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Defence of The Rock

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I’ll start by saying that I’m a huge fan of The Rock and have been since I started watching wrestling, I like most people was excited when The Rock returned to the WWE last year and even more so when it was announced that he would be facing John Cena at Wrestlemania 28 (although I think the year long build hasn’t really worked out). However, since then I have noticed that whilst Cena is still dividing the audience The Rock’s fans may be questioning him and his motives slightly and this was even more apparent after Cena’s promo on Monday, which whilst I disagreed with most of the content (as you will see) did show that Cena can be so talented on the mic when he is speaking from the heart which I feel the WWE doesn’t allow him to do often enough. Anyway, I thought that since it was that promo that really made me realised some fans lack of faith in The Rock I thought that I would take the time to argue some of Cena’s points.

1) “I used to love The Rock just as much as you guys then he morphed into Dwayne”
This is more a slight annoyance then anything but here we go….is John Cena really taking a shot at someone for reverting back to using their REAL name once they left wrestling?

2) “….I personally respect The Rock….I don’t”
For me this statement is coming a year to late, when The Rock first returned, hell even after he cost Cena the title, Cena in his promos was still talking about how much respect he had for The Rock and no 6 weeks before the match he’s lost all of his respect….it’s inconsistences like this which I feel has affected the build-up to this match but also is a hindrance to Cena when he makes promos like this.

3) “There isn’t going to be a The Reunion 2”
He is doing The Marine 3 though.

4) “I always showed up”
Cena has took time off and missed Raws and live events to film movies so this isn’t strictly true

5) “The first time he got a taste of the bright lights of Hollywood he left”
The Rock’s first big movie roles were in The Mummy Returns and The Scorpion King which he would’ve shot in 2000 and 2001 respectively yet The Rock never fully left the WWE till about 2003 (that’s 2-3 years after getting a taste of the bright lights of Hollywood) and even after that he still made sporadic appearances

6) “The only reason he came back was to promote Fast Five and launch his Twitter account”
If this was the only reason The Rock returned then why did he agree to actual wrestle matches? All The Rock had to do is host Monday Night Raw promote his stuff and leave but no he’s chose to make other appearances, wrestle matches and if anything give the WWE a bit more mainstream exposure. It’s clear The Rock returned for bigger reasons then that, and promotion wise, you could argue that the WWE is getting the better deal. Oh, and before you say The Rock came back for the money….The Rock could earn more money shooting a movie then wrestling a match. Not to mention that by wrestling matches he is risking injury (even more so since it’s something he hasn’t done regularly in a while) which could affect his movie career. This is a guy that was training with The Miz and R Truth prior to their Survivor Series match whilst filming a movie, something he didn’t have to do but he wanting to make sure that the fans got a performance.

7) “I am fighting for everyone behind that curtain whose dream it was to be in this ring….”
The Rock is a third generation superstar; wrestling is in his blood you really don’t think it was his dream to be a wrestler. During The Rock’s 8 year run in the WWE he became one of the company’s biggest stars, one almost every title and had some of the most famous feuds in the industry….he accomplished what he set out to do as a kid. But all of a sudden he’s a bad guy because he realised that he wanted to do something different, that he had other dreams that he wanted to accomplish that meant he needed to leave the business he grew up in.

8) “….April 9th, when I’m at Raw and Dwayne’s on a movie set…”
The Rock is advertised for the Raw after Wrestlemania and this is something that the majority of wrestling fans are aware of so it’s a pretty stupid comment to make and was only done to try and get The Rock some cheap heat and Cena some cheers. Not to mention the fact it is expected that The Rock will be wrestling again at some point (SummerSlam?)

9) “John Cena defeats Dwayne Johnson in the biggest match of all time”
How sad is it that despite everything John Cena has said about The Rock the fact remains that he is needed for it to be the biggest match of all time and this is where the true problem lies. You could throw in the likes of The Rock, Stone Cold, The Undertaker and bill it as the biggest match of all time but you couldn’t do it with the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Randy Orton and even CM Punk and John Cena, it’s not that I don’t like these guys because I do but they just aren’t able (or allowed) to rise to the level of the ‘legends’. Surely CM Punk is a prime example of this, after his shoot heard around the world, the WWE hasn’t allowed Punk to capitalise on it, this is not to say that Punk hasn’t been solid and the best guy the WWE has at this moment in time but the fact remains that for Punk to have a truly great Wrestlemania match and build they need the return of Chris Jericho.

This is just one guys opinion, I hope I’ve made valid points and it you agree then great if not then that’s just the way it is but this is the first time I’ve done something like this so please be kind.

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  1. bartish2's Avatar
    BUDDY YOU NAILED IT!!!!!!!! Cena fans are so clueless they will believe any hypocritical garbage he spits out. Glad you wrote this blog, It gets tiring to have to explain the obvious to people who are too ignorant. Don't need to say anymore because you said everything that needs to be said. Cena's insults are so lame and not well thought out... he looks like a idiot.
  2. rodrik's Avatar
    you have some good points but a few things that are incorrect, but I'm not gonna bitch about that, I like the rock in the ring, on the mic and in his movies, but what does bother me is that after he left the wwe, he didn't want people to call him the rock or questions about his wrestling career, he acted like it never existed and that is an insult to his familymembers that were in the wwe, don't get me wrong, I'm not a rock-hater or something like that and I could be wrong, but the point is, sometimes people hate other people because they make decisions and deal with those decisions the wrong way
  3. daverende5's Avatar
    It was thrash talk, no need to go to deep and serious into it. It is just the way how you want to see it. We'll see what happens as the Rock returns, live at Monday Night Raw!
  4. Kincaid's Avatar
    Love the blog, sir. From a storyline and build-up perspective, the things they had Cena say were all contradictory. If it's all a show, which it most assuredly is, why are people on these forums saying "YEAH! Cena iz right! The Rock don't care about da wrasslin'. GERRRRRRP." YOU PEOPLE DO KNOW ALL OF THIS IS A WORK, CORRECT?!? Sorry. Back to my point: Cena makes movies. Cena wants to be a movie star and since he isn't yet (or probably ever) they are having him verbally bash the Rock with "Hollywood" zingers? That be all fine and dandy if JOHN CENA hadn't flopped up his own celluloid aspirations. Why don't they just continue the feud on a new confrontation/ moment? Rock costs Cena a match. Cena attacks Rock during an interview. HIT EACH OTHER, already! If they hope to make this interesting and not BLAND as always, not to be corny, THE TIME FOR TALKING IS OVER.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Great blog and great write up. I have a rebuttal for just about everything you said though, but I'm not going to do that. I enjoyed this read. My opinion of The Rock at this point, is my opinion. I was a huge fan of him, but he's not The Rock we knew.

    Great job with the defense though. I enjoyed this.
  6. jpeezy027's Avatar
  7. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
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