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2012 Elimination Chamber Reaction

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What's poppin folks, RatedATB back at it again with my Elimination Chamber Reaction. As usual I wont waste any time, so without further

1st Match - Raw Elimination Chamber
A little surprised they started off with this one, that must mean a swerve is in place for the SD Chamber. Also on a side note I'm digging the stage, they've recycled the same stage every year since December to Dismember lol. Anyway on to the match...this match was awesome, and I mean AWESOME. They gave it a ton of time to allow all of these great wrestlers to make an intense, hard hitting match. All of the chamber interactions made for some cringing moments and everyone, especially Ziggler, took their fair share of bumps. I also really liked the bit where Punk kicked Jericho out of the Chamber, it added some nice drama to the match that just worked. Gotta say I thought Jericho was going to take this one, but the way they ended it imo was perfect. Jericho didn't get a definitive win over Punk and vice versa so their match at Mania didn't lose any appeal from having the two fight too long in the match beforehand, so that's always good. Gotta give the match a 4/5, definitely one of the better Chamber's I've seen in a while, some great, GREAT stuff.

Seeing Seth Rollins in that Cena package was the best part of the whole thing haha.

2nd Match - Diva's Championship - Beth Phoenix vs. Tamina
Not too bad of a match! Probably the best Divas match in years. These two got some decent time and managed to do some good stuff. I honestly wouldn't have minded this to go a little while longer either, but I did enjoy seeing two actual womens wrestlers go at it. 2.5/5, can't complain at all.

Lauriniaitis Segment -
What a waste of time lol. Not to mention a wasted return for Christian. I don't see what the point of that was other than all of a sudden they want Johnny Ace to be on both shows...and for what? No one wants to see that, the guy can barely talk. What has he done to constitute such a push? Ugh...

3rd Match - Smackdown Elimination Chamber
Why is this not closing the show? Anyway, this was a pretty good match. Not the best Chamber, nor was it better than the Raw Chamber, but it was still entertaining. Obviously they were limited having two giants in the match, but at least they got Khali out as soon as possible. The final moments made for some good drama, and the crowd was NUTS for Santino. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing the guy used as a more mid card talent seeing as the fans love him so much. I just want everyone to realize that Daniel Bryan is going to Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion...that's just huge folks. I'll give the match 3.5/5, some good stuff and they did well with the Chamber itself. Especially with Big Show breaking into Bryan's pod, I've never seen that before which was nice.

4th Match - U.S. Championship: Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel
We all knew there'd be an impromptu match but I'm glad it was the one it was. Finally seeing the U.S. title being up for grabs is nice, especially on the ppv, and it makes Swagger look good to have a definitive win. Would've liked to see this go a little longer but hey, what can you do. I also would've liked for this to be announced prior to the show...but again...what can ya do? 2.5/5, could've went longer, but hey...nah nvm.

5th Match - Ambulance Match: Kane vs. John Cena
Weird seeing this end the show. Would've preferred a Chamber to end the show but that just isn't up to me now is it. This match wasn't too bad. You can't have been expecting something extravagant, but for what it was and who was in it I enjoyed it. Pretty predictable finish but I will say the end was pretty cool to see. Kind of curious to see where Kane goes from here and I strongly hope he doesn't go into a feud with Ryder. Also it's finally it. We're finally going into full Mania mode. I'm looking forward to this years, I'll be honest. I hope it doesn't disappoint, that's for damn sure. This match gets a 3/5, nothing to go out of your way to see, but definitely not a bad match.

Match of the Night - Raw Elimination Chamber

All in all this was a pretty damn good ppv. I'd recommend checking it out, or at least the two Chamber matches, and I'd give the ppv a solid 7.5/10. I have to question the positioning of some of the matches and I'd have had Smackdown open the show, put Cena/Kane where the Smackdown Chamber was, and have Raw close the show, but the card layout seemed a little screwy, but that's just my opinion. Well folks, that's all, it's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Deuces!

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Ace Lancaster's Avatar
    I agree that the Raw Chamber match was by far the best match of the show. IMO the Smackdown Chamber match was horrible. What the hell is creative thinking???? First of all Santino being in the match was freaking joke and a complete waste. Him pinning Barrett and Cody was just embarrassing and pointless. That whole match was a joke. Barrett and Cody were the only bright spots in that match.

    Also, the Cena/Kane feud was pointless if Cena doesn't turn heel. Poor ending to a poor feud.
  2. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    Besides the Chamber matches, which are overshadowed by Wrestlemania, it was mostly just filler material. A very weak PPV in my opinion.

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