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The Cena/Rock Conundrum

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Coming off the heals of John Cena's "shoot" aimed at The Rock last night, I feel that this match has become more polarizing than perhaps the WWE had anticipated.

And this may not be a good thing at the end of the day.

In regards to Cena's promo last night, I find it ironic that it has been reported what Cena said was being echoed back stage by many of the other wrestlers and their feelings towards the Rock's in and out status with the WWE over the past 7 years. I say ironic mainly because it was John Cena who was saying all of this. Yes, the same John Cena that was involved in CM Punks now infamous rant over the summer, where a majority of his disdain was focused towards the "Vince McMahan ass-kissing Hulk Hogan wannabe" John Cena. Again, a sentiment echoed by most of the wrestler's backstage regarding the circumstances around Cena's popularity.

The facts regarding the match are pretty simple from the outside looking in: The Rock is still popular to the majority of wrestling fans. He represents what WAS in the WWE; when the top talent was great at both in-ring talent AND promo cutting (are you paying attention Randy Orton).

John Cena, on the other hand, is polarizing in the sense that yes, he is this era's Hulk Hogan, done mainly to draw in the kids to wrestling, so they may grow up, enjoy wrestling, and one day blog on a wrestling website (i.e. like Us!)...The problem to the grown up fan with Cena is two fold: We've been exposed to seeing so many great in ring wrestlers, that by comparison, Cena's in ring skills are, well, pretty lame. His promos, while enthusiastic, feel like he's acting rather than coming off as being genuine, alla The Rock, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, etc....

So we realize all of this. Nothing new or surprising yet, but now comes the conundrum.....

Last night's Cena promo did more than just fuel the feud for their Wrestlemania match, it brought it into a very, let's say, interesting light. You have the uber-popular Rock who we all love to see in the ring, not committed to being a WWE superstar full time. The fact that it rubs people in the back the wrong way isn't surprising, but to make such obvious light of it does little to help the WWE long term. I understand in order to promote a match that has been a year in the making requires the WWE to do and say whatever it takes, how does putting the Rock in such a negative light help their product?

Despite the truth in what Cena said, it doesn't drive me to change my tune on both wrestlers...nor does it push me to want to root for Cena in any capacity at Wrestlemania...But it did bring up the fact that yes, the Rock has come back in the past to promote himself first and foremost. And when Wrestlemania is over, so will his current mini run in WWE.

Now being the WWE, you will have a post-Mania where people still don't like Cena, all the while perhaps creating a disdain towards the Rock for disappearing, as he will do, back to Hollywood.

So I ask you then, what are we now rooting for at Wrestlemania in this match? Notice, I didn't ask "who" but rather "what" are you rooting for to happen? If the Rock wins, we all cheer loudly, then watch him once again walk off into the west coast sunset. But can WWE really have Cena beat the Rock who outclasses him in every aspect of pro-wrestling?

Maybe Vince has a couple more tricks up his sleeve, and there will be more layers added to this match coming in the next 5 weeks. I hope, for their sake and ours, there is more. Because if not, Cena/Rock might end up setting the WWE back rather than pushing it forward.

Thanks again for your time guys.
Still Steezin, always for a Reezin (catchy, no?

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  1. illmat's Avatar
    It won't matter who wins because both have some type of hate or disdain on them. I'm hoping the WWE pulls off a shocker and somehow CM Punk comes out after winning his match earlier in the night and finishes both of them with a GTS. Then the next night, he explains his actions with another shoot promo which promps The Rock and John Cena to come out trying to get revenge before The Rock turns on Cena and Rock Bottoms Cena. The Rock shakes Punk's hand and walks off. That leaves Cena in the ring down and CM Punk proclaiming "I am the best wrestler in the world." It's a dream that hopefully comes true.
  2. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    @illmat that would b perfect lol. While the rock is my all-time fave, cm punl is my fave today. I would not mind that occuring.
  3. illmat's Avatar
    Thanks A.J. I feel putting Cena over won't do the WWE any favors because it won't solve anything after WM. If the WWE did it the way I mentioned, they can build it up that CM Punk and The Rock had conspired all along. Then, next years WM could be featured as the past, Stone Cold, vs. the present, CM Punk, with John Cena seething in eventually leading to his heel change.

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