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WWE: What Grinds My Gears

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I've been doing some thinking - there are loads of things that annoy me about WWE at the minute. So, I thought I's write this blog, and see what your comments are.

Cut Down On The PPVs
Somebody give me one good reason why Vengeance was brought back. And there are others, like Over The Limit and Capitol Punishment, which serve absolutely nothing to WWE in terms of buy rates and viewers.

Is Teddy Long Still GM?
Well get rid of him then. Make him a manager again, there needs to be a fresh GM on SmackDown.

Drew McIntyre
Anyone else remember when this guy was 'The Chosen One'? He's 26 for god's sake, give him a US Title run or something.

Make Dolph Lose Vickie
He's proven himself. Time for her to adopt a different up and coming heel.

Change The Announcers
GET RID OF KING. Take Cole off RAW and keep him on SD as the heel commentator. GET RID OF KING. Give Josh Matthews the lead slot on RAW, and bring Matt Striker in as the heel. GET RID OF KING.

Use The Developmental
For WWE's sole training ground, we do not see enough guys from FCW turning up on the main roster. Sort it out!

Secondary Title Defences
...need to happen more often. Simple point.

Cena to turn blue?
There isn't room for two non-allied super babyfaces on one brand. WWE need to spot this. Draft Cena to SmackDown, keep Punk on RAW.

RKO Face or RKO Heel?
It's agreed on that Randy Orton was a lot better as a heel than he is as a babyface. So, to go with my above point, draft him to RAW and have him turn heel against Punk.

Yes. The Miz turning face. Really? Yes. Sheamus pulled it off, why can't the Miz?

More Managers
Flashback to the 1980s and the 1990s. They were a critical part of a wrestlers persona back then, and now, apart from Vickie, who does WWE have?

Think Back...
Last summmer, the two hottest feuds, Cena vs Punk and Orton vs Christian (at the start) were face vs. face. It's proven to work, so WWE should capitalize on their findings.

Keep Commentators At Their Table
Last year: JR & King vs Cole & Swagger. Booker vs Cody. Striker vs Young. Anyone at all think an announcer and a 52-year-old-wrestler-who-wasn't-very-good-in-the-first-place should be on the higher card at Wrestlemania?

Differentiate The Heels
Not saying every heel should be an unstoppable monster, but fewer cowardly ones, please.

Lack of Personality?
Babyface divas. A blind man couldn't tell them apart. They just smile and laugh. Whats the point?

Check The Rulebook...
I remember hearing there was a rule that a title had to be defended every 30 days. By ignoring that rule, which WWE is doing, WWE's titles are becoming relics.

I much prefer to see a show open with a match. And the 5% of the time they do, it is great. Now I'm all for WWE building up feuds, but there haven't half been some crap shown at the beginning of the other 95% of WWE's shows.

Stretch It Out
Triple H vs. CM Punk could and should have been the feud of 2011. And it was give what, a month? Come on...

Use It or Lose It
The WWE draft means nothing thanks to the 'SuperShow' concept. Read heading for more info.

‚ÄčAutomatic Rematches
Does the loser of the Superbowl get another shot it it the next week? No. Doesn't happen and never will. So why do it with the world title?!

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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    I'm going to start off by saying; great blog! Thoughts and opinions; couldnt have agreed more! Cant wait to see the heat you get back from The King comments.... but TOTALLY AGREE with it bud. Rant/Facts; you nailed it bro, good read.
  2. Main Event's Avatar
    All very valid points, there are so many though that this really could be a 10 part article. I'm not hating on WWE, I think they've done great this year and in 2011, but there are so many things that if changed, would transfrom the product.
  3. bartish2's Avatar
    title rematches happen because wrestling and football are completely different. It furthers the feud and is helpful when a cheap victory is won.
  4. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    the thing with the miz and sheamus is sheamus was a face in fcw i believe and the miz was still a heel in development
  5. Shaz11's Avatar
    I like this blog, good blog mate. I take it your a Family Guy fan?
  6. monctonvike's Avatar
    Great Stuff!! nice and tidy too well put
  7. Melevolent 27's Avatar
    Great read, well done.
    Automatic Rematches in the rule book, no point having a rule book and just pick and choose.
    Some thing else we as fans dont seem to grasp is: It is a buisness, not just entertainment. Orton as face sells, PPVs (as crowded as they are) make money.
    I would like to see T.Long manage JTG, and a tag partner, someone huge, E.Jackson?
    Also how is it Sheamus does not get disqualified everytime he ties up his opponent a smashes their chest in for a count of 10? Joys of facedom!
    Other than that you sumed up my thought close to 100%
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