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Thoughts On The Elimination Chamber PPV Current Card

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First things first i would like to say hello to everyone on this website as i have only recently joined it.

Now for the first blog i will do i thought i would do something that i don't see much of, and that is a Preview of a upcoming PPV. (May Contain Spoilers)

Now I personally am not looking forward to the upcoming WWE PPV Elimination Chamber the main reason being is because of the lackluster job the WWE has done of hyping this PPV up on RAW and Smackdown. Also i feel both chamber Matches Are weak but i will get to that in the preview. Another reason i am not looking forward to the show is due to the fact that it only has 4 official matches announced, So with that lets run down the Card. (card source WWE.COM)

The First Match Listed On the card is the John Cena Vs Kane ambulance Match Now in my honest Opion this Feud at this point has dragged out by now in the past few weeks on Raw it just seems like WWE have been running though the cycles Of Teasing a Cena heel turn now although i do not think that the WWE will turn cena heel now with it being so close to mania I do think that WWE are trying to make Cena seem more Aggressive I think that they may be doing this to make him seem like a More forthcoming challenger to the Rock, Now as for Kane i think angle has done nothing for him and To be honest since his return donning his mask he hasn't really done much at all, Now Dont get me wrong i am indeed a fan of Kane But if we are all honest After this angle where does Kane go from here going into Wrestlemania? I mean we all know that Cena will go on too face the rock in the main event But what about Kane if am honest i see him being included in a throwaway Match much like he was last year or something,

Now As for this Match i am not looking forward to it that much, All though these two managed to put on a watchable match at the Royal Rumble I just think the Stipulation in this match really limits what you can do I mean common a Ambulance Match? I only ever remember there being one of theses in the history of the WWE and that was at Survivor Series 2003 between Kane and Shane McMahon and if i remember that match was just a 17 minute slugfest, If i am honest i think there is only one clear winner in this and that is John Cena i don't think that there is anyway that john Cena will lose a match between now and Wrestlemania, I think that mabye the match ending will come when there is be interference or a distraction from Eve Or Zack and Cena will Bundle Kane into the amblulence and take a victory and then turn his attentions to his match with The Rock At Mania 28,

Now We move onto the second Match on the Card that being the Raw Elimination Chamber Match, Now of the Hole show this is the Only match i am looking forward too, Now lets Take a look at the talent in this Match Indevidualyy and look at there chances of wining this Match

1st We Have The Current WWE champion CM PUNK, and if i am honest i think he has the second best chance of walking out of the chamber with the belt i think there are a few reasons why the belt might be taken off of him the 1st one being that as of later Punks Raw ratings has not been good and have declined now i dont honestly know why this is but that reason alone could be why the WWE take the belt off of him, The other is that i think maybe Jericho will Win the belt at the elimination chamber and then Punk will go in as the challenger, I think that if Punk was to beat Jericho for the championship at Mania 28 it would seem like a big moment than if he where to defend it.

Secondly We have Dolph Ziggler, Now in my point of view this man is the best worker in the WWE right now he consistently puts on good matches weather its on RAW or PPV, But i still do not think that he will win the WWE Title in the chamber i see him being one of the first two to start it and having a good showing like John Morrison did last year, After this event i do not know what DZ will be doing leading into mania 28, I just hope it will be something good and something that will benefit him in the long run Perhaps A match with Mick Foley?

Thirdly We have Chris Jericho and this man in my point of view will be the man to walk out of the chamber with the WWE title Firstly because I think that It will be Jericho vs Punk At Mania 28 For the title but i think that the WWE Will want it to feel like a special moment when punk wins so i feel that in the Angle theses two be having Punk will be chasing the Gold, Secondly I think that it has been bulit up for Jericho to win Since he returned as he was coming back to reclaim what was his, Could that be a major championship I will let you decide that.

Fourthly We Have R-Truth now i do not believe that R-Truth will win the belt here or any time in the Future I feel he will be the firist one to be Elimination in this match Maybe by Miz Or Ziggle,r but if i am honest i think after this R-Truth will be out of the main event scene

Fifthly We Have Kofi Kingston, Now it has crossed my mind why Kofi Kingston is in this match i mean the guy hasn't been in the main event scene for about the past too years and hasn't been involved in any major Angles in a while, He may just been their due to the fact that his Tag team Partner is Banned for two months and it may just be a filler thing because there was nothing else for him to do or there was no one else to place in the chamber match, But in my point of view he is another person like R-Truth who has No chance of winning this match and After this he will be pushed out of the main event scene.

Last But not least is The Miz, Now I may be one of the few people who like this guy and think that he will have a good 2012, I think that he will have a good showing in this match and maybe be one of the last 3 Men in chamber i think he will eliminate Kofi K in this match or R-Truth, But i do not think that he will win the belt in his first chamber match,

Now that we have looked at all Six Competitors I have came to a Judgement that the Winner will either be CM Punk Or Chris Jericho, Needless of which one of them wins it these two will most likely be Facing each other an Wrestlemania 28, Overall I think that this will defiantly be the match of the night and has the potential to be one of the Best Elimination chamber matches if booked right and considering the talent involved I do not know how this will end by pinfall i would think.

Now We move on to the other singles Match on the card that being Beth Phoenix Vs Tamina and if i am honest i have no desire or interest to see this match at all At best This Could be a decent womens match but i am not too sure I think for sure that Beth will win Most likely pinning here clean or Something Then i think Karma may come down setting up a angle leading them into wrestlemania 28 in a match that has the potential to be very good.

Now We Move On to the Final Match of the Card And i am sorry but this may turning into a rant, Ok so we have the Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match and i am going to be honest i am not looking forward to this match much Comparing the Talent Of the too elimination chamber matches is scary in theory this match only has too main event starts and if i am honest calling them main event stares is a stretch The two people Are Daniel Bryan And the Big Show Yep that's it In my point of view there is only one outcome for this and that is that Daniel Bryan will retain his world heavyweight championship and face sheamus at Wrestlemania 28, But before i go on Lets take a look at the Superstar's in this match and the chances of them winning,

Firstly we Have Daniel Bryan And in my point of view apart from Cody Rhodes And Slightly wade Barrett this is the only man in this entire chamber match who is capable of putting on a Good to very good match if i am honest i am begging to see Him retain and walk out as the champion because i don't think any of the other participants in this match are worthy of headlining a championship match at Wrestlemania, I think that Daniel Bryan will eliminate Wade Barrett last to Win the Match And retain his championship.

Secondly We have Cody Rhodes Who I like but simply put he is not a main event player he is a good in ring competitor but he is not world championship material just yet, I think he will start this match out with Daniel Bryan and have a good Showing, After the event i think that he will be involved in a angle with his brother Goldust for the Intercontinental championship Which in turn could give him a good rub

Thirdly We Have Wade Barrett and as much as i like Wade Barrett i just feel that as off recent he has dropped down a peg in the Card ever since he had his angle with orton he has done nothing and as of recent he hasn't won very many Matches on raw or Smackdown he has picked up repeated loses to Sheamus And the big show, Now as much as i would like Barrett to win i just know deep down that it would indeed not be the right decision, The only way i see something like this happening is if it is A Triple Treat or a Fatal 4 Way At Mania Between Sheamus Bryan Orton And Barrett, And I just don't see the WWE doing anything like that This Year, If He Does not win I can see him Continuing his Angle with Randy Orton At Wrestlemania where hopefully he can pick up a win and build back some momentum.

Fourthly We have the Big Show, Who recently has the shortest world Championship Regain of all time And also as off recent has had a good build up, But despite all That i do not believe that he will win because he is rumoured to be currently booked for a match with shaquille o'neal, So there forth i do not think he will win, I do not know how he will be eliminated I think that every one will hit their finishers on him,

Fifthly Is a recently Returning Superstar in The Great Khali, and i will be honest right here i would have much rather have seen an injured Mark Henry go out and compete in this match rather than this Giant Now Lets be honest here The Great Khali will other nothing good to this match at all, Lucky for everybody it is rumoured that he is not going to be around in the WWE for long so I don't think at all the Great Khali Has any Chance of walking out with the belt, He will properly be eliminated the same way as the Big Show.

And Finally The last competitor Is Santino Marrella, Now I will be the first to admit this makes me Sad and upset, I mean off all the guy on the Smackdown Roster Guys Like Hunico, Drew MacIntyre, Tyson Kid, They Pick this Joke Off a superstars i mean this guy for one cannot wrestle at all much like the Great Khali, And yet they put him in a big main event match like this over other deserving guys, But the more i think about it the more i realise that he will probably be taken out on the night and replaced by the hopefully returning Christian, I really hope that is why the WWE has done this if so this could make this Match Very Interesting,

So there you have the very lackluster Smackdown Elimination chamber now if i am honest i think there is only one clear winner in this match and that is Daniel Bryan, But as for the world heavyweight championship picture it seems very unpredictable at this point leading into Wrestlemania 28.

Well Guys I know It has been a long read but thanks for reading it please leave feed back And what you guys think on the things that will happen at this event, All in all i think it seems like a weak event just a month before the biggest event of the Year Wrestlemania

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  1. Mikkaelson's Avatar
    I'm not a big fan of Kane and I'm not a big fan of ambulance matches. However, I am intrigued by the Cena, Eve Torres and Zach Ryder 3 way love triangle. A story line that never fails. Think Hogan, Savage and Miss Elizabeth - Triple H, Angle and Stephanie McMahon to know this story line has potential to deliver the goods. And it could come at the Elimination Chamber.
  2. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Santino is going to compete for the World heavyweight Championship??????? WTF???? Like you I hope that this is just a reaction from the acid I did in '88. I wish they'd change the look of the belt because it was is and always will be the belt that Ric Flair made famous.
  3. LewisB89's Avatar
    #1 The thing is that all the angles you mentioned above all had very good wrestlers that could deliver in the ring and regardless of the angles the matches between most of them would have made up for it, But this angle will end after this PPV Because cena will angle will properly not continue, Unless they pick it up after mania, But who knows?
  4. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I stopped reading after I read the first sentence in your Dolph Ziggler paragraph. You just lost me at that point and reading the rest of this blog would be silly. Dolph being the best worker in the business? How on earth could you possibly even consider that statement with a straight face?

    The reason CM Punk's ratings are down, is because the WWE won't take John Cena out of the spotlight. If they ended Raw last week with a CM Punk/Jericho segment, then the ratings would be a different story.

    Weak Blog.

    Okay, I decided to read the rest of this, just to give you the benefit of the doubt.

    "Since he returned as he was coming back to reclaim what was his, Could that be a major championship I will let you decide that" Do you even watch wrestling on a regular basis? If you did, you would know that Jericho already made his intentions clear about claiming what is his and that's the title.

    I do agree with the fact that it's a weak event.
    Updated 02-18-2012 at 11:49 AM by DK Wrestling Savior (Additions)
  5. Kaisered's Avatar
    Wait so you think Santino cannot wrestle or he is as bad or worse as the Great Khali. The guy is an excellent worker and he is better in the mic than many people, o and by the way he is the 4th most over face in the WWE, other than randy cena and punk he is the one getting the huge pops when coming to the ring.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaisered
    Wait so you think Santino cannot wrestle or he is as bad or worse as the Great Khali. The guy is an excellent worker and he is better in the mic than many people, o and by the way he is the 4th most over face in the WWE, other than randy cena and punk he is the one getting the huge pops when coming to the ring.
    I think The Big Show and Zack Ryder are both more over than Santino. But not by much. However, when it came down to him and Otunga last night, the crowd was hype. Now that he won, his popularity might pass those two.
  7. Vondraco's Avatar
    A little difficult to read due to the poor English, but overall a pretty good post. I can agree with you on most of what you said, though I firmly disagree with you about Santino. I also disagree about the divas match; it's infinitely more interesting than another Kelly Kelly v Eve pillow fight. I would really like to see Tamina win, but I agree with you that they are setting up Kharma and Beth for WM28.
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