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Current Grievances with the WWE

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Currently on the road to Wrestlemania, if I told you I was excited by all the potential match ups thus far I would be lying. There's no story lines similar to that of Austin Vs Michaels, Triple H Vs The Rock, Goldberg Vs Lesner, Warrior Vs Hogan - and all those past story lines which made the wait for Wrestlemania feel like waiting for Christmas. The WWE's Elimination Chamber is the last chance to change that. But given my experiances of previous Elimination Chamber pay per views, I hold little hope. It's a C grade pay per view at best. As much as I would like to theme this blog "Things I currently like about the WWE" I can't.

Things I currently hate about the WWE

The one wrestler who had me glued to the television all but a couple of weeks ago was Daniel Bryan. He has been caught up in a superb and engaging feud with the Big Show which all but highlighted everything great about the WWE's penchant for creative writing while exhibiting both the Big Shows and Daniel Bryans best assets. But like a good summer BBQ, the Vegan had to ruin it. Out of no where Daniel Bryan grabs the stick and preaches to the audiance about how he is a good role model and how we are all bad people for eating meat. Now what does this have to do with wrestling? Firstly, far to fresh in my mind is the Straight Edge Society and the Right to Censor who have already preached to the world the error of our ways. And they did it well. Which really demonstrates how bad Daniel Bryan is with promos that have been pre-scripted for him. The heat that this meat free preaching generates is not the type of heat that is good for business. Nope, it's the type of heat that has the masses changing the channel.

Triple H Vs The Undertaker

So much hype is currently geared towards the fact that Triple H will square off against the Undertaker at this years Wrestlemania. This would have me doing cartwheels down corridors - If it wasn't the 3rd bloody time. Credit where credit is due. Triple H and The Undertaker have had two exceptional matches at Wrestlemania's past. Before Wrestlemania 17, Triple H was coming under fire for poor performances and a selfish attitude but this match had all wrestling fans around the world eating a big old slice of humble pie. They followed this up at Wrestlemania 27 with another classic despite mother nature advancing their years by ten. So what exactly can Triple H and The Undertaker bring to Wrestlemania for a 3rd time? It can only be disappointment.

Randy Orton being replaced in the Elimination Chamber

With Santino Marella. This is clearly the WWE rewarding Santino for all his hard years of jobbing and jobbing well. Not a decision made for the fans. Santino is a comedy charecter and comedy Charecter's do not belong in MY wrestling main events. Please see below

Yoshi Tatsu and his lack of a push

One name that immediately pops to mind as a wrestler who could do great things in the Elimination Chamber is Yoshi Tatsu. Whenever I see Yoshi, I am reminded that I am a big fan. Not only this, but rumour has it that Yoshi is a legitimate bad ass back stage as well who once gave Sheamus a very real ass kicking. The story goes that on the road, Yoshi, Sheamus and Ted Didease were travelling room mates. Sheamus, feeling like the leader of the posse, picked up a protein drink mixer belonging to Yoshi Tatsu with his 'unclean hand'. Offended by the lack of respect for Japanese culture and Sheamus' apparent lack of hygiene, Yoshi Tatsu soon had Sheamus on the floor in the ground and pound position and had to be pulled off by Ted Dibease. This could explain why Yoshi is unjustifiably stuck on Superstars.

The Barrett Barrage
Start, stop, start, stop, start, stop. I predicted great things for the Barrett Barrage at this years Royal Rumble but it was not to be. Since then, Barrett has been doing clean jobs to the Big Show in mid card slots on Smack Down. They've taken away his mic time as well. What was the reason for this unholy intervention to Barretts main event push? Much like Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 21 when his career stalled, I think he should challange The Undertaker at Wrestlemania to give his career a much needed kick start. This coupled with the fact that Wade Barrett has an unresolved feud with the Undertaker. Remember when the Nexus buried The Undertaker alive in late 2010 for Kane to pick up a win. Well, the Undertaker has not exacted revenge for the henus act and there's nothing I hate more than a wrestling feud that has not been concluded - Raw general manager ring any bells?

Cody Rhodes gets knee pads
The one thing that seperated Cody Rhodes from the rest of the pack was his look. And this was largely due to the fact that he decided to wrestle with no knee pads. Any wrestling fan would say it certainly gave him some sort of edge. But a Cody Rhodes with knee pads just makes him seem like he came out of the same cookie cutter that most of the Superstar roster was carved from. A petty thing for me to say maybe - but sometimes it really is the small things that count.

Michael Cole

I originally forgot to add this to my blog. But this has been an ongoing issue for so long now, that I've actually got used to watching my wrestling with the sound off.

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  1. Final_Silence's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by TNAorWWEorROH
    LOL typical WWE mark whining because somebody has a problem with the show, honestly this guy has some good points it's just that the current WWE fanbase has no idea what a good wrestling show is
    Hahaha, you're talking about current WWE fans not knowing a good wrestling show is, yet you're agreeing with complaints about vegans, knee pads, and announcers? I'm not a current WWE mark, I started watching in the early 90's and am an AA mark. But come on over the years there's always been problems and nobody will 100% love the product but when these are the problems... I scratch my head. See real grievances would be the lack of building stories up, the lack of original gimmicks to differentiate superstars, the lack of actual wrestling time on a show, or even the ridiculous brand separation still here. See if my only problems were what guys were wearing, what they ate and personal preference of announcers, I'd have a huge smile on my face every week. Oh and learn what whining means buddy.
  2. n2winlisa's Avatar
    Blog is terrible, you might want to watch a bit more closely next time. So your not so bad in your blogs
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