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STATE OF THE 'E: It's The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine

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Welcome everyone to another edition of the often imitated, never duplicated blog verson of SOT'E!! I know it's been a while but, my personal life needed me for a few things either way, that's not why you read my blogs now is it? No. You read my blogs for some reason completely different that I'll never understand. But personally, thank you for reading. You guys rock!

As per usual, I'm flying without a net here so, whatever spews out does.


We're not very far away now, are we? Like... 40 days. This WM is shaping up to be an utter CLASSIC! Lets take a moment and look at the card set up in front of us as it stands right now:


-This is NOT the first time these guys have gone one on one with each other but of the times they did, they never got any exposure from it either. This feud has been based on four little words that when strung together form a POWERFUL egocentric rage. "Best In The World". Both men can technically lay clam to this.

Jericho has had numerous Championships, IC, Tag-Team, World, WWE, WCW, First Undisputed Champion... all of these accolades and Jericho for some reason still doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin about it. It feels to me that he feels his legend isn't solidified yet. It feels like he personally views himself as an after thought. He's been in the top events, faced the top guys and can hang in there with the best of them in ring and out of the ring.

On the side of CM Punk, he's struggled his whole WWE career until last year. When he sat at the top of the stage and delivered his amazing "shoot/script" promo, it blew the face off of everyone. He's since gone on to become a two time WWE Champion and before that he was a three time World Heavyweght Champion, ECW Champion and also an IC and Tag-Team Champion to boot.

He's gone into the 25th Anniversary of Survivor Series and walked out WWE Champion. Went into the 25th Anniversary of Royal Rumble and walked out WWE Champion. Two time Money In The Bank winner (One of them being at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania.) and all around great athlete. Obviously he can lay claim to "Best In The World" as well. The feud is good so far but, they messed up in my opinion by having them touch before the big event.

With something like this, something should always keep them away from each other. At EC the crowd went nuts when they were face to face. If people came in and messed it up before they locked horns, we would anticipate it more. For the next 6 weeks, they need to try it.


Yeah man... the match no one seems to care about it finally happening. I'm confused about this match. Are you people pissed that the angle has drug out over a year? Are you pissed at The Rock not carrying any weight of the feud? Are you pissed that everything has been happening on Twitter? Are you pissed at John Cena for NOT embracing the hate and doing a promotion with Fruity Pebbles instead? (He really is, on the family sized boxes.)

I don't get it at all. This match has the crazy build up behind it and no one seems to care at all about it. Doesn't that feel a bit... odd?


I literally called this last year after WrestleMania happened. These guys got screwed out of their US Championship match in favor of Snooki and a whole big mess happened because of it. They deserved their shot, worked their asses off and it's about time they get their chance. Sheamus has never been WHC so, expect him to win it unfortunately.


Now... this caught my damn attention!! I don't understand why there's so much hate going on for these guys having a match again... I personally love it. They're the last of an era... going into a place they BOTH made their names and more than likely both going to end their career there as well. For some reason, I honestly see blood happening in this one and I see no one winning it. The Attitude Era will go out on its back... but damn it'll be a helluva ride!

Rumored matches include BIG SHOW vs SHAQ, BETH PHOENIX vs KHARMA, ZACK RYDER vs KANE, MitB and potentially the IC Championship being defended. I wanted to see REY MYSTERIO vs SIN CARA but, I don't see either of them making it back in time. I also don't know if we'll get the MitB match or not because of the PPV still happening this year.


Personally for me since the Royal Rumble I've been extremely excited! Hell, IMO THE 'E had a fantastic year last year with all the shake ups and this year they've kept those shake ups in place for a few months. That's pretty damn epic to me. For me it shows that VKM knows his future lies in the wrestlers from around the world (Indy/International) and he's finally accepting that fact.

The fan support could be better. You people whine for change and when it happens, you get pissed. Why is that?


I hate this soggy saltine cracker. I want him off my screen... can't we have William Regal or Mick Foley back or both at the same time? I'd love that. Seiously... or put them on RAW's commentary together... I'm still not giving up my dream of having Dusty Rhodes and Booker T together one time before I die. They need to be commentary team just once. Just once... wait, I was talking about Lauranitis right? 0_o

I'm gonna close my thoughts out right now because I know I'm close to my limit but, all in all I'm really excited about THE 'E's direction right now. Yeah, they'll mess up but, who doesn't? Remember, they're human just like us but their boss is VKM. He ultimately decides what's best for his company. No one else.

I'll be back again with another blog soon, dunno when though. Still, you know the deal... comment, laugh at me, make death threats, agree, disagree, fart at my screen... whatever. Just leave it below!

See Ya' Soon, Space Cowboy...

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    Really good blog, i agree with u, this wrestlemania is shaping up really well so far

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