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Saviour's Mash Up: A JR style Blog

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Hey fans of the squared circle. The Saviour here introducing a new concept that I'm going to do. it's going to be a blog styled like JR's blog that gets posted on here. I'm going to briefly, or at least as briefly as I can, touch on a few opinionated topics. I'm going to do this once a week, around mid-week. This is my pilot for this. Hopefully, everyone likes what they read. If not, I'll kill it faster than the WWE killed Big Show's latest title run. Here we go.

How to Improve Dolph Ziggler

All the Zigglites that I torture every time I post are probably covering up their crotches right now. But yes, Ziggler can improve in these key areas and become a superstar down the road. First, he needs a new finisher. A real finisher. Don't rip off the FameAsser, and give me a break with the Zig Zag. Get a new finisher. The type of finisher that makes people say, "Whoa". Second, he needs a face change. Kicking Vickie to the curb and nailing Jack Swagger w/ his new found finisher would be the finishing touches on a successful turn for ol Dolph and the fans would love him instantly.

Rumored Wrestlemania Matches I don't think are happening

I'm a few hours too late on this one as it looks as though there are no plans for the Big Show vs Shaq, thank goodness. I'm sure Shaq will be in attendance but the less involvedment from him, the better. We already have one superstar Diva competing at Wrestlemania, let's not overkill it.

Cody and Goldust I don't think is happening either. While I would like to see it, it looks like they're pushing for Cody Rhodes vs Big Show. I wonder if the IC title will be on the line. Will Show finally get a long title run, even though it's only the IC title?

John Cena's Promo from Monday

I'm not the biggest John Cena fan, but he really hit the nail right on the head with his kayfabe shoot promo this past Monday. As excited as some of us Attitude Era fans are to see The Rock come back and have the war of words with Cena. But let's face the facts for what they are. This isn't The Rock. Not the one that we know. This is a media-hogging, primadonna who just wants the spotlight to promote himself and get all the fans in a frenzy. It should be entertaining, but I think The Rock could do more to contribute. So what John Cena said on Monday, all holds true. He didn't lie.

This was a test. I want to give my blogs more of an identity. I figured I could call this The MashUp and cover a variety of topics. I'll still post on important things as necessary but I'd like to keep it simple like this. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a great rest of the week.

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  1. silentq's Avatar
    I've been wanting a face change from Ziggler for a few months now. He could DEFINITELY use a new move and face change. Keep blogging my man.

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