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The responsibility of John Cena

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Hi everyone, firstly ill introduce myself, im Dylan Manov a DJ/Producer from South Australia.

I am a long-time supporter of this site and constantly keep up to date with all my wrestling industry news and results via this site because of my career I cant always see Raw and Smackdown! So im excited to post my first blog and get everyone’s thoughts and feedback both positive and constructive.

There is countless blogs and post discussion about John Cena’s run over the years be it his 5 moves of doom/constant reference to being the new Hulk Hogan of the PG Era/his persona becoming stale etc. and I am not here to go over what has been blogged so many times.

Rather I would like to discuss the situation of mounting pressure from the millions… (and millions) out there that no doubt would love to see Cena sooner rather than later turn heel and “embrace the hate”.

I hope to accurately to explain also why I think it would have a greatly negative effect on a demographic of fans and cause more harm than good and at the same time provide an interesting perspective read on the whole discussion.

It has been said and proven that Cena is the modern day Hulk Hogan. I mean this directly as the Company money maker (you cannot deny love the guy or love to hate him… he sells out arena’s by just being on the poster) and the wholesome values he holds “Never Give Up”, “Hustle Loyalty Respect” are a rehash of the old “say your prayers, take your vitamins”.

So taking all this into account, holding the ball of being the face of the WWE in all shapes and forms, what responsibility as a character, wrestling brand and human being does Cena have to uphold with the company that made him and to his loyal supporters?

For years now Cena has been clearly vocal about his passion and commitment to supporting the troops and has strong ties with the “Be a Star” anti-bullying campaign, Make A Wish Foundation and no doubt countless others… so taking all this on board it is not just a cut and dry decision of “OK Cena’s starting to get stale let’s give him a heel turn” in the same way you could with Randy Orton, HHH, Y2J etc. as it would directly contradict and in a way betray all of these involvements and also his promos for the past year addressing The Rock, basically saying keep coming at me with your hate I will rise above it and stick with the people who have made me what I am.

There is no doubt that Cena is the modern day super hero to so many of the younger Generation Z kinds out there in the same way G.I. Joe, Superman etc. have been as a character.

WWE is a PG friendly product and he is in many of their eyes what they aspire to be when they grow up, so not only is he a role model to millions, but these impressionable young kids will look to Cena and his behaviour (even be it on a scripted wrestling show) they will for the most part believe every move he makes… By having him turn heel, embrace the hate and in the process turn his back on these fans I belive it will have a negative effect not only obviously on merchandise sales but more drastically on the mindsets of so many young children who look up to him, have his face on their lunchboxes etc.

For the record I am a Cena fan, I am however a fan of the Heel Cena over the Face Cena (which in my next blog I will discuss why I generally like the Heels over Face wrestlers) but Cena and the WWE built this superhero character extension of Cenas personality that puts them in a very difficult position now…

Turn Cena Heel and turn his back on his beliefs, youth supporter base, support the troops, B.A.*. poster boy etc. or keep him Face and continue to have a legion of Gen X & Y fans bored with his persona.
These same fans remember the glory days of wrestling when it was unpredictable and you supported the characters because you loved their characters, not because they were force fed to you to support them.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog (ever) and hopefully it didn’t sound too much like a rant.

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  1. mp34everdb's Avatar
    True, but what Cena needs to realize is that he is supposed to entertain people and he is failing to do that, for the most part, changing personas and portraying a fictional character is a sports entertainer's job, and it should not interfere at all with all his charity work. Cena wants to just be himself and that is not what this business is about, everyone needs to realize this.

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