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Blog Wars 13: Top 5 Undertaker Streak Matches

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Welcome back to a historic edition of Blog Wars and my 30th blog. Now first off I will start doing #1 contender matches every Friday. I will post a simple topic at the bottom and anybody with any interest in Blog Wars should send me their lists. I will post the top 3 or 2 in a blog to determine the #1 Contender for the next show to find people who are serious about competing.
Now for more important matters, Wade Barrett 1979 won last week but recently it appears he is MIA so I will step in this week to prevent a no show. This week I will take on knox in a battle of Featured Bloggers and it is an exhibition so knox is champion no matter who wins. Without further ado here is the list:

Top 5 Undertaker Streak Matches
Criteria: Match Quality, How close the streak was to ending, Build up

wrestlingfan66513 (Chairman, lol)

5. Undertaker vs Diesel (WM XII)
The match had a good build with each guy costing the other the title at two different PPVs. This match is the 5th win and was before the streak happened. It was actually a good match and one of the more overlooked matches in my opinion. Diesel had been one the closest guys to almost win at the time and actually hit 2 Jackknifes and still couldn't pick up the win.

4. Undertaker vs Triple H (WM XVII)
The first match pulled it out over the newer one by a little. Both guys were not booked for anything so it was thrown together but the match was great. From the chokeslam in the crowd area, to the sledgehammer counter to the last ride, the match had the crowd going nuts.

3. Undertaker vs Kane (WM XIV)
This feud was great and lasted for months without an actual match between the two. When Taker agreed to fight Kane, it happened here. It took 3 tombstones but Taker defeated Kane in a hard fought match.

2. Undertaker vs Edge (WM XXIV)
This match was a classic. In one of the best Wrestlemania's ever, this match was the main event and delivered. Edge countered many of Taker's signature moves and came very close with the camera hit and the multiple spears. But Taker pulled it out with a submission victory at the last minute.

1. Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels (WM XXV)
The Wrestlemania before, both of these men had amazing matches I am sure many thought were going to be hard to top. But went above and beyond with this match. The build up was great, the light vs dark thing was great and the entrances with HBK descending from the heavens and Taker rising from the stage was perfect and really set the stage. I can't say enough good things about this match as it is one of the best matches I have ever seen.

What's even more impressive is their resumes. Michaels retired Flair and defeated Bret Hart in the iron man match before at Mania and Undertaker is undefeated. This match had everything on the line and delivered to show the fans and everyone in the back what a 5 star match looks like.


5. Vs. Ric Flair (Wrestlemania 18)

This was one of those matches that drew based off the fact of who they were. This was one of those feuds we thought we'd never see. I feel like this match delivered beyond the draw of their name. They put on a show. This is why Taker came out in 2008 to give Flair a personal hug at his retirement speech. Great match.

4. Vs. Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 21)

Easily one of his most underrated Wrestlemania matches that certainly wasn't as high profiled as the others. Orton's work in this match is the reason that Orton is one of the biggest stars of this business. Orton was I believe 24 or 25 in this match. This was one of Taker's youngest opponents at Wrestlemania.

I'm putting over Orton because he was so young and stepped on that grand stage against one of the greatest and freakin delivered big time. I will never forget the amount of near falls in this match. Taker & Orton was one of my favorite feuds ever and this match in a losing effort did wonders for Orton's career and in my opinion it made Taker's streak that much more credible. He faced veterans like Kane, Triple H, & Flair at Mania but no one expected the young Orton to give him such a run. Great match.

3. Vs. Kane (Wrestlemania 15)

What will always stick out to me is how these two men were two of the the most dominant men in wrestling history and happened to be around in the same era. I don't think anyone in their right mind had any idea how awesome their feud would be.

What excited me about this match is the amount of Tombstone Piledrivers that Kane kicked out of. I loved the booking and for me its one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history but of course many won't agree with that.

2. Vs. Triple H (Wrestlemania 17)

To me this was the better of their matches. I feel like their match at Wrestlemania 27 had too many unnecessary spots that were just put into play to try and over shadow Taker's two matches the previous two years with HBK at Wrestlemania. It didn't look natural at all and they actually looked like two old men trying to salvage that one last moment.

Now their match at Wrestlemania 17 was nothing short of amazing and they both were in their primes. The build up was amazing and to me it was the Undertaker's greatest match under the "American Bad Ass" gimmick. Great bout between these two.

1. Vs. Shawn Michaels (Wrestlemania 25)

This was the greatest match in Wrestlemania history and some even say the greatest match in WWE history. Either way we know HBK is involved in the greatest matches of all time.

This match delivered simple because of the unpredictability factor. Many people including me thought this was a thrown together match of two gladiators that never fought on that grand stage. I had no idea these two men would go out there and put everything on the line and give the greatest match I personally ever seen.

How many people can say that after a 20 year career that their greatest match happened in their late 40's, I mean that is unreal. After all the high profiled matches in these two men careers and they waited till their 40s to give us the greatest match ever. That's called putting it all on the line for the fans and the betterment of this product.

One of the greatest moments in the history of this business and its something never seen. When Michael Jordan came back to play for the Wizards he was nothing compared to his days with the Bulls. HBK & Taker came out there and more importantly proved to these kids what they really missed out on in the 90s.

Thank you all for reading and here is the #1 contender topic: Top 5 Tag Teams (2000-Present). Anyone can do this, just send it to me and I will put the top ones against each other.

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  1. THE_CRIPPLER's Avatar
    Wow I wish someone added the Batista match at WM23. but im gonna go with the Chairman here, sory Knox, I think the HHH vs Taker match at WM27 was a little better than the WM 17 encounter.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Knox wins it
  3. Cynicism's Avatar
    I really enjoyed both the Taker vs Edge and Taker vs Orton. Those two were the ones that swung it for me though cause Taker vs Orton was the match I thought most likely to end the streak at the time I saw it. I definitely agree with the number one spot though.

    For me this is a Knox win
  4. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Knox wins it
  5. eldoryazdee's Avatar
    ill go with the Chairman coz i dont buy Flair and Orton's Knox's rationale on these two...
  6. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    1.Kane vs Taker 14
    2.Undertaker vs HBK 25
    3.vs Orton 21
    4.vs Flair 18
    5.vs Edge 24

    Knox wins because WM 12 and WM 17 both didn't really appeal to me. 12 didn't really because the match wasn't that great at all. 17 is totally over-rated beyond belief. I didn't see 27 mania yet though. I've seen the rest of Wrestlemanias o.

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