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Do You Remember the Latino World Order?

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One of my favorite things to do on this planet is to have someone call out a wrestling gimmick or wrestler and I will spill everything that I know or remember about said gimmick or wrestler. Today I was challenged with Hector Garza, and while all I remember of Hector Garza was his penchant for corkscrew planchas from the turnbuckle to the outside, I was inspired to remember the Latino World Order (lWo).

As long as Paul Heyman lives he will believe that everyone in wrestling was out to bastardize his vision and to profit from his genius. While I am not disputing these claims on anyone's behalf, I will maintain that ECW brought the luchadores to the US but WCW gave them a bigger stage to be highlighted on. Yes, Rey Misterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera did have an epic match in ECW, those of us who subscribed to Bob and Jim's Basement Cable wouldn't have heard of an El Dandy, a Silver King or a Super Calo if not for WCW.

Between 1998 and 1999 you couldn't take a leak without WCW cramming the nWo into your ear. The story goes that Eddie Guerrero and Eric Bischoff about the direction WCW was taking and that argument was manifsted into a storyline. Jason Hervey (The rat-bastard older brother from the Wonder Years) had came up with the idea of a Latino nWo and was able to get the idea to fly because of his relationship with Bischoff.

Eddie Guerrero had been laid up for some kayfabe reason or another and when he returned he did so with a vengeance. Eddie came back to recruit the major Latino stars in WCW and bring honor back to La Raza (loosely translated to "The Mexican People"). Eddie rounded up the who's who of WCW's Luchadores (to be listed later) and I marked something fierce. The nWo black, white, red and purple were boring me to tears and finally I had something new to catch my attention.

This is the part where the Latino World Order shined. Eddie gathered everyone in his stable that he could and all of them joined except for one: Rey Mysterio, Jr. The details as to why Mysterio wouldn't join are still kind of fuzzy for me, but he wouldn't join and Eddie made life difficult for him. They had singled Rey Mysterio, Jr. out from his people and really put Mysterio's heart out to shine. Finally Mysterio joined and the Latino World Order was in swing.

The LWO wasn't given it's fullest opportunity to run. Eddie was in a car accident and the two factions of the nWo were coming back together. To celebrate their combined mediocrity, they laid the LWO out and threatened them with more bodily harm if they didn't abandon their colors. All of them did, except one: Rey Mysterio, Jr. Mysterio took quite a beating from the nWo on a few occasions until he finally moved on to something else that would propel him to the Super Star Status that we all know him for.

At the end of the day the LWO was: Eddie Guerrero (who went on to be huge in the WWE), Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera (who formed the Mexicools with Super Crazy), La Parka, El Dandy, Silver King, Villano V (there should be a good reason why Villano IV, who was active at the time, wasn't in the LWO. Injury perhaps?), Damien and Ciclope (who went on to be big names in XPW; Ciclope as "Halloween") Hector Garza and Art Flores who was the body-guard Spyder.

I hope that you remembered the LWO fondly; it was a lot of fun for me. Until next time my friends, Viva La Raza!

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  1. pauadrian's Avatar
    i have seen clips of the lwo i never knew many of the mexican veterans were in wcw and wwe until recently
  2. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    I was sick of wo's after everyone on the roster had to be in one
  3. Johnny G's Avatar
    I remember Eddie Guerrero forcing Rey Mysterio to join the LWO and then giving him a shirt 5 times to big

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