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Death in Prowrestling

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This is a much different blog than my usual "Top 5" Countdown that has been imitated alot lately. This Blog is about something thats been on my mind for such along time. Its about death in prowrestling and how it is handled by the media, Fans, Wrestling journalist and the general public.

The recent death of Whitney Houston got me thinking. It seems that when a musical artist dies such as Whitney Houston, Amy WhineHouse and Michael Jackson,They all get honored for their work. but when a Prowrestler dies many of the non wrestling fans and media want to completely shut down prowrestling, They are portrayed as drug addicts, Violent jocks who couldn't make it in real sports so they roid up and roll around in their underwear.... Then their is the Evil king of prowrestling "Vince Mcmahon" Who keeps his wrestlers roided up and cares nothing about their well being just profiting off the death of the violent natured drug addicts he employes.

Vince Mcmahon is blamed for the deaths of all wrestlers, Vince is blamed for the Wrestlers whos lives are in turmoil cause of addiction and other personal problems.... But Why is Sony Records not blamed for the Drug addictions, The life Styles and the death of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson?.

Sony never pursued trying to get Jackson or Houston help. It was public knowledge that they needed help, Just their behavior alone in public showed that these artist had deep problems and addictions that needed to be tended to by professionals. Why was their no drug testing while they were in concert or while they were under contract to Sony?... But no one asks these questions and noone ever blames Sony or any record label. Sony doesnt need to do Drug testing while on tour, Sony isnt responsible for the deaths of past or present artist on their label, No record company is. But what i wanna know is Why Vince Mcmahon blamed for the deaths and the life style of prowrestlers?

Their is the argument that Vince Mcmahon makes millions off his wrestlers and he should take better care of them and take responsibility for their deaths.... Sony Records has made more money in one week off Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson then the WWF/WWE has made off Curt Henning, Rick Rude, Brian Adams, Test, Bam Bam Bigelow, The Public Enemy and The British Bulldog's WWF/WWE careers combined. So why isnt the Media, Music fans and fellow musicans getting on the case of Record labels or big companies.... Why isnt the Music Business looked down upon from these deaths. Why isnt the Record labels attacked or the producers?.... Say what you want About Vince Mcmahon but atleast he is trying to clean up his company and make a safer and healthier working condition for his employes.

The Lead singer from Blind Mellon Shannon Hoon was in rehab, He was pulled early out of rehab to fill some tour dates for the bands new album. The label wanted him to have a drug counselor follow him on tour. Well when his drug use was so out of hand the Counselor quit and told the label he couldnt keep him from falling back in to the habit of heavy drinking and drug use, instead of pulling him off the tour, The label allowed him to stay on tour and he over dosed and died not long after while on tour. What kind of backlash would Vince Mcmahon get If WWE pulled a Wrestler out of rehab early and the Drug counselor that was assigned to him told WWE managment that they couldnt keep him off drugs and drinking and the WWE didnt take any action and soon after thatthe wrestler overdosed and died. They would wanna shut down the WWE, but if Capital records does it its ok and their is no backlash from anyone?.

Its just not media and non wrestling fans that think this, Its Wrestling fans and Journalist who always wanna point fingers to Vince Mcmahon and how drug testing is not done properly in WWE. Every time a wrestler dies a majority of the wrestling fans always blame prowrestling and Vince Mcmahon. Former wrestlers go on talk show circuits with ridcules list of dead wrestlerthat have passed away and some died from natural causes but still claim wrestling and Mcmahon had something to do with it.... Wheres the Ex Band members, Ex musicians and widows of the Musicians who died with their list and complaints?

Then we have People claiming that Vince Mcmahon profits off the death of Wrestlers. How much can Mcmahon profit from a wrestlers death? a few 100k? Do you have a clue how much a record label makes off a dead musician? several millions.... What about how the TV companies profit off the misfortune and addictions of former tv stars and musicians.......
NBC had two TV series One called "Being Bobby Brown" and "The Two Coreys". They made light of the fragile staet Corey Haim and Whitney Houston were in, They had no intentions of helping these people or getting them help, Cause its more compelling TV when they are druged up out of their mind or Under the influence of Drugs or other substances then if they are clean and sober healthy people.

I ask myself "Why is this, Why can other forms of entertainment get away with this but not prowrestling?" Then I ask My self "Why is wrestlers who are real people with real problems just all stereotyped and treated to unfairly?", Then I remember what Mick Foley said in a Promo he did for ECW, He said without quoting exactly "Professional wrestling will never be respected, No matter how many bones I break, Body parts I lose or sacrifices I make" and its the truth. If a Wrestler dies its just "Oh well another violent drug addict wrestler died" but if it is a musician its "Oh how sad a talented artist died before his time". Its just sickening the biased people have.

Wrestlers and Prowrestling will never get respect, Wrestlers don't even get the respect they need as human beings let alone as entertainers and Vince Mcmahon will always be known as the Evil guy who runs the company where people fake fight and overdose on drugs and steroids... What really saddens me is how Fellow Wrestling fans and Journalist also jump on that band wagon at times and also make the same claims.

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  1. Johnny G's Avatar
    Mate Totally agree with you on that
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    Indeed a gr8 blog!! I agree with you 100%.....
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    You are both right & wrong in your views. We(wrestling fans) blame Vince for the deaths of so many wrestlers like Chris Benoit, Davey Smith & Eddie because its true. If it wasn't for the grueling scheduling in the WWE many wrestlers would have time to recouperate injuries. After the Benoit murders WWE now makes sure that wrestlers are given time off to heal.
  4. Callum's Avatar
    Good blog, when Whitney Houston died they raised the price of her album, can you imagine the hate wwe would get if when a wrestler died they increased the price off their merchandise/DVD
  5. akbar's Avatar
    This should be published in a magazine or something, great little article that I could see in a newspaper. Seriously keep it up
  6. Cynicism's Avatar
    Must say I agree with this. It seems to be accepted that drugs are part of the music industry but they're considered to be the bane of the Pro-Wrestling industry. I think it's fair to say that a lot of musicians are considered role-models too and it's always tragic when one dies, but it doesn't seem to be the same for people of other professions. The amount of people tagged on to a musician on tour as management should make them easier to watch and monitor than a wrestler who travels economy instead
  7. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    Shared this on Book face. It makes a very valid point
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