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Elimination Chamber: Opening Eyes, Closing Cases, and Overall Surprising.

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Hey sports entertainment fans of the world wide web. The Saviour here with a review of what I found to be a surprisingly very good PPV. Eyes have been opened, cases have been closed, the picture is becoming clearer as we come down the 6 week stretch before Wrestlemania XVIII. There was an equal amount of good and bad and that’s what I want to touch on. I’m sure this will bring on a lot of debate and I’m fully prepared for it.

First, I want to give a chuckle to the Dolph Zigglites of the world. For everyone that swears he’s the next big thing, for everyone who still feels he’s main event caliber, and for everyone that loves how good of worker he is, guess what? Santino showcased a hell of a lot more than ol’ Ziggles. He’s not a top guy. Give it up, Please.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, I’m going to dive into some of the good and bad that took place in this PPV.


Okay, I realize that he was entered as a filler because Mark Henry was injured, but The Great Khali was a complete joke. Couldn’t they have at least had him and Big Show square off a little bit. I almost felt bad for him. Have him beat the same way they did in the Big Show. 3 guys land move after move and finally pin him.

The Smackdown match. Of course you all know, or should know, I’m talking about Justin Gabriel vs Jack Swagger. A match that should be a middle of the show Smackdown match, or Superstars Main Event, made it’s way onto PPV. It was a waste of time, and honestly, they probably should have put more into the Ambulance Match.

Super Cena strikes again. Well, I’m sure everyone was expecting Cena to win this match. But this match was very slow paced and dull in comparison to both Chamber matches and I don’t feel it was “last match” worthy.

Santino with 2 eliminations. Was I excited for Santino Morella. Yes. But should he have been in a situation where he looked to be a legit title contender? Absolutely not. So not only does he eliminate two legit main eventers in Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes, but he puts forth a valiant effort, while locked into the LeBelle Lock, before finally tapping. Look, I understand Santino is popular and entertaining in a comic role. But to be put in a situation where he should be taken seriously in title contention? Big mistake.

The Jericho cop out. I thought this was poorly done. Boy did the WWE seriously drop the ball on this Jericho thing from the get go. This has got to be his worst WWE run by far. So, now we get to listen to him come out, say he was never eliminated, demand his Wrestlemania title shot, blah blah blah. If you didn’t want to have him job, *or if he used Cena politics and refused to job clean*, then he shouldn’t have been in the match, and should have gotten himself involved some other way. Or, had the Raw Chamber match be a number 1 contender match, and have him win it. Both situations make him much more credible and championship worthy. I’m seriously not a fan of his return now. I had my doubts ever since he came out and said nothing, now, I’m pissed that he’s back and not even interested in segments involving him. I know it’s not his fault, and the WWE writing sucks, but this is getting ridiculous. They’re trying to fix it and making it worse.

John Laurenaitis Segment. Alberto, Mark Henry, Christian. And NO HHH. It sucked and it speaks for itself.


My eyes have been opened to Daniel Bryan. I was not a fan of his heel turn and his gimmick, and especially the weaseling out of matches, but he pulled through in the Chamber. He took a beating and still came out on top. Hats off to Daniel Bryan for being the legit champ going into Wrestlemania.

Finally, it looks as though the Big Show will be phased out of the title picture. Which is a good thing if they don’t plan on giving him the title. I still believe they should have had a nice, dominant title run with him the way they did with Mark Henry. But hopefully, he’ll now back away from the picture. Honestly, it’s sad seeing him in these title scenarios and losing out all the time.

CM Punk retains the title. I love this. Especially because of the Jericho factor. If you want the best in the world battle at Wrestlemania, credibility has to be at top level. CM Punk has been the champ and battled through adversity since SummerSlam. This is a good, legit run and he should keep the title. Having him lose it to Jericho just to win it back would be pointless. It would make him what? 6 time champ instead of 5 time champ? Nothing else would have been accomplished.

The Chamber Matches. Both were exciting. And save for Khali, Ziggles, and Truth, everyone had great moments in these matches. Kofi satisfied with his crazy moves, The Big Show was impressive with his ripping of the chains and destroying Bryan, and there were good showings from Rhodes, Barrett, and Miz.

The Divas finally put on a good match for the title. No 2 minute squash by Beth Phoenix. She is bad ass and even though I like Tamina, she’s not at Beth Phoenix level. And honestly, I don’t think Kharma is either. Unfortunately, Kharma will beat Beth Phoenix at Wrestlemania…*if they do fight*, or after.

Overall, I’m very surprised at the Elimination Chamber PPV. I really didn’t have high expectations and it did not disappoint.

Thanks everyone for reading. I’m sure some Ziggler Blowers out there probably have something to say to me. As always, I welcome any and all comments. Enjoy the live Raw and Live Smackdown this week. Be Safe Everyone.

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  1. Godsmack78's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    The only reason I said that about Beth Phoenix, is really because I've never seen Kharma wrestle. Just attack people. Of course Kharma would crush most men in real life. Thanks for reading.

    and for the most part great read, and sorry for seeming a lil harsh about kharma and ya she could totally wax most guys in real life..but you should check out some of her work pre wwe(shimmer, tna, and in japan where she is revered)

    and your right about the daniel bryan thing, its just i dont see how that angle is making him strong or even over to me.. i will say this db is one of the top technicians in the ring now. benoit wouldve killed him btw(no pun intended). but it just seems so weak and makes him easier to bury once his reign is over. again nice read
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I personally think the whole Raw Chamber match was a poor effort considering the SmackDown match was one of the better Chamber matches.

    I think the problem is that pretty much every Raw storyline (Punk/Dolph and Truth/Miz) had been resolved by the time the Rumble hit. The only feud left was Jericho/Punk, and so far it isn't that good. There needs to be some epic promos at least. The only thing that I'm looking forward to is that they are pretty much guaranteed to put on a great technical match.
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