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The Attitude Era WILL go out with a Bang, Cena's in Mania mode

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I don’t need a long winded intro to say this. Hell in a Cell, WrestleMania.

I’ll say it again. Hell in a Cell. Again? HELL in a CELL! Once more? HELL IN A CELL!!

For years WWE have been looking for a way to move the Attitude Era into the history books, and they have hit the bullseye with how they’re gonna do it. Undertaker and Triple H are the last two superstars from the era that introduced the Hell in a Cell concept, and they both immortalised the match between them. Of the twenty-four Hell in a Cell matches in WWE’s history, Undertaker has competed in ten of them (winning five). Triple H’s record reads as eight appearances and six victories. Combined the two have appeared in eighteen of the matches, and it seems that WWE has pulled out the best match of the Attitude Era on the biggest stage, on a night where it looks set to truly hand the torch to the modern generation. And best of all, I got the wish I’ve been hoping for since it became obvious that Triple H/Undertaker will take place again. My next wish is that they take the modern rules of Hell in a Cell and set them alight. Bring on climbing the cell, breaking announce tables, and doing everything that made the original matches classics.

So, Cena brought it…

If Hell in a Cell wasn’t enough, John Cena finally took some time to consider that he’s had WrestleMania all sewn up for a year and delivered a great promo towards The Rock. I officially care about this match again now it’s been kicked off with a ‘serious’ promo and not a cheesy Cena promo. Cole couldn’t have put it any better if he’d tried; “do you think Cena’s in WrestleMania mode?!” Damn straight! Is the answer to that me thinks. My only reservation is that Cena is probably right and The Rock will only show up a few times before ‘Mania and dry this storyline out. I sincerely hope not. I want to see a build similar to Hogan/Rock. Please show up on a weekly basis Rocky, I don’t want to have to route for Cena.

And the number one contender for the WWE Championship is…

In true Teddy Long style WWE decided to hold a battle royal to decide CM Punk’s WrestleMania opponent, and to the surprise of nobody Chris Jericho won. The fact that it was no surprise is by no means a bad thing, but I still maintain it would be a better build up without the Championship involved (although I do see the relevance to the WWE Title being involved in a storyline centred on two men who claim to be the best in the world). Either way it should be a great match, making it a potential four main event calibre matches at this year’s WrestleMania (along with HIAC, Cena/Rock, and Sheamus/Bryan). My opinion on this week’s Raw is pretty crystal clear at this point, it was great.

And for one last time… until next week… HELL IN A CELL!!

Thanks for reading this, and the one before this if you cared that much, I’ll be back next week provided I get a chance to watch Raw. If not I’ll be there the week after or write a late piece on it (if you want it – comments).

Until then follow me on Twitter (@ComingToCinemas) and on PSN (ajspringer1990).

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  1. Theicon's Avatar
    Spoiler alert would be good?
  2. JSullivan's Avatar
    Triple H vs Undertaker is boring.
    Hell in a cell is now boring.

    I don't see the excitement? Sure, Triple H and Undertaker could put on a great match, but why must we see them do battle 3 times at WM? Last time they pretended that the first match hadn't happened. Silly feud, silly storyline, silly silly silly. I am disappointed.

    Why we aren't seeing Undertaker vs Kane is beyond me.
  3. Phillyraines's Avatar
    I love the HIAC match between HHH and Taker! This is the match I've been hoping for for years. And the way they are doing it is great - the end of the Attitude era - the last two remaining battling it out to see who from that era goes out in a blaze of glory and who rides off into the sunset. I agree that this match will probably be a Hell in a Cell match from that era - with the violence and blood and going all out. I cant wait for this. Any fan from the Attitude Era would understand the level of excitement for this match - what it means - the promo between the two last night explained how important this match is.

    Why would anyone be so against this match and wish for a Taker-Kane match? They have also fought twice already at Wrestlemania and have had countless feuds and matches - many more than Taker and HHH.
  4. mhshow21's Avatar
    i wasnt sold on it Being HHH vs UnderTaker for the 2nd year in a row and 3 time at Wrestlemania but after last night i couldnt think of a better match for this years mania for Taker. i Mean come on Jericho is fighting Punk, Cena is fighting The Rock. Kane Vs Taker wouldnt be as good of a match as HHH Vs Taker. and Mick Foley is just to bad out of shape this days to put on one hell of a match like back in his hay day. Making it a Hell in a Cell match gave me chills! i havnt seen a Hell in a Cell match in person and this being my 4 Wrestlemania Going to in a Row is going to be Awesome! Sun Life Stadium is going to be Rockin the whole night! time they get to Rock vs Cena the Stadium will be killed! Great Post and people go to Youtube and check my videos out! its my trips to Wrestlemania 25, 26,27! had ring side seats to 26 and 27! just type in Mhshow21!
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I don't know how this Kane/Taker thing is still being talked about. It would be awful.
  6. cloverstone82's Avatar
    its not the last of an era
  7. Vondraco's Avatar
    In the PG era, I don't think it will be as good as previous HIAC matches. Just my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it, but nothing like the ones in The Good Ol' Days.
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