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Supers, Cenas, Cells, and CM Punks: WRESTLEMANIA!

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Two Generations

Ever since last year I have been cringing at the thought of a John Cena/"Dwayne" match at Wrestlemania, but ever since that match was announced, I've been having a growing respect for John Cena, and an undenying hatred towards Dwayne. Although the premise of this match was destroyed at Survivor Series, we're now in full swing again for this one. For what qualifies this match as the "main event" is a little strange, the "two generations" idea is a little dumned down when we have already seen such matches as Hogan/Rock, all of Shawn Michaels matches from 2005-2011, and Triple H vs. CM Punk, so why should one be the main event on the grandest stage of them all?I'll give this one a bouncing buildup from 3/10-7/10 for a 2/10 match (it is April Fools after all).

End Of An Era
The Streak match looks absolutly incredible, but I have one beef with it: they keep saying that they are the last two of an era of wrestling (attitude era), but if we look at the card, we still have Chris Jericho and The Rock fighting in big matches! The Hell in a Cell stipulation will be a classic one no matter what rating it's going to be, no matter what anyone says. For only the second time in Wrestlemania history, I actually think the Streak could be broken, although I hope otherwise. I'll give this a 9/10 buildup for a 10/10 match.

Royal Rumble winner vs. Barely a winner
Daniel Bryan may have won at Elimination Chamber, but he has been winning by rediculous ways every other match he is a part of, with Daniel Bryan winning rarely, and Sheamus winning every match he is in, isn't it obvious who is going to be the winner? I'm not saying that they should bury Sheamus, but at least make him lose at least one time before 'Mania, perhaps he loses to Wade Barrett with interferance by Christian and Daniel? Just to show that he is the slightest bit beatable. I'll give this match so far a 5/10 buildup, and predicting a 6/10 match.

The Best In The World at Whatever They Do
CM Punk is one of the best wrestlers in the world, wrestling being the only thing he does. Jericho is one of the best wrestlers in the world as well, a great singer, a great actor, and a mediocre dancer. The best in the world stipulation aside, this match has to be a great one, given the talent involved. This match has been lacking in buildup (4/10) but I have high hopes for a match ranging 7/10-9/10.

The Undercard
God I hope Shaq is not involved in this one, every year for a few years now, we have had to sit through a medicore celebrity (sorry Trump) involved in a mediocre match at Wrestlemania. If I had to suggest a match for Show, I'd put him in a match with Kane to put Show super over as the face. Rhodes needs to be involved in a classic match for his title, with a spectacular opponent such as the new improved Heath Slater, Jack Swagger, or a returning superstar like Bob Holly. While the tag-team Champions shouldn't be involved in WM at all. I would hope that Dolph Ziggler is involved in a grudge match building from now until WM, as I very much enjoy Dolph's in-ring ability and bumps that he takes.

Thanks for reading, hope Wade gets better soon.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    Yeah we don't need a celebrity match this year they should give more time to the others.
  2. MR Boss's Avatar
    WWE are making Sheamus win a lot of matches because he did win the Rumble, and they would like to make him as over with the crowd as possible until Wrestlemania. My suggestion would be to let Daniel Bryan make Sheamus tap out in a Tag Team match, thanks to a distraction by his partner. WWE should also maybe do what the normally do, and that his make a heel superstar talk to the general manager of the brand, and set up a match with the face superstar with a picked opponent at the end of the night. But at the end the night how about Daniel Bryan attacks him not just a normal attack, really badly so Sheamus will be out for a couple of weeks so Daniel can seem more aggressive

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