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Off to the Burial Grounds, Big Show, Mark Henry, More!

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Hey hardcore wrestling fans, The Saviour is here with more fresh, new topics to talk about. I figure after Raw and the live Smackdown, everyone would be giving their Wrestlemania predictions and talking about how great John Cena's promo was...and it was, possibly one of his career best, I'm here to talk about those who have headed down the road to the burial grounds.

When I say burial grounds, that means that we probably won't see much of them in the title picture anymore, except in filler roles in gimmick matches, such as, DOLPH ZIGGLER.

In my last blog, I had several comments regarding Dolph Ziggler and how his performance in the Elimination Chamberreally grabbed people and they're now on board. I'm not sure what it is that everyone sees and I really don't care. He took a hard bump in the chamber and he was the 2nd one eliminated. That's not really top guy quality if you ask me. He's a wannabe Mr Ass, and if you all remember that guy, he never won the heavyweight title. So, I will no longer waste time on Ziggles. He sucks and it will be a long time before you see him on top. So go ahead, and hold your breaths for it.

Now onto my blog. Again, I say burial grounds because that's where they go when they were important, but are now taking a back seat for new pushes and there's not much else to do with them. I don't know why, but it is just the way it seems to go. And for the record, I don't believe one word that the Jackass Ryan Clark types as a news report on this site. So I'm disregarding any reports from him.

Mark Henry

He's the World's Strongest Man. He was a dominant champ who couldn't be touched. He won two impressive matches over Randy Orton, solidifying his spot as a legit bad ass and a true force to be reckoned with. And that was just a few months ago. Now, he's a stepping stone in Sheamus' push and a crybaby who's giving a vote of confidence to Johnny Laurenaitis. He was a filler to push The Big Show and Cody Rhodes and now, there's really not much to do with him. He's gone from top dog, to mutt in the doghouse outside.

The Big Show

Keeping with the theme of guys who have that dominant persona and just continue to find themselves at the graveyard, The Big Show fits this bill. I'm actually glad to see he's not in the title picture anymore because to me, it's just sad to see him taking the backseat. I like Daniel Bryan and I like CM Punk. But I also like Big Show matches. He just barrels through people and I would like to see him with a nice title run. One where he dominates all comers and it becomes a big deal if someone beats him. But, his fate lies elsewhere, teetering at the edge of the perennial burial site.


We all know it's going to happen. He jobbed out to Super Cena at Elimination Chamber and now, there's nowhere to go but....DOOOOWN. Of course. It's Kane. He'll talk a good game, with a lot of dark terminology like burning souls and hell's favorite demon and all, but in the end, he'll be an afterthought, once again.

The Miz

I don't believe reports. So for someone to report that the Miz is in the doghouse because of Survivor Series' buy rate, I think that's a crock. If Survivor Series' buy rate was down, blame The Rock and Cena. They're the star power that's supposed to be the draws. WWE did nothing to build it up. So there's another reason. Again, this blog isn't to try and speculate as to why, it's just to point out the obvious. The Miz won't be in the title picture for a while, other than a filler in gimmick matches, along with Ziggles. The Miz is quickly headed down to join the ranks of the buried.

Wade Barrett

I know some may be surprised by this. I also know it's not really fair to claim him as buried right now, but we gotta see what's been going on with him recently. Orton got his revenge over him. He got eliminated by Santino from the Elimination Chamber AND Raw's Battle Royal. So, what more can he come out and say, with any credibility, about that Barrett Barrage? Maybe he should beat Santino in a match or two first. But Wade has found himself on the fast track to Ziggleland. Just a filler, and rapidly approaching the burial ground.

I know there's probably some comments on here that are up for debate. Especially from those who have the undying man love for Ziggles and can't accept that he's not a top guy. But these are 5 top guys right now who are quickly becoming afterthoughts.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your week and be safe.

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  1. The Next Big Thing's Avatar
    great blog mate, I would say you might be being a bit hasty regarding mark henry's de-push (though you will probably be proved right) but apart from that agreed with every word.

    The thing about Ziggler is that he just doesn't seem believable enough. No matter how much effort he puts in to his persona (by that I mean everything from matches to shocked faces for the camera) there's something disingenuous, or "fake" about him. To make up for this, he over-act's the role of a wrestler. In my opinion!.
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