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Road to Wrestlemania XVIII : Part 1

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Hello to everyone. In this blog I would like to talk about WWE would book WM 28 and some of my views that would make road to WM 28 look interesting.
With three of WM 5 star matches set in stone (i.e. Rock vs Cena, Undertaker vs Triple H , CM Punk vs Chris Jherico) , I'm completely loving the build ups to all three matches.
Rock vs Cena
The aggression and athleticism Rock showed us at Survivor Series had to be matched by Cena. In recent weeks Kane has brought out a resurrected Cena who is slowly forced to embrace hate. WWE can can easily let people buy it that it is due to this hate only Cena will be able to beat the face (Rock) in his home town and then he has options at WM to complete his heel turn by giving AA to Rock or remain face by shaking his hand after their WM match.

Undertaker vs Triple H
I leave it to WWE to build this one up as surely Undertaker is not retiring this WM due to Cena vs Rock hype. So plain and simple Undertaker wins this one gets his vengeance and comes back for his last WM next year to retire properly.(which I would talk about in my next blog).

CM Punk vs Chris Jherico
This match has so much potential to be great that it probably does not need title to be defended between them. But I highly doubt WWE would do that.
Just to make Raw Elimination chamber and road to WM WWE C'ship match unpredictable hear this:
Raw EC Match: Punk & Ziggler start , Miz enters and they beat Punk up just before Kofi enters match Miz HCF's Punk on steel grate to lay him out. Kofi enters eliminates Ziggler after a fight. Miz pins Kofi with HCF from behind.By the time truth enters Punk gets up and is taunted by Jherico to be 'Best in the World' from inside the pod.Meanwhile refree accidentally taken out by Truth and Miz brawl. Punk fumes and crashes Miz into Jherico's pod to take him out prematurely.Second referee enters the match. Punk pins Jherico by 2nd referee(1st ref couldnt see this). 1st refree slowly coming to senses .Truth takes advantage of laid out Miz to pin him. Truth , Punk fight off. Jherico gets up to give codebreaker to Punk. Punk pinned by Truth and he celebrates. Now HCF from behind to Truth by Miz . Jherico covers Truth , 2nd referee refused to make the count so Jherico lays him out. As 1st referee doesn't know about Jherico's elimination he makes the count. Jherico leaves with title but EC ends with the confusion as who is the champion.
Build up to WM 28 : Jherico vs Punk and R-Truth vs Miz is set up and 6 weeks of great build up (i.e. Fatal Four Way , Triple Threat , Tag Matches) between these four. Ultimately WWE decides whose match is for tiltle and whose is a personal rivalry for maint event screw up.Also great oppurtunity to get Laurinaitis to get involved in Punks screw up who doesn't want Punk as Champion.( like Vince not wanting Austin as Champion). WWE must involve Laurinaitis if its Jherico(c) vs Punk for WWE C'ship.

Smackdown EC Match:
Booking by WWE : Big show dominates chamber and takes out his frustration on others till Bryan enters (as this match is build up around their rivalry) . Somehow Bryan weasles out to retain title . Show in a negative character perfectly fit to face Shaq . Bryan(c) vs Sheamus vs Orton also set up. (Orton wanting his EC title oppurtunity at WM 28).
Booking differently : Why waste Show / Bryan with AJ rivalry for a Show vs Shaq match ? Why not a potential love triangle rivalry between Show , Bryan , AJ at WM 28 . (I would luv to discuss my plans for this rivalry ,in my next blog , which would extend to Over the limit PPV if WWE takes title off Bryan and does not book Show in a match with Shaq at WM 28.They can do Show vs Shaq at WM 29.
EC Match : Show starts off against Barret , Cody enters to beat up Show . Khali enters eliminates Rhodes . Show eliminates Barrret. Bryan enjoys Khali-Show fight , enters and tries to take advantage but KO by Show and gets pinned. Vice grip by Khali on Show but Show somehow KO Khali to pin him.Meanwhile a returning Christian pulls off an EDGE just second before entrance of Santino. A grodgy Big Show gets Kill Switch from Christian but kiks out. Bryan attacks with WH title belt to give Show a concussion and sending Christian home with title belt.
WHC'ship WM 28 buidup : Orton will definitely want his lost title oppurtunity at EC which was capitalised by Christian and will get his way through by beating Christian by countout on Smackdown to be added to make a Triple Threat WHC match at WM 28 ."How ironic would it be that a man (Christian)who got his ass kicked whole year by two men will be defending his WHC'ship against those two (Sheamus & Orton) at WM 28."

Elimination Chamber other Matches :
Tammina vs Beth, should be a good back & forth match with Beth going over to face Last Hope of Divas Division Kharma.

Ambulance Match :

Cena definitely picks up win , but I do hope Ryder and Eve do get involve so that Kane thinks his mission to make Cena embrace Hate failed due to Ryder /Eve. so he would deal with them first , then Cena after WM.(Post WM I have storyline ready for ending Cena Kane fued and keep Kane present gig fresh )
This would lead to Kane inflict more pain on Eve and Ryder saving her in hope of winning back love of Eve ,leading to classic match Kane vs Ryder at WM 28 .(more to be elaborated in next Blog on how it goes at EC PPV).

As U all would have known by now that all my future storyline are based on WWE Elimination Chamber PPV (its outcomes).
Thank U all for being patient with me and for reading this blog. Hope to bring Part 2 after EC PPV. Any feedback , comments are welcomed.


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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Enjoyed your views on everything. Looking forward to all of your follow up blogs bud. Some others may post, and disagree with some of the shit you've stated. Yet you captured my interest.

    That being said, great blog bro
  2. bearkg88's Avatar
    My thoughts. Interesting blog bro. Keep Johnny A away from Punk though. While their "feud" was interesting in some aspect, he doesn't need to be wrapped up in the Punk/Jericho feud going into Mania. He will only drag it down. Also, interesting idea of how to have Christian walk out with the WHC, and while it would be interesting to see a triple threat match between Christian, Sheamus, and Orton at WM, I really think DB is going to walk away with the win. While I may disagree with a lot of what you said, I did find it an interesting read and will most definitely keep an eye out for your next blog bro

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