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The last two of an ERA?

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Hey everybody, this is my first blog and I'd like to really just jump into it.

Let me first start off by saying this is about the so called "End of the Attitude ERA". And the ERA is defined roughly from 1996ish to 2001ish.

See all the talk of Undertaker and HHH being the last of their kind got me thinking. How are they defining "their kind", because the last time I checked, there were still others from that period. Not many but still some. The next names are in no particular order.

1. Mark Henry. (Debut March 11, 1996). And to say he wasn't a top name in WWE is accurate but he was known. Being part of the Nation with names like The Rock, Farooq, and D'Lo Brown. He has been a workhorse for all that time and even held the European Title. And after all this time had a great push and won the World Heavyweight Title. So was he not part of the ERA?

2. Kane. (Debut October 5, 1997). Now here's a man who was among the names you usually associate with the AA. Over his career he's held many titles. He had many memorable feuds in the ERA, such as Undertaker and Austin. But also had some memorable Tag Teams as the Brothers of Destruction and his run with X-Pac. He was involved in many main event story lines, and just always held his own.

3. Christian. (Debut September 27, 1998). Okay so he came a little later in the ERA, but none the less was part of it. Helping define it in the famous TLC matches. Now this again was the later part of the ERA but was still technically the ERA. Edge and Christian, the Brood, facing the Hardyz, it was great. He was never really a headliner in the period but should definitely not be over shadowed.

4. The Rock. (Debut November, 1996). I know what you're thinking, he's been gone 8 years. Okay yes he has, but he has wrestled in matches since then. And considering The Undertaker is only wrestling one match a year, can you really disregard The Rock? He faced Legacy with Foley, wrestled this SS, and now this WM and possibly a bit further. I know it's not totally comparable but wouldn't he have to stop wrestling totally? I know this one is a stretch but arguable.

My biggest complaint is Kane, because he was there from basically the beginning of the ERA and is getting pushed to the side like he wasn't. Some honorable mentions are Big Show and Chris Jericho, who arrived later in it but still contributed. It just doesn't make sense that they keep proclaiming they're the last two and will end the ERA. To me, the end of the ERA will be when the stars from it are no longer wrestling, no return matches, no week to week story lines, and just nothing left to remember it by.

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  1. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    Good blog. I was waiting for someone to call BS on that one.
  2. Callum's Avatar
    The Hardys technically debuted in wwf in 1994 which was a year before triple h, I agree with all those listed though good blog
  3. A.J. The People's Champ's Avatar
    The only way this HIAC match would be entertaining is if Kane comes down, rips the door off and chokeslams BOTH men and leaving them to fend for themselves. EPIC WIN!
  4. DBOR's Avatar
    Great blog! I couldn't agree more.
  5. azure's Avatar
    Uhh I already did a blog concerning this, called 'WWE end of a era' about a week ago. The points you made are all valid son but I already made all these points too and in much larger depth. At least theres someone else out there who agrees to a point on what im saying but like possibly before me it's already been said and done.
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    The only way this HIAC match would be entertaining is if Kane comes down, rips the door off and chokeslams BOTH men and leaving them to fend for themselves. EPIC WIN!
    Gr8 thought...just imagine...Taker wins..n then kane comes in destroys both of them..n leaves...

    next day on monday..he wud say...they talked abt an era which is going to be ended..but the fact is..that era is not ended till i'm here...

    let him feud with others remaining from that era...n that wud be gr8 for us who r really AE Marks....
  7. Callumomac's Avatar
    You also missed Y2J
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