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WM28 Drawing Near: How is the undercard shaping up?

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There is absolutely no question that so far, this card is absolutely stacked. Hell in a cell, Cena/Rock and 2 title matches round out the card so far. This being said, this Wrestlemania will struggle to be better than "decent" if a strong undercard is not booked. Here is what the undercard is shaping up to be and a little analysis of each match.

1: Intercontinental championship match: The Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes
-We've seen some build starting to take place at Elimination Chamber, Raw and Smackdown. I think a Intercontinental Title defense at Mania is good for both the title and Cody Rhodes. I fear that Show will bury Rhodes, but WWE seem to be booking Rhodes smart and I doubt that would happen. Have Rhodes win (somehow) in a 10 minute match. Make this match a lumberjack match to add some intrigue as well as get some more people on the card. Also, lumberjacks could find a way for Rhodes to win.

2: Diva's Championship Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma
-Beth Phoenix has defeated every Diva at this point in what is probably the best Diva's Title reign ever. Notice I say Diva's, not womens. The only logical choice would be to go up against Kharma. Obviously, Kharma will end Beth's dominance and take the strap in a pretty quick match.

3: Long vs. Laurinitus?
-It's becoming apparent that these two will be involved at Mania in some way. The question is, how? Will we see a team Laurinitus vs. Team Long match? Will the match be full of jobbers or top stars? Or will we see a singles bout with two representatives. In my opinion, this match should be Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton. These two were rumored to have a match at Mania some months ago, and this provides a good story for it. Give these two 12-15 minutes and watch some good stuff happen. If they don't want to go the singles route, make it ADR/Christian/Henry vs. Orton/Mysterio/Jackson

4: Money in the Bank
-Rumored to make it's Mania return this year and I love it. This is a great addition to an already stacked up card. The participants are easy to name. Put in Ziggler, Swagger, Gabriel, Miz, Barrett, Kofi, R-Truth and Dibiase or someone else.

So, If all these matches are made, this is what the Wrestlemania 28 match card would look like.

1: Intercontinental Championship Lumberjack Match: Cody Rhdes (c) vs. The Big Show

2: Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Jack Swagger vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett (if back) vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Drew McIntyre (if Barrett isn't back)

3: 6 Man Elimination Tag Team Match: Winning Team gains GM control for both shows: Team Long (Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Ezekail Jackson) vs. Team Laurinitus (Mark Henry, Christian, and Alberto Del Rio)

4: World Heavyweight Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Sheamus

5: WWE Championship Match: CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

6: Diva's Title Match: Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kharma

7: Hell in a Cell: HHH vs. The Undertaker

8: John Cena vs. The Rock

-Seems like a pretty good Mania to me!

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  1. Batista101's Avatar
    Fantastic blog, I couldn't agree more, although the Long V Johnny Ace could see: ADR/CHRISTIAN/HENRY & OTUNGA Vs RANDY ORTON/REY MYSTERIO/DREW MAC/SANTINO. Just my thoughts, other than that it all looks good too me.

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