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Johnny G

5 Greatest United States Champions (1990-2012)

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My third in the series that I'm going to do and again since i never started watching wrestling to 1990 it's from then to now so once again here we go.

5. Lex Luger
A former 5 time United states champion and the longest reigning champion combined at an amazing 948 days luger had some decent match's for the title but the main reason he is on the list is because of the 948 days total.

4. Montel Vontavious Porter
Without a doubt Mvp is one of the longest reigning champions in a single reign holding it for a over a year after winning it from Chris Benoit in 2007 and holding it until Backlash 2008 Mvp had 2 great feuds for the title one against Benoit and the other against Matt Hardy.

3. Dolph Ziggler
Got to say I'm not a big Ziggler fan but he brought life back to the United states Championship for the first time since late 2008 and had good feuds for it against Kofi Kingston, a little on with Jack Swagger and also Zack Ryder

2. Eddie Guerrero
Without a doubt Eddie Guerrero should be at least second on anyone's list winning it only twice he second win being the best he had great feuds for it in Wwe against Chris Benoit and Big Show and Guerrero was a true wrestling master class and a wcw ecw and wwe legend.

1. Chris Benoit
Won't be surprised if a lot of people complain that Benoit is on the list because of what he done out of the ring but in the ring Benoit was pretty much in a league of his own and a great United States champion having great match's for the title against Eddie Guerrero, JBL, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Booker T had he last reign as champion lasted 222 days Benoit was indeed the Rabid Wolverine in the ring and i think deserves to be here on the list

Thanks for reading again people I'm going to try and do top 5 all the wwe titles and hope you enjoy.

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  1. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    You forgot a whole lot of true greats that held the U.S. title. Dustin Rhodes(pre-Goldust) was a good champion. Konann used to apply submissions straight from Twister when he held the belt. But other than that good listing.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    DOlph doesn't belong here..

    like Phantom said..Dustin Rhodes made an interesting US champ..n I loved Konnan too...also, Cena was a gud US Champ...Like iC championship for RKO...US is for Cena...
  3. Phillyraines's Avatar
    Good blog and list! I don't think Ziggler should be on here. For the other 4 an argument can certainly be made that they would be on such a list for the US title.

    With that said - Rick Rude and Stunning Steve Austin should be on a top 5 US champions since 1990. Rick Rude had the longest US title reign I believe during that time period (over a year) and he was an exception wrestler (Rick Rude - Ricky Steamboat matches were fantastic without the fan fare of the Steamboat-Flair matches). And Stunning Steve Austin had a very good US title run in the mid 90s - I remember that run being his breakout - like you knew he was gonna be a star. Both of those guys should easily replace Ziggler in this list. And really both of these guys should be in the top 5, but like I said - an argument can be made for MVP, Lugar, Benoit and Guerrero as well. No way Ziggler should be here over Rude or Austin though.

    I have no problem with Benoit being #1 though due to what happened outside the ring - I've always been able to separate the wrestling character from the person playing that character. Although - if it were my list - Stunning Steve Austin would be #1 and Rick Rude would be #3 (with Benoit as #2).

    Another possible wrestler to include in this list would be John Cena - he had a lengthy US Title run that propelled him to his main event/multiple World Title level. And during his US title run - he was as hot and popular with the crowd as anyone has ever been. You did not hear "Cena sucks" chants at that time haha

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