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The Rise and Fall of the WWE

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Okay I wrote this Blog entery before Elimination Chamber so some things have been changed from the original.

Wassup it's the TurtleMan here with my very first blog here, I've been muddling this around in my mind for a awhile now and I figured I would write a blog about guys in the wwe who got a push and then lost it for whatever reasion.

First up......

Drew Macintire

The year is 2010 alot is going on in the WWE but one thing that kinda stood out a Scottish wrestler named Drew MacIntire debuted he's big (Check) he's a good talker (Check) and he's endorsed by Vince himself so he wins the IC title, he has an ok fued with Kofi kool, he has a ok fued with Matt Hardy kool, he wins the US title kool then he pimps smacks Teddy Long with protection from Vince that's right he's endorsed by the boss himself so pimp smacking and underling manager should be par for the course but this is WWE things ........... change.

The Downfall

He getss drafted to Raw and has a few good matches with Orton then he he kinda fizzles from there the jobs then he is sent to the Superstars brand with the likes of Chris Masters and Alex Riley yup bottom of the barrel right...... Nope this is WWE when you hit the bottom it's only the begining so he's sent back to Smackdown and is now Teddy Long's employee and is on a losing streak. Why you what happend to the Chosen One well love happened he hitched up with former Diva Tiffany and she got drunk and partyed and got fired so Drew gets jobbed as a lession i guess.

the light at the end

Maybe, he's on Smackdown now losing left and right maybe there going for simpathy with this leading to a face turn

Next Up...

Alex Riley

This guy started out on NXT as Miz's rookie a cocky. brash, high school jock. ok he has the size and look kool so he loses NXT but scores a job as Miz's bag boy, tag partner, cheerleader, and all around henchman to the then WWE Champion ok then he realised he didn't need the Miz and struck out on his own and taking out his boss (in more ways than one) he beat the former WWE Champion about 3 clean he never one a title he barely one a match outside on NXT and he beat the former chanp I call that a push.

The Downfall

Ok he's moving his way up the ladder and he's going after his first title aginst Dolph Ziggler. Ok this should be easy right..... nope he lost twice then he dropped of the face of the earth all the way down to Superstars. What happened he survived a DUI but not this he almost dropped Miz right on his head yup he pulled a Anderson and almost took out a main eventer.

The light at the end

umm he's has the look

Next Up

Ted Debiase Jr

Yeah I remember him he's the future star comming out of Legacy, the son of the Million Dollar man he's future is bright....... right he won 2 tag titles and he was givin the Million Dollar title by his father he's well on his way ....... right

The Downfall

So he jobbes on raw Goldust steals the Million Dollar belt his girl dumps him and he loses a run at the US title so whats next he gets drafted to smackdown ok new show new start....... nope he comes is jobbing then he becomes the lacky of Cody Rhodes (the guy we all thought was the new Jannety) in a atempt to recapture the Riley effect and i think it worked kinda Cody dumped him and they started a fued where Ted lost again then he dropped all the way past Superstars to Dark Matches before Smackdown with FCW guys wow I told you the bottom of the WWE only gets worst

The light at the end

Maybe, He hosts theose cook outs before the show and hes won a few TV matches so there is hope

Next Up


Wait ...... what yup The Celtic Warrior, The Great White, King Sheamus is on this list why you'll see. Okay Sheamus comes in on the last days of ECW (again) he dose well he has a good back and forth fueds with Goldust and Shelton Benjiman kool, he moves on to Raw and shoot right to the top beating Cena for the title having a good run then he took out HHH then he won the title again wow what a year it only gets better right......... Nope

The Downfall

Okay Sheamus just won his second WWE title proving he's not only strong but smart taking advantage of a Nexus attack taking the title and running ok so now he's got the title again he starts a new run then the one segment cruched is all the Nexus stood before the then WWE Champion blocking the hall blocking The Champs way so what to do , A say im a angry 260 pound WWE Champion and I kick people in the face and while the part like the red sea or B run back and get help from Cena (the guy you took the title twice) obviously he chooses B and thats crediblity was shot he wins the King of the Ring but it dose not help he jobbes to Morrison and thats it Downfall complete.

The light at the end
Well he's gone to Smackdown (don't they all) He turns face (again don't they all) BUT this time it worked The Great White is getting over he won the rumble on to South Beach to Wrestlemania to a WHC win (if Orton is not in that match) so the light is there.

So that's is it for now I'll be back with Part II soon. Maybe you folks could give me some ideas of Superstars or Divas who should be on this list.

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  1. ewantu2's Avatar
    Don't forget Morrison to he would of become WWE champion if not for Truth but then he returned and jobbed

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