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Top 5 Wrestlers WWE Dropped the Ball on

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Honorable mention
MVP- Could of been a mainevent heel following his feud with hardy. He's good in the ring and on the mic. Not really the Wwe's fault as much with him though because the fans are the ones who turned him face.

5. Jack Swagger
In 2010 he won the MITB and the World heavyweight Championship. and successfully defended it against Jericho, Edge, Orton and Big Show. But then after he lost it to Rey Mysterio. His depush began when he was accompanied to the ring by the Swagger soaring eagle (Chavo Guerro). I don't know whose idea this was but I'm pretty sure a 7 year old could come up with a better storyline for jack swagger than this.

He was then moved to raw and began training Michael Cole for his Wrestlemania match because the Swagger soaring eagle apparently wasn't enough of a mockery. After parting with Cole he approached Vickie Guerro to be her client. Since then he's been doing slightly better currently he holds the US Championship but it would help if he actually appeared on raw each week. When he lost the belt to Mysterio they should of had him feud with Morrison, Rhodes and Sheamus keeping him as an upper mid carder. Hopefully with Ziggler moving on to the main event scene Vickie will help him when it come to talking as he needs to improve his mic skills. But at least he's great in the ring.

4. William Regal
One of the best technical wrestlers ever, he's good on the mic as well. He's got 30+ years of experience and won a lot of championships as well as king of the ring. I think before he retires he should have at least one world title run out of respect even if they vacated the title the following night. He deserves it for all he's done and I think he'll be a key asset for the wwe in the future whether it's commentating, training upcoming wrestlers or being a manager.

3. Christian
So Christian finally wins the world heavyweight championship only for Orton to be drafted to smackdown and make Christian look weak and cowardly. Christian should of won the feud so Orton could then immediately feud against Rhodes. Christian could of then had a longer Title run before Henry won it.

After being buried by Orton he was squashed by Sheamus for a few consecutive pay per views before getting injured. I'm hopeful though that either he'll return and win the championship at elimination chamber or compete in and win the money in the bank ladder match at Wrestlemania.

2. Kane

When he was masked he was one of the dominant wrestlers alongside the undertaker and it makes me think that if he had kept wearing the mask he might be as big as the undertaker by now. One of the mistakes they made was having him feud with Rey Mysterio because when he lost to Mysterio he lost his credibility in my book. He then had a bizarre feud with Edge and the Undertaker. In my opinion Kane shouldn't of won the title using MITB because his charachter isn't that type of person. He should of won a no 1 contenders match and then dominate Mysterio to win the Championship.

The next mistake was to have him feud with the Corre. As in my opinion for Kane to be in the same match as Santino Marella and Heath Slater is a mockery. Recently I've been enjoying his feud vs Cena and I really hope he doesn't get squashed by Cena in the ambulance match.

By now Kane should be a solid main eventer who wwe can rely on to mainevent any pay per view. After his feud with Cena I'm interested to see whether he'll be involved in the Undertaker/HHH feud. I really hope he doesn't have a match vs Ryder at Wrestlemania and if Ryder were to win it would ruin all his credibility.

1. Matt Hardy
Sadly, couldn't get out of Jeff's shadow because Jeff sold more merchandise. A solid wrestler and decent enough on the mic. He had two good feuds one vs Kane and the other vs Edge and Lita. After his feud with Edge he should of been pushed as a top babyface as that's when he was most over with the fans.

He then went on to have a great feud with MVP, win the Ecw championship and have a good feud with his brother. Out of the two brothers it seemed Matt was the harder worker, he started his own company and eventually got himself and Jeff into wwe. He could have been one of the top heels with his v1 persona. I know he went through a bad phase with drugs and whatnot but I think he deserves another chance in wwe.

(Side note- I think I remember Matt saying in an interview that Vince didn't give him a big push because vince didnt feel he was over with the crowd whereas jeff was. Matt then had a few matches where he had a reaction equal to Jeffs but they still didn't push him)

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading the comments

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. illmat's Avatar
    I agree on your assessment of Kane, Regal, and Christian. Christian was actually getting over with the fans on his first run with the company and he had his "peeps" chanting his name but he left before WWE could really build anything. Regal has always been underrated in my book and I think he should have been given a Vicky Guerroro type role. Kane lost all his credibility when he lost the mask and all of a sudden, he wasn't the monster anymore.
  2. akbar's Avatar
    Don't agree with number 1
  3. inyourhouse's Avatar
    Matt Hardy was terrible on the Mic! I remember the angle they had where Jeff was attacked in his hotel room and I thought it was real until Matt Hardy did an interview backstage saying how worried he was about Jeff. Because of his bad bad acting I was like oh I see its an angle
  4. holgerwich's Avatar
    what the fuck does Should of mean? Are you trying to say should've?
  5. mhshow21's Avatar
    Kane has been over he is going to be a hall of famer is is respected by everyone. he has always been the guy to put people over. they did drop the ball with swagger i hope he gets drafted to smackdown and they put the titlte back on him. christian will be a hall of famer as well and has done a good job. i think you need to put people like John Morrison and Kofi Kingston on this list. Morrison could had been your next Shawn michaels and Kofi needs the push they give it to 40 year men like R-Truth and Del Rio y not kofi?
  6. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Interesting list. A good read I must say.
  7. Johnny G's Avatar
    Agree Totally dude but think you should have had Owen Hart on the list he is probably the biggest superstar to never win the big title in wwe same goes for British Bulldog in '92 Bulldog was at the peak of his career
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