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Johnny G

5 Wrestlers to never win the big one

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This is just something i'm putting together to cure my boredom but this is the 5 superstars who never won a major World championship in no particular order

Scott Hall

The highest Scott Hall ever made it to in wwe was a multiple time Intercontinental Champion and in WcW was United States Champion the guy had massive potential and could actually have a good match unlike some superstars today (John Cena) and i think he could have been a World Champion if it wasn't for personal problems.

British Bulldog

Davey Boy Smith had a few wwf championship match's but never got the win and had to settle for a couple of Intercontinental, European, Tag Team & Hardcore championships think he had major potential and could have been the first English wwe champion.

Mr. Perfect

Most probably the most talented superstar on this list to never be world champion always pulling off a great match before suffering back problems that keep him on the injury list a lot but personal i think Mr. Perfect could have been a great champion and could have had many more title reigns.

Owen Hart

Taken from us far to soon Owen hart was one of the more naturally talented superstars and had a bright future when he first hit the wwe but never got a world championship and seemed to always take a back seat to his brother.

William Regal

OK so he still could win a world title its very unlikely but still Regal had an incredible career all over the world and could still put on a great match if you don't believe me watch some of his match against RVD & Jericho back in 2002/2003 Regal is a technically gifted superstar and i think it would only be right for him to get one world title to cap an amazing career.

Thanks for reading and leave any comments and who you think the top 5 superstars are to never win the big one

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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Roddy Piper deserves on this list if we are talking superstars. Pure wrestling.....probably not.
  2. Johnny G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGreatOne
    Roddy Piper deserves on this list if we are talking superstars. Pure wrestling.....probably not.
    You Know what Dude Roddy Piper totally slipped my mind but he deserves to be in a list but just don't thin it would be top 5
  3. Seanb93's Avatar
    This list isnt bad, however the following guys are more deserving in my opinion.

    Roddy Pipper
    Jake the Snake Roberts
    Rick Rude
    Paul Orndorf
    Million Dollar Man
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Yeah, I was going to say Roddy Piper is always the first that comes to my mind. I was a HUGE Owen Hart fan, but by the time he died, I think he was fine with his place in the company and didnt feel like he needed the title to justify his legacy.

    1. Roddy Piper - the heel heat he could generate was ground breaking. He made it cool to be a "talker". Hogan and Flair couldnt hold Roddy's jock when it came to promos (and I LOVED Flairs promos in the 80s).

    2. Mr. Perfect - he carried AWA for years and was an outstanding champ. I thought for sure that he would be a champion in the WWF once he left the AWA.

    3. Jerry Lawler - for reasons very similar to Curt Henning. Probably hurt him going into the WWF/E that late in his career, but just based on his work in the 80s, I thought for sure he could wear the WWE Strap.

    4. Ted DiBiase - The guy that was "The Man" in Midsouth. Main event player in the WWE, but he was there in the Hogan era and Hogan always seemed to want to squash guys that carried other territories in the 80s. By the time the RAW era started, DiBiase was a key figure as well as the Million Dollar Corporation, but he was closer to mentor status than a guy that could be wearing the title.

    5. Scott Hall - the nWo is likely the biggest thing this industry has ever seen. Combine that with how over he was a Razor Ramon... should have worn the strap at least once in the WWE and should have held the WCW title 2-3 times. But, the guy is a junkie and companies are not going to make junkies the face of the business. He came a long way from that giant meat head "Big Scott Hall", teaming with Henning in the AWA to where he ended up in his hay day.

    Honorable mention to Kerry Von Erich just because of how big and legendary the Von Erich family was. One of my all time favorite matches is Jerry Lawler v Kerry Von Erich. Easily one of, if not the bloodiest match in history. Those 2 guys were so far ahead of their time when it came to telling a story in the ring. Problem was... by the time Kerry made it to the WWF, he was missing a foot, drinking too much and came across as a pretty dumb goof.

    As for the others mentioned above (Rick Rude, Orndorf, Jake, Regal & Davey Boy), I never got the impression that they could carry a company. Davey Boy is the closest, but I always saw the other guys as the Robin to the Batman(s).
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I guess I'm wrong but I could have sworn British Bulldog won the title at a house show in England and then lost it like 2 days later before we even saw it on TV.

    William Regal improved tremendously but when he started out in WWE his wrestling was very boring.

    Mr. Perfect is the one person who stands out more than anyone on this list. He had a great look, gimmick, was an excellent wrestler and seller, and was good on the microphone or in those classic vignettes. Would have made the Perfect Champion. Of course the same would have been true of Ted Dibiase.
  6. akbar's Avatar
    you had Regal as your number 1? glad he never won the title, totally overrated by the IWC...
  7. B-ri's Avatar
    Regal's a great wrestler but being a great wrestler doesn't equal a great champion.
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