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Let This Era Die!

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Hi all and welcome to another weak dose of Dazza with today's Blog - Let This Era Die!

This last Monday night on Raw we got an excellent promo from HHH regarding his inevitable match at Wrestlemania with The Undertaker.

This promo seemed to blur the line between promo and shoot for HHH as he brought up the subject of how he could not end The Undertaker as he is seen as a brand and it is bad for business. This is a view that seems to be shared in reality by the WWE management structure as it seems they are simply unwilling to let the top dogs of the attitude era go.

Lets look at the evidence.

The Undertaker

We could probably count on 2 hands the amount of matches The Undertaker has had in the last 2 years. Granted the matches I have seen him compete in have been a testament to 'old school' ring psychology that have had me on the edge of my seat but I have this niggling feeling that the more The Undertaker goes and comes back and then goes and then comes back again it will start to dilute and diminish his presence until he is merely a shadow of himself. Taker deserves an absolutely massive blow out match of epic proportions that suits his character, he needs to be dragged to the depths of hell and never return so when we look back at how he ended we can think "wow that was amazing". I don't want to be watching in 10 years time and seeing Taker return for his 30th Wrestlmania match think "man this guys used to have some great matches".....WWE do us a favour and let the Dead Man sleep!

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels has actually almost done what I like wrestlers to do, retire and stay retired however a comment he made while responding to HHH's request that we see him more often scared me. Michaels replied "well we'll see what we can do about that". Michaels was brilliant, possibly the best wrestler and most charismatic character to ever step foot in the ring and when he originally returned and spend a number of years with us it was fantastic, not just a flash in the pan return but a full time schedule was brilliant. I feel again much like with The Undertaker that if Michaels now returns on a non wrestling/once a year match type basis that we will also get watered down memories of HBK. HBK went out and had the best match of his career at Wrestlmania 25 and it should have ended there, they carried this on to Wrestlmania 26 where he did have an epic match as his final match and this is where it should be left.

Unfortunately I don't have time to go into all of the wrestlers who no longer wrestle on a full time basis but seem to drag the spot light away from the younger stars as there are just far too many; Taker, Michaels, HHH, Kevin Nash, The Rock & Booker T are all superstars that should just let it end, hopefully Jericho stays past wrestlemaina or that's another top card spot given away to a part time employee who will just leave afterwards. Give the screen time to up and coming stars. Let angle like the CM Punk angle develop on there own rather then throwing an attitude are star in there to steal the glory only to destroy the angle.

It seems perfect acceptable to the WWE to have all the main stars work on a part time schedule and it takes away any form of full time build that could be given to the young guys that the fans want to see who work their asses off full time to entertain us.

Management needs to realise that it's not good for business to drag these brands on. Let the last era die!! let the new era begin!! and watch the young starts flourish!

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  1. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Great Blog mate, I totally agree. Let the Taker go out in a bang and be remembered as the most fearsome of all time!
  2. LM_StraightEdge's Avatar
    The reason that they don't let the Era die is because it would be bad for business!! This years Wrestlemania, do you think it would receive as many buys if it wasn't for The Rock v Cena? Or for The Undertakers streak? You are basically saying they should retire and stay away to let the young guys take the ball, well what if they aren't capable? There is plenty of talent on the roster, but until they step up to the level these guys are on they won't be trusted to carry PPV's etc on their own. Guys like Taker and HBK have spent their lives in this business, if they want to make appearances every now and again and it helps the company (which it does) then they have earned that right.
  3. Johnny G's Avatar

    We won't no if the younger stars are ready to carry the ball until they are given the chance and with the older stars coming back all the time don't think we will find out for a while
  4. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    The only option is to not end the streak or end the era. Anyone that beats him takes a title for life that can never be lost to another. Anyone that beats him becomes one of the top dogs in the company for the life of their career. I think Taker losing is more of a liability to Vince and to that degree HHH than to anybody else as suddenly that guy who does beat Taker has an extreme amount of prestige and leverage in contract negotiations. Thus the only one I think we would ever see the dead man lose to at this point is the future head of the company, Triple H.

    Remember, Trips said that he sees Taker and the streak as good for business. The only way to end the streak is to end Taker and in ending Taker, he takes out the few remaining shreads of the Attitude Era.
    Updated 02-19-2012 at 06:34 PM by TheLegendaryIcon

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