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WWE: The Misused and the Forgotten...

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The plan of my blog is simply to discuss who in my opinion, has been misused and forgotten in the WWE, when they simply should not have been.

I won’t pick out too many names, but I’d like to analyse some of my personal favourites who didn’t quite measure up for whatever reason, and whoevers fault it may be.

Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn has wrestled for the 3 bigger Wrestling promotions since his career flourished in 1990. He wrestled for ECW, WCW and WWE. He has also made numerous appearances for TNA and NJPW. So what would a WWE fan remember of Perry Saturn had they not seen him before…Moppy?

In ECW he held the tag titles 3 times with Kronus (And believe me, if you haven’t seen his with this guy, you don’t know what you are missing). In WCW he held the Tag titles twice and the TV title. In WWE he held the Hardcore title twice and the European championship once.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think that Moppy was the best we’d seen of Saturn, but fortunately I do. Saturn never had anything amazing in the way of Mic Skills, but his in ring ability was never fully exploited within the WWE. I have like Saturn for a long time, and my opinion of him was strengthened further when I saw his ECW matches – A sinister heavyweight capable of performing athletic and even high flying moves, something very rare in the business. The solution? He needed a manager, someone to talk the talk for him, and allow his in ring abilities to do the rest of the talking for him.

Dean Malenko

Where do I begin with Dean Malenko? Most people who know wrestling better than face value will understand the second-to-none technique Dean Malenko has.

Most WWE fans only had a short experience of his capabilities, and whilst he works for the WWE as a road agent, he only managed a measly 2 Light Heavyweight title captures (I remember vividly his match with Scotty 2 Hotty at Backlash 2000), however in WCW and ECW he is much more decorated, having held the Cruiserweight title 4 times, The US title, tag titles and the TV title (twice).

This fails to make up for his poor use in the WWE, his ability was undeniable, and I believe the WWE knows this. His experience is vast, unfortunately, however, it appears his chances of making his name within the WWE were over before his change in role.

William Regal

Regal is still going in the WWE, we all know him. Some of us love him, some of us hate him.

No matter your opinion on this man, you cannot deny his technique, and his ability to draw heat.

Regal has held over 60 title worldwide, an amazing feat, and an example of just how much experience this man has in ring.

In recent years Regal declined down the card and started taking up roles outside of the ring, I feel however that someone with this ability and experience deserves a decent title run and has all the ability to get the crowd involved and excited in the product again. Regal is a masterful heel and a great mentor in-ring. The WWE needs to reward this, despite his 15 title runs in the WWE, he has yet to hold the most prestigious of all the possible titles.

If this doesn’t make it bad enough, just remember, The Great Khali has held the World title.

Lance Storm

Lance storm is again someone you cannot deny the in-ring ability of. His promo skills weren’t necessarily on par with some of the top stars, and this could potentially have held him back somewhat.

The thing that boggles me most with Lance Storm is that during his partnership with Christian, there wasn’t all that much to be excited about, when in reality, It should have been epic to say the least – Christian has all the ability on the mic to make up for it, and together they could have made history as a tag-team in the WWE.

Diamond Dallas Page

One of my favourite wrestlers when watching WCW, his career was slain when he was involved in an appalling stalker storyline during his WWE career.

Most of us who know DDP know him for his ability to work the mic and to put on a decent performance in ring, I know for sure he was someone I always held in high regard, but when he was brought to the WWE he was instantly ruined by the arguably just as bad American Bad Ass undertaker gimmick.

During his WWE tenure he managed a shocking 2 title runs before allowing his contract to run out due to injuries, however during his WCW career, he was considerably more decorated, holding 10 titles in total as well as being a triple crown champion.

Another Wrestler who had it all but his career was smothered in shit by the WWE before it being cut short.

Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin is an incredible athlete. His career wasn’t all that bad in the WWE, I do however feel he was more deserved of a top-card role.

Superstars shouldn’t be measured by the titles they have held, mind, because it isn’t they who has the last decision in this, I do feel however that it goes a long way.

Since leaving the WWE Benjamin has gone on to find success on the Independent circuit and more specifically, he has found success in ROH. He has also begun to wrestle in Japan.

Chavo Guerrero

Chavo is a member of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family, however his career was massively overshadows by Eddie’s success prior to his unfortunate death.

Chavo is considered an excellent in-ring competitor by many, and certainly is capable of working a promo.

Unfortunately for Chavo, upon Eddies death, the WWE sought this as an opportunity to push Rey Mysterio, rather than keep the status of the Guerrero family going. To boot, once the Cruiserweight title was out the window, Chavos singles career was in ruins, and with Eddies death, his tag tam partnership was also in tatters.

This is something I believe Chavo can never forgive the WWE for, and in every respect, he is right…Although Eddies death shouldn’t have been a platform for him either, he is more than talented enough in his own right.

His career was tarnished in the end with an awful feud involving him against Hornswoggle, something I’d rather not remember his WWE days for.

Low Ki

Low Ki, or Kaval as he was known in the WWE had a poor run. Without covering too much detail, Low Ki is considered on of the best Indie competitors in recent years, having had Success predominantly in ROH, he has dabbled in TNA and numerous other promotions.

I first discovered Low Ki some time ago during his ROH days (I’d take a stab and say around 2004), and was amazed with what I saw. I was mesmerised by his Shaolin monk appearance, his awkward crouching walk and his lightning quick manoeuvrability.

Low Ki recently wrestled in a TNA four way bout, however he failed in his bid to win the match.

Taka Michinoku

The first ever WWE Pay Per Views I owned were Summerslam 98, King of the Ring 98 and Badd Blood: in your house (97), and my favourite of all of these was King of the Ring. Since the day I saw these PPV’s, I fell in love with WWE and the attitude era, an opinion that has never changed since.

Upon watching this King of the Ring, I witnessed Taka Michinoku and The Headbangers face off against Kai En Tai and I was impressed to say the least. Taka was lightning quick and has a great ability, not to mention he was the first ‘WWF’ Light Heavyweight champion (How many of you remember that belt?!?) – Unfortunately, this was Takas only title reign in his WWE career.

This may seem somewhat well, however his career was tarnished by a terrible run with former Kai En Tai team mate Sho Funaki forming the tag duo Kaientai (I know, right?), which can only be summaries with one word…”Indeed”.

Taka moved on to greener pastures involving the K-DOJO and work In japan, I do fear that should he ever return to the ‘E’, he will be reminded of hiss terrible decline.

John Morrison

Officially, JoMo held 9 titles in the WWE during his 9 year career. His recent departure has left many fans with a taste of sour grapes, my biggest qualm however, was the series of events from my perspective of what happened.

I say this only because it’s extremely self-evident that JoMo is incredibly talented in ring, on the mic, and is over massively with the fans. For whatever reasons, he chose to walk away from the WWE, and the reason I’m so pissed about this, was that shamefully, it took me until about a year before his departure to realise just how good he was.

On paper, he has it all, and to boot, he should have held one of the world titles, but he has had to settle for the now defunct WWE-ECW title, which in my books is worth absolutely nothing. Can you name me 5 other people who have used the WWE-ECW title as a platform for their career? Didn’t think so. I probably can’t name you five people who held the title.

Owen Hart

Let it never be said that any superstar considered Owen to be anything less than an amazing talent, it’s a shame however that his career ended when it did, and furthermore, it ended with such a poor gimmick.

The blue blazer was by any standards a terrible gimmick and a mockery of the Hart Family’s legacy, but Owen being the professional he was, was more than happy to do this (as most professionals would).

Owen never progressed for any extensive period beyond the mid-card, and looking back now, I really can’t fathom why. Maybe Owen was happy there, although I’d find that hard to believe, Maybe the WWE wanted to push him, but his time ran out before they could…Maybe, Just maybe, Owen wasn’t given the opportunity he truly deserved.

Fortunately, Owens ability outshone this shoddy gimmick, and the terrible circumstances surrounding his death solidified him in our minds as one of the greatest wrestlers to grace the ring, allowing us to see past the terrible storyline he was working, and truly appreciate him. It’s a shame that it took this much for him to be recognised…Too little, too late.

I’ve decided to call it a day on this blog, it’s incredibly long (by comparion to what I have done prior), and I thought I would just share some of my thoughts with you on some of the stars I feel the WWE misused over the years, and hopefully, there won’t be so many over the next few years, although, this is the WWE we are talking about…

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All feedback appreciated!!!

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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    gr8 list bro!! I appreciate u for bringing Dean n Perry....I'm and was a huge Radicalz mark!!!

    I love all of those on radicalz...

    I also appreciate u for bringing in Chavo...Chavo was under utilised by WWE...Lance is another guy for whom I used tune in WCW at one point was grossly misused..

    William regal is one of my all time favorites....

    gr8 list yaara!!
  2. JSullivan's Avatar
    Thanks Sahu.

    If feedback is good, I'll do a series on this, evalutating each year since I got into the Wrestling business.
  3. Roc Away's Avatar
    This is one of the best entries I've seen written on this site. The best blogs make one view wrestling with different perspectives, and I think most can agree that the wrestlers you named deserved much more than they are usually given credit for. From your blog I took away the fact that WWF/E doesn't always get it right, especially when they had wrestlers who were already successes in WCW yet totally dropped the ball on them
  4. akbar's Avatar
    Chavo was terrible...sorry
  5. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    One that comes to mind: Sean O'Haire, and his "I'm not telling you anything you don't already know" gimmick... they balked on that one, could have been big.
  6. JSullivan's Avatar
    @Akbar - You can have your opinion, but you'll find most Wrestling fans will disagree with you.

    @Roc Away - Thank you for the positive feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. Please check out some more, and check the links at the bottom out if you use Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date.

    @Heath_Deka - Absolutely. Sean O'Haire was by far one of my favourites in the Invasion era, big guy, evil looking son of a bitch, had some decent heat too. His personal life was plagued with issues though, which may be why he was held back. Could've continued to thrive, though and make a Brilliant top-card heel. He retired after basically being relegated and demoted to Velocity, and was into MMA for a while. Not sure what he is doing now.

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