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Blood, Sweat, Metal, And The Grandest Stage

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In less than 24 hrs, we will know who will be the champions going into Wrestlemania. We will have a good idea of the feuds we can expect(though most are already all but set in stone). I wanted to take a look at the card of Elimination Chamber, give everyone insight as to what I think will go down, and what effect this PPV will have on the road to wrestlemania.

Match 1
World Heavyweight Championship
Smackdown Elimination Chamber
Daniel Bryan(c) vs Wade Barrett vs Big Show vs Santino Marella vs The Great Khali vs Cody Rhodes

Order of Release:
Big Show(starting off), Wade Barrett(starting off), The Great Khali(1st), Daniel Bryan(2nd), Cody Rhodes(3rd), Santino Marella(4th).

Order of Elimination:
The Great Khali, Cody Rhodes, Santino Marella, Big Show, Wade Barrett

Winner: Daniel Bryan-I am speculating that Bryan will probably use some kind of sneaky means to pick up the win here. I'm guessing he may eliminate one or two people through making them tap out, but I am guessing he will eliminate Wade Barrett last, after lets say Big Show is eliminated by Wade, and in a fit of rage Big Show knocks Wade out. Kind of reminiscent of when Mark Henry took Big Show out at TLC and D-Bry cashed in MITB. Bryan will then either pin Barrett, or slap on the Labell Lock and make Barrett tap.

Aftermath: I am going to say either on the Raw after EC or the SD, Daniel Bryan will come out boasting about how he is the best world heavyweight champion, how he has proved everyone wrong, how he is the greatest thing in the world because he is a vegan. He will go on with this promo for a short bit, until Sheamus music hits, and he makes his way to the ring to declare his intentions to challenge D-Bry at WM. Now, whether we will get some kind of swerve ball like adding Barrett or Orton to the match, will remain to be seen, but I am expecting D-Bry vs Sheamus.

Match 2
Divas Championship
Beth Pheonix(c) vs Tamina

Winner: Beth Pheonix: My guess is this match will go one of two ways. Either we will get a 10 to 15 minute match with ok to good quality in ring work between the two or we will get a 2 or 3 minute squash match with Beth dominating.

Aftermath: If the rumors are true, I fully expect Kharma to show up tomorrow night, either to attack Beth, or to have a stare down of some sort. I personally would rather see Trish Stratus return and take on Beth Pheonix, but I know the likelihood is it'll be Beth vs Kharma. If this attack/run down/stare down doesnt occur at EC, it will the next night on Raw.

Match 3
Ambulance Match
John Cena vs Kane

Winner: John Cena-unless The Rock shows up in some form or fashion to EC to screw Cena out of the win, Cena needs to pick up this win. What point would it make, to have the posterboy of the WWE, the guy who is taking on the Great One, The Brahma Bull, at Wrestlemania, lose a high profile ppv match the ppv before? It wouldn't. John Cena needs this win, to have the momentum of going in to Mania. We all know Cena is going to go in to Mania getting booed, so there is no point of having Cena go in as the underdog.

Aftermath: I hope this will mean the end of Cena/Kane. Come the next night on Raw, the WWE needs to be fully focused on Rock/Cena. Not Eve/Cena, Cena/Ryder, Cena/Ryder/! Rock/Cena is the focus. They have a chance to still make this a memorable feud, but they have to go in the right direction from here.

Match 4
WWE Championship
Raw Elimination Chamber
CM Punk(c) vs The Miz vs R Truth vs Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho vs Kofi Kingston

Order of Release:
The Miz(starting off), CM Punk(starting off), R Truth(1st), Dolph Ziggler(2nd), Kofi Kingston(3rd), Chris Jericho(4th)

Order of Elimination:
The Miz, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Chris Jericho

Winner: CM Punk-I know a lot of people think both D-Bry and Punk will walk out of EC as champions still, but I do. I see the final three in the match being Kofi, Chris, and CM. Jericho will eliminate Kofi, and then Punk will eliminate Jericho after some kind of controversy(maybe Christian returning?).

Aftermath: This is going to lead to Punk vs Jericho at Mania. My guess is when Punk beats Jericho(whether it be through interference or something else, it won't be cleanly), Jericho will come out the next night still claiming Punk is not the best wrestler in the world, that he is, and he was screwed out of his chance at Chamber, but wants to prove it at Mania. I for one am excited for tomorrow night, and what monday night Raw brings.

What Is Missing From Elimination Chamber: Blood. It is that simple. Yes I know WWE is PG now, and I am all for Raw and SD to remain blood free, but matches like the Chamber, Hell In A Cell, TLC, Last Man Standing, they are missing blood. I remember when I became a wrestling fan and started watching matches, I'd see someone get bashed with a steel chair or a kendo stick or a championship belt or slammed into a cage or cell, and watch them bleed, I felt it added more to a match. Watching a wrestler crawl across the ring to pin his downed opponent, when that wrestler was drenched in his own blood, to me, made it a million times better.

Well with that said, this blog has come to a close. I hope you enjoyed reading and I look forward to your comments.

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    I'm with you on that one Bro and can see the same 4 people winning as you said
  2. akbar's Avatar
    I'm thinking Jericho is going to win and punk to get his rematch thing at Wrestlemania with him...nonetheless everyone has pretty much an idea of what feuds are going to happen for Wrestlemania unless WWE throw some major curve balls. Cena/rock, taker/hhh, shamus/Bryan, Jericho/punk, ortan/Barrett...
  3. TNAorWWEorROH's Avatar
    All in All, It will not be a very good Pay per view with that card.
  4. GeoJones's Avatar
    Nice blog, I agree with your predictions and like your follow up ideas. The one thing that I don't think is that great about the elimination chamber this year is that there is a lack of monsters/ wrestlers who have an angry/evil side to them as I think a few characters like that would really add interest insted we have The Miz, R Truth, Dolph Ziggler... and Santino?! I know he's a fill in but he doesn't come across as some one who could be a strong contender to win or through some one through the class or do something impressive. All in all i'm looking forward to the event and am considering staying up to watch it at 1 a.m (I live in England) and then struggle into college tomorrow with no sleep. Last years chamber event was one of the best PPV's so I hope WWE do the same this year.
  5. eboy's Avatar
    great blog bro agreed with most of it except the blood thing, for me knowing that bloods means the guy has bladed doesn't add anything to the match. where as focusing on horrific spots makes it more sick, like when Legacy put Kofi Kingstons head through the chamber and locked in that boston crab. like when people get thrown though the plexiglass
  6. bearkg88's Avatar
    Eboy-I get what your saying, and I am a huge fan of big sick spots, but when was the last time you remember seeing a big sick spot at a hell in a cell match? I just remember, specifically the HHH/HBK feud(s) HBK would be busted open, laying on the ground, and you'd have HHH standing over him, as HBK used HHH's body to try and get up, only for HHH to reign down fists on a bloody HBK. They'd show people in the crowd and their faces were priceless. I think with the blood, it just helps people get caught up in the brutality of the moment.

    GeoJones-I get your point about the big guys and lack of evil/angry side. I think though, like in the case of the Raw chamber, we are in store for some awesome spots throughout the match.
  7. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Yea i thought the same thing, EC this year is pretty predictable. But Tamina has been on a roll and what if Kharma interrupts the match and we have a triple threat? This might become the first Divas match i will ever watch :O

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