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WWE - A Raw By Stats - 1999 Vs 2012

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Hi all it's Dazzaschofield back with another blog.

I hear a lot of argument on her about different era's and how people want the WWE to move on and others don't think it's been as good since the attitude era. This has all been personal opinion so I though I'd throw a blog together with some stats and a Raw 1999 vs Raw 2012 analysis.

Firstly here is the roster breakdown for each year;

Superstars - 57
Diva's - 14
Tag Teams - 18
Others (managers, Announcers & Authority Figures) - 7

Superstars - 51
Diva's - 14
Tag Teams - 3
Others (manager, Announcers & Authority Figures) - 11

Raw Segments 1999
Opening Segment -Austin in ring segment with Mankind and The Corporation
Tag Match - Owen Hart & Jeff Jarret Vs D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry
Interview - Ken Shamrock/Val Venis
Backstage Segment - Earl Hebner & Kevin Kelly
In Ring Segment - DX
In Ring Segment - Austin, Mankind & Corporation leading to brawl
Backstage Segment - McMahon
Match - Godfather Vs Vicera
Backstage Segment - Val Venis/Ken Shamrock fighting
Match - Xpac Vs Kane
Interview - Droz
Match - Steve Blackman Vs The Rock
Match - Gauntlet Match, Austin Vs Ken Shamrock, Test, Kane, Chyna, Bossman & McMahon.

Raw Segments 2012
Recap - Kane
Titantron Message - Kane
In Ring Segment - Punk, Kofi, Miz, Ziggler, Truth, Jericho
Match - Kofi Vs Jericho
Backstage Segment - Michaels/HHH
Backstage Segment - Laurenitus/Otunga
Recap - Orton/Bryan
Match - Orton Vs Big Show
In Ring Segment - HHH/Michaels
Video Package - Taker
Match - Dolph Ziggler Vs R-Truth
Backstage Segment - Santino/Ryder
Match - Tamina Vs Brie Bella
Backstage Segment - Cena/Eve
Video Package - Rock
Backstage Segment - Ryder/Eve
Match - Miz Vs Punk
In Ring Segment - Cena/Ryder/Kane

Looking at the above it seems that how the show is put together has changed compared to 13 years ago, this is almost certainly to fit in with the change in viewing habits.

Its seems in 1999 there were less segments with a wider variety of superstars in them, they would have done this every week developing a characters story slowly as they only had a few mins to do so each week.

Today's fan is a lot more impatient and so more segments need to be given to a smaller number of superstars in order to move the storyline on quicker.

It's obvious from the above that it's not a lack of superstars thats causing the problem as the roster size is almost identical, the main difference is the huge number of tag teams within the roster size that has changed. Maybe we need more stables and tag teams to get us involved.

Maybe it's just us that need to change and not the WWE?

As always feel free to leave your comments, views, abuse and critique's below.

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  1. dragonsrevenge's Avatar
    I watched smackdown last night and it was like, all recap segments/video packages.
  2. bartish2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dragonsrevenge
    I watched smackdown last night and it was like, all recap segments/video packages.
    thats the problem... smackdown always recaps what happens on raw. they should just stop doing that if they really want to be a competitive brand. also they should stop moving all the good talent to raw to boost ratings. I remember when smackdown dominated raw with edge, kane, undertaker, mysterio, big show. They should spent less time recaping what everyone already saw and work on their on brand. If people missed it they can watch the replay or read the results on It shouldn't be their problem
  3. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    RAW is missing the dominate stable, Like the Corporation and DX back in 1999 RAW was all about the War between those two stables, throw in a Mankind feud with the corporation and then have the ministry feuding with the corporation it became very interesting then you add Stone Cold Steve Austin...
  4. daverende5's Avatar
    Lol at the Tag Teams: 18 vs 3 :P
  5. bearkg88's Avatar
    Best statement at the end, "Maybe it's just us that need to change and not the WWE?". Very valid point bro. Good blog
  6. Dierdorf's Avatar
    there needs to be 2 stables going at it and not one going at john cena because we know how that will end.

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