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Top 10 gimmick matches (wwe)

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With the upcoming Elimination Chamber pay per view which will also include a ambulance match, I'm blogging on my top 10 gimmick matches.

10. Stretcher match
The stretcher match is won by placing your opponent on a stretcher and pushing them to the finish line (at the start the entrance ramp). I enjoy this match and it's a shame wwe don't use it more often (The last Stretcher match was in 2009 Matt hardy vs Jeff hardy). Another notable stretcher match was Shawn Michaels vs Batista. Luckily the ambulance match is similar so I'm looking forward to that this Sunday provided Cena doesn't squash Kane.

9. Buried Alive
This match is usually associated with the Undertaker to win you must throw your opponent into a grave and bury them with dirt. This match is fun to watch in my opinion. There have only been 5 buried alive matches all of them have involved the Undertaker.

8. 'I Quit' match
To win this match you must make your opponent quit. Usually used to finish a feud. I do like this match however it's a bit too slow for my liking and I hate the fact that nowadays whenever wwe uses an I quit match Cena is usually involved and wins. Normally the babyface wins by setting up a big move, the heel quits but the babyface goes through with the move anyway. Notable matches for me include Mick Foley vs The Rock and John Cena vs Randy Orton.

7. Inferno Match

An inferno match is a special type of match where the ring is completely surrounded by flames. The only way to win is to set your opponent on fire. This match is associated with Kane as it matches his gimmick. There have only been 4 Inferno matches since its introduction in 1998 all of which involved Kane. I personally like this match but it is unlikely to be used again because of health concerns over it.

6. Ladder match

To win this match you must climb the ladder and grab whatever is hanging above the ring. My favourite ladder matches would have to be Shawn michaels vs Razor Ramon and E and c vs The Hardys. Would be higher up if it hadn't got as repetitive as it is.

5. Last Man standing match
Quite similar to An I quit match this match is won when your opponent can not stand after a 10 count. This match similarly to an I quit match gets slower towards the end but less so. My favourite matches would be HBK vs HHH at RR 2004 and Chris Jericho vs Shawn michaels. But there are loads of great last man standing matches so it's quite hard to chose a favourite.

4. TLC Match
A variation of the ladder match but includes tables and chairs. To win you have to grab the item suspended above the ring. The best TlC matches in my opinion would have to be the matches between Edge and Christian, The Dudley boys and The Hardys. The Dudleys specialised at using tables, Hardys with ladders and E and C had their con chair to. These matches got these 3 teams noticed and are still some of my favourite matches ever.

3. Three stages of hell
This was basically a 2 out of 3 falls match but with each having a stipulation. Memorable matches include Austin/HHH but my personal favourite was between HBK and HHH. They really need to being this match back As its a great way to end long feuds. They could of used it so many times whether it was Christian/Orton, Cena/Orton, Cena/Punk, Kane/Cena etc. The list of missed opportunities for this match is endless.

2. Royal Rumble
I love this match because of its unpredictability and it's a great way to propel someone to the main event. Its also a great match to have legends make brief returns. They do however need to adjust what they say the winner gets because you're supposed to get a main event match but last year it was the opening match on the card and this year the main event spots are taken with Cena/Rock and Undertaker/________.

1. Elimination Chamber Match
This match has always been a favourite of mine as I'm a big fan of elimination matches. There are lots of great matches including my personal favourite between Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Kane, and Chris Jericho. I'm looking forward to the Elimination chamber this Sunday and I'm hoping (particularly the Smackdown Chamber that it doesn't disappoint). Im hopeful that Khali and Big Show will have a match which would allow Christian and Mark Henry to replace them in the chamber.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading the comments

(extra: So somehow I managed to completely forget the Hell in a cell match but I didn't want to adjust my list so im including it here (it would be around the no 5 spot). A great match however I preferred it when it was more brutal in the attitude era and in my opinion if wwe were to allow blood back on tv this would be the pay per view to allow blood for. My favourite match was Undertaker vs Mick Foley. I do enjoy this match however I don't like it being a pay per view. I'd rather they had a pay per view which included different types of matches. It could have Stretcher matches, ladder matches, last man standing matches and maybe even a three stages of hell
match for the main feud going on at the time.

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Thoughts and Opinions


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  1. Y2JLionsault's Avatar
    I like the blog but 2 things. I think you mixed up the year for Inferno matches because Kane hasn't been around since '88, lol. Also no MONEY IN THE BANK? Lol
  2. Johnny G's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    I like the blog but 2 things. I think you mixed up the year for Inferno matches because Kane hasn't been around since '88, lol. Also no MONEY IN THE BANK? Lol
    Think that the Money In The Bank would fall in the same as Ladder match cause that's all it is
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Think that the Money In The Bank would fall in the same as Ladder match cause that's all it is
    Even TLC match is also technically a Ladder match....just TLC adds more gimmick to it...n MIB match has one more adnl stipulation to a ladder it can also be counted as a separate gimmick match...
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    TLC matches r now watered down..but, during E&C/Hardyz/Dudleys time they were so huge...n it made careers of E&C n Hardyz!!
  5. Callum's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Y2JLionsault
    I like the blog but 2 things. I think you mixed up the year for Inferno matches because Kane hasn't been around since '88, lol. Also no MONEY IN THE BANK? Lol
    Yeah, I often make mistakes like that because I type out blogs on my iPod and I didn't include MITB because as @Sahu said it's basically a ladder match.

    Whilst the ladder match and TLc are very similar I count them as seperate as a load of great matches are associated with each individually.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show in a stretcher match was amazing, such an underutilized match type, a shame.
  7. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    I think the best gimmick match should be the Iron Man. There hasn't been a decent Iron man match in a while, the last good one I saw was Kurt Angle VS. Samoa Joe. I recently started getting the Ring Of Honor DVD's & they've got the Pure Rules(Davey Richards VS. Christopher Daniels) got my blood pumping at the sight of an old school type match with modern day moves. Treat yourselves, if your a REAL wrestling fan & check these matches out.
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