I'm blogging on the greatest rivalries in the WWE basically from 96-present. I thought it would be something cool to touch. This will be opinionated. Whats entertaining to me might not be entertaining to you all but its wrestling so lets have fun with this.

Message to the Haters:

I don't even believe I'm addressing this, I', not even that kind of person but yeah my last blog comparing Cm Punk & John Cena drew alot of negative feedback. I literally got a death threat in my inbox for being a Cena fan lol. That shows you the cult like following Cm Punk has haha. People were also hitting me with the racist statements calling me a "nigger" and what not. C'mon guys, this is freakin' wrestling for crying out loud. Wrestling and football are the two most diverse sports ever when it comes to fans. There no room for racism so I was a bit shocked by that.

But here's the deal. Once again, this is wrestling, we agree to disagree. I just fail to realize why disrespecting someone or calling them "Gay" or a "Mark" for having an opinion is so welcomed on this site. I think its the computer thing. I really think people grow this sense of toughness when they're behind the computer and they grow these imaginary balls since their not face to face with the person.

I try to never be negative but it has to be said. For those that agree with my blogs, I thank you and I respect you and your the reason I do this. For those that disagree, I respect you if you give valid reasons and be cool about it.

For those that disagree and take the time to just be plain ignorant. KISS MY ASS. It has to be said.

15 Greatest WWE Rivalries of the 96-present

15. Bret Hart vs Steve Austin
I had to have a starting point, many will put this feud in the top 5. Just a great job by these two. Austin was so superstar ready in this feud. Bret put him over rather well and the chemistry they had in the ring was second to none. I still have yet to see two feuding stars switch face & heel roles in the same night like these two did at Wrestlemania 13. Great feud.

14. Kurt Angle vs John Cena
This feud is pretty similar to Bret vs Austin. Cena had his first WWE televised match vs Kurt Angle in which the sky was the limit for him. I never knew Cena would grow into the star he was today but eventually his character developed. They feuded very well and the roles switched so many times.

First Cena debuted as a face against a heel Angle. Then Cena developed his heel rapper gimmick and feuded again with Kurt with Kurt as the babyface. And finally Cena turned face again and feuded with a heel Kurt Angle and actually beat him at No Way Out 2004 to become the #1 Contender for JBL's WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21 in which Cena has conquered his first major championship win. I feel like Kurt Angle gave Cena's career that true validity in the early goings. Cena owes alot to Angle.

13. DX vs The Hart Foundation
A great feud that actually had so much real bad blood. This was a feud of guys that really hated one another. I really enjoyed Triple H & Owen Hart's mini feud inside this one. They had great battles for that European title back in the late 90s.

12. Mick Foley vs Triple H
MicK foley has been involved in the greatest feuds ever which will be in my honorable mentions. He's been in the most memorable without a doubt. He won his first WWF Championship against the Rock. He also was thrown off a Cell by Taker himself but I will never forget his feud with Triple H back when they battled at the Royal Rumble back in the early 2000s. Great chemistry and awesome build.

11. The Undertaker vs Kane
This was just all out amazing because it was so different. The sport of wrestling never really had two strong characters as unorthodox and Taker & Kane. Their chemistry could light up a tunnel. I enjoyed this so much and I even enjoyed their latest feud back in 2011. Wrestlemania 15 was awesome because of what they did. Great memories guys.

10. Chris Jericho vs Shawn Michaels
I don't know if I enjoyed their feud in 2002 was better or their feud in 2008 was better. I have to say I enjoyed the 08' feud just a bit more. Jericho was on a role and the suspense that feud left us in was priceless. The way Jericho threw HBK threw the Jeri-tron was so synonyms with how HBK threw Marty Janetty's head throught the barbershop window. It was great action and their ladder match for the WHC was sweet.

9. The Hardy Boyz vs Edge & Christian vs The Dudley Boyz
I really don't have to explain much. The TLC matches should do the trick. The point it, these guys really were putting on shows that delivered more than the mainevents. These matches really gave people their money's worth. I mean back then these guys were told to do the most riskiest spots just for the love of pleasing the fans and they sure did please us. Eventually Jeff Hardy became WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and TNA World Champion. Christian became a World Heavyweight Champion. Now all we need is Bully Ray to become TNA World Champion.

8. John Cena vs Randy Orton
This is why guys like Rock & Steve Austin had no issues in retiring. They passed the torch to Cena & Orton and they delivered. This was a modern day Austin vs Rocky type feud with ofcourse Cena being Rocky & Orton being Austin. Now ofcourse Austin & Rock were a million times better but Cena & Orton worked like magic.

What made this feud so special was the fact that Cena & Orton are bestfriends in real life and Orton actually says this on his DVD. They started in OVW together and they had huge expectations. They became good friends and they told one another that we're going to takeover this business one day and by God they did. That chemistry showed and I bet it must be a great feeling for them both to say they built each other up and became great at the same time.

I think the typical internet marks will hate them just because its a new era. People are stuck on the Attitude Era but they have to realize ITS OVER. Cena & Orton filled the shoes of the Rokc & Austin great in my opinion.

7. Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
I honestly thought we would see this earlier but ofcourse Shawn Michaels injury prevented this. The WWE wasted no time in putting this feud together as Shawn Michaels first match in four years was against Triple H at Summerslam 2002. Great feud that carried on till around 2005.

6. The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
This feud started back in 97'. They battled in a casket match and plenty others. More importantly, they battled in the first ever Hell in a Cell match. This feud was revisited in 2009 and 2010 and did nothing short of deliver. Their match at Wrestlemania 25 was the greatest match in Wrestlemania history bar none.

5. Trish Stratus vs Lita
These two ladies set the bar high again for female wrestling. A bar that had been falling for a while. This was one of the greatest feuds of all time from any company and I stick by that. I'll never forget when Lita & Trish mainevented Raw in 2004 in North Carolina in a great match. That was back when Vince had faith in the divas and showcased them with respect. Now a days its magazine models in 1 minute squash matches.

4. Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels
This marked the beginning of the Austin Era. Just great chemistry and Mike Tyson being involved was awesome. People say Tyson doesn't belong in the HOF but many people forget that the Raw segment with him & Austin was the 2nd most highest rated segment in Raw history behind Edge ofcourse and his fake live sex special with Lita lol.

HBK & Austin was complete gold and Wrestlemania 14 will always be one of the greatest Wrestlemania's of all time.

3. Vince McMahon vs Steve Austin
The Boss vs Employee feud. The relationship we all wish we had with our boss. This feud lasted so long for many years on and off and it drew big time. What made this feud great was how awesome McMahon was on the mic. What makes the modern day Punk vs Johnny Ace feud so whack is because Ace can't talk a lick.

Austin & McMahon had some of the funniest moments of all time without a doubt. No reason why this shouldn't be top 5.

2. Steve Austin vs The Rock
This is the most popular feud ever almost. People who didn't watch wrestling knew about this feud. Arguably one of the biggest drawing feuds as well. The four times they battled at Wrestlemania was awesome. People actually got sick of seeing Cena & Orton battle all the time but I don't think a fan in the world got sick of Austin & Rocky's feud. The feud started in 97 back then they were feuding for the I,C. belt. Who ever thought it would lead so far into one of the greatest feud maineventing four Wrestlemania's.

1. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
I guess this will be #1 on anyone's list. The fact that there was real bad blood made this interesting. Not to mention that they might be the two greatest in ring competitors of all time and I actually will say they are the greatest in ring competitors of all time. The Screwjob, to the make up in 2010. I mean these are two classy individuals that truly shape up what this business is all about.

Thanks guys for checking this out. Please leave feedback, good or bad. Thank you all and please check out my track below. Take care. Until then.

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    Bret Hart n down??

    n how come even Kurt Vs Cena made this far?? I felt that is by far the worst of rivalries!!

    n No Rock Vs HHH?? No HHH Vs Kurt??

    how abt Y2J vs Benoit??

    Brock Vs Kurt...???

    there r so many others which r better than Kurt vs Cena n Cena vs Orton!!!

    I'm not happy with this list..but, still this is ur I can't force my opinions on u!!!!
  2. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    taker and kane happened at wrestlemania xiv not 15...
    even their part 2 is not 15...
  3. isolator's Avatar
    I like reading your blogs
    no matter what skin collor or any disagreement
    still like your opinions ,
    you could start your own "kiss my knox ass club"for all those haters
    at least you take your time to comment
    great job, looking forward to your next blogs
    Pascal from The Netherlands
  4. daverende5's Avatar
    Hmmm, I respect you opinion, but in my list HBK vs UT would be atleast higher than nr. 5, because the influence of the HIAC and the greatest WM match of all time are in my book higher than all of the divas matches of all time.

    About everyone bashing you: Yeah, sometimes it is hard for some guys to see another opinion. I don't always agree with you, but when I disagree I want to tell you why, and I want to give you arguments. The best way to disagree with someone is to give your opinon, and tell why you have that opinion. (Arguments Please :P)

    Also with you having that much blogs (113?), it's logic that people are going to disagree with you. However I nearly (:P) like all your blogs and keep up the good work .
  5. Jags's Avatar
    Ignore the ignorant comments, anyone doing something before thinking is a fucking fool.

    Just keep blogging, a lot of people enjoy your blogs ;-). The people not liking it are the loudest while the people who do like it barely say something and actually enjoy the blogs you put up.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    I love the inclusion of Trish vs. Lita in the top 5, but otherwise, I would have liked to see Jericho vs. Shawn higher up on the list.
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man, for the amount of time and effort you put into making blogs on this site people have some levels of ignorance to have a go at you for having an opinion.
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