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The Deadman Isn't Dead

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We are about a month and a half away from Wrestlemania 28, and this Sunday, we find ourselves at the second stop on the road to Wrestlemania, Elimination Chamber. This blog isn't about EC or the outcomes of certain matches from that. Clearly by the title, you can tell this is about The Undertaker. While there have been speculation as to whether or not Taker will retired after this wrestlemania, I am one of those who don't believe he will. Unless something drastic happens in his match this year that causes him to retire, I can see him going for one more Wrestlemania and having it be his retirement match. The match is pretty much set for this years Wrestlemania for Taker, as he will take on for a third time, the game, the cerebral assassin, the king of kings, HHH. I know some who think this is pointless and will be a waste of a match, I though am not one of those. Look at the night Taker returned on Raw. Look at the interaction between HBK and HHH in regards to the match. Magic was there. There was that sense of the old days. It was epic, and as we progress towards Mania, it will just become more epic. The match itself, imo, will be as good, if not better than, their match last year. I know some may disagree with me on that, but I feel it will truly be a really good match. Anyways, back to the point I was making that I don't feel this will be Undertakers last match. I want to look at the people who could have faced Taker this year, and who(if he doesn't retire) could face him next year in his final match.

Ones Who Aren't Worth It

Dolph Ziggler
Now hear me out in regards to this. I've been accused of being a Ziggler mark. I find Ziggler entertaining in the ring, and think he has the potential to be a multiple time champion, and I think he would be entertaining to see face off against the deadman, I don't think Ziggler is one of those who could believable pull off a win against The Undertaker. Don't get me wrong, he has the talent, and the charisma, he just has not had the time on the roster. Under the moniker of Dolph Ziggler, he has only been on the main brands for 3 years.

Wade Barrett
I have heard others say, including myself, that Barrett would be a good person to face the Undertaker. I still stand by the fact that Taker/Barrett match would be good, but for me, if Barrett were to go up against The Undertaker in his final match, I would go in to watching the match knowing Taker would walk away with the win. Barrett has the size, the charisma, and the talent, but he again is another one of those people who haven't had the time. I feel like for someone to end Takers streak, or even to believably be a threat to end the Streak, they need charisma, talent, size, and time. We have seen the problems where someone is brought on to the roster, and given the championship way to fast(Alberto Del Rio), and fail with it. I think if they had someone end the streak that hasn't been on the screen for a decent length of time, they will garner heat, but not for the right reasons.

Drew McIntyre
I am purely throwing in Drew for those IWC people that just love Drew. I for one do not like him, but..and here comes the but, I can see peoples appeal in him. That appeal has never caught my eye, but I can admit I see why some might be caught up in it. Drew has the size, and the talent in the ring and on the mic to be over, but he doesn't have the consistency. That is in part because of the writers. Perfect example, Drew has been in a storyline of "win or you're fired", and I am sure the idea has been he will turn face eventually, but this past SD, the only time you saw Drew was in the battle royal, no backstage segment, no continuance of his storyline, nothing. The week before that, he isn't even on SD. The week before that, he gets squashed by Brodus at RR, then appears on SD begging Long to keep him, and lastly attacks Clay later in the night only to be taken out again. None of this lines up with someone who could be a viable threat to The Undertaker. Even if the writers and the E pushed Drew the way they have been rumbling, by WM time next year, Drew will have only been on the main roster for 3 years, and to me, still not a viable threat to Taker.

Who Has A Chance

For me, the person who ends Takers streak, or atleast is believable in ending the streak, is someone who has had time on the main roster. Preferably 5 or more years. Someone who has never faced The Undertaker before at Wrestlemania. Someone who is charismatic on the microphone, and in the range of great to excellent in the ring. When I think about those qualifications, there are only three names that come to mind as to who could end the streak/be believable in attempting to end it.

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho has been on the WWE main roster on and off for over 12 years now. He is a former World, IC, and Tag champion. He has had feuds with the best of them, the likes of Chris Benoit, HBK, John Cena, and Edge. Jericho has the talent, he has the in ring ability, he is just lacking on one thing. Actually being in the WWE. It would make no sense for Jericho to come back 2 months before next years Wrestlemania only to challenge the Deadman. Even if he beat Taker, I would be one of those unhappy by that because I would be fully expecting him to vanish after Mania. For Jericho to be a believable threat to the streak, I would say Jericho would need to return on a full time permanent basis between Summerslam and Survivor Series of this year, and stay atleast until the following year. If that were to occur, I feel like Jericho could justifiable end the streak or atleast be a viable threat to end it.

CM Punk
CM Punk has been on the main roster for over 5 years now. He has been the WHC, WWE, IC, Tag Team, and MITB winner. He has had huge success as a heel and a face. He has given us numerous memorable moments. He, like Jericho, has never faced The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. While not the largest wrestler, only being at 6'2 and 218 lbs, Punk has the mic work, and in ring work, to put on a stellar feud/match with The Undertaker. I remember enjoying their feud back in 2009, and think something between the two of them going in to Mania would be epic. Imagine the "worlds greatest wrestler" taking on the man with the "worlds best streak". I get tingles just thinking about this. Punk is also at the age in his career(being 33), where he could have this accomplishment under his belt, and still give us excellent matches for the next 7 years. Imagine a heel Punk boasting about ending Takers streak.

John Cena
Yes, I said John Cena. I have heard a few others say it, and I have to agree. John Cena has done it all. He has won numerous championships. He has captivated us as a heel and a face. He has even showed us he is more than just a man with the 5 moves of doom. When he wants to be, he is superb on the mic. He has also been on the main roster for almost 10 years. Granted he has had a feud with The Undertaker in the past(which I thoroughly enjoyed), he has never faced the Deadman at Wrestlemania. While he doesn't necessarily need the moniker of "Ended Takers Streak" under his belt, and I am sure if he actually did it, everyone would be up in arms over this, to me Cena is the top person that could be a believable threat to ending Takers streak.


I honestly believe the Streak should never die. While I am going to thoroughly enjoy the feud between HHH and Taker going in to this years Mania, I would like to see Taker feud with one more person, one of the three I mentioned. Someone that when it comes time for the bell to ring, the world will be uncertain as to whether Taker will walk away with the victory. Hope you all enjoy reading, and I look forward to your comments.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bartish2
    cena? really? thats laughable... do you seriously want him ruining something else?
    Yes Bartish I said Cena. If you read, I didn't say Cena needed to defeat Taker, I merely pointed out Cena would be a believable threat in ending the streak. In one corner, you have John Cena "superman" and the other corner,, The Undertaker "deadman". I think it would be an interesting feud and match, and I am not the only one as others have brought it up as well.
  2. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bearkg88
    I get your point DK, and while this list is people I think could end the streak/be believable in ending the streak, I still affirm to the idea the streak will never end. So lets say hypothetically, Taker doesn't retire after this year, and goes one more year. Who would you have as the special attraction wrestler that comes in to face Taker?
    The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt "frickin" Angle! Never before has it happened, this would be quiet the meeting.
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