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Elimination Chamber: A Good PPV Before Wrestlemania???

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Hey wrestling fans and fanatics alike. The Savior here. PhEonYx gets credit for coming up with the new name. Many thanks to you and to my readers and your comments.

I know in my last blog I said I'd be done until after the weekend, but something has been running through my mind recently. And it was Predictability. And not so much storyline predictability, like that lame excuse of a trick TNA tried to pull with their Knockouts Battle Royal. *Note: If you didn't know Madison Rayne was gonna win that battle royal, you need to take a class on the basics of wrestling 101*

The Predicability I'm talking about is the premature planning for Wrestlemania spoiling everything that lies in between. I'll explain further. This year's Elimination Chamber is as predictable a PPV as it gets. For the most part, anyway. I'll give it to the WWE for not making it too evident what's going to happen with the World Heavyweight Championship, even though we know it won't be The Big Show, Great Khali, or Mark Henry winning. We know they're going to book either Barrett or Rhodes to face Sheamus for the title.

But Raw's EC match, is already written. It's been written since 7 weeks before the New Year with the Jericho videos. And even though the ball was dropped on his return, we still know that it's going to be Jericho vs CM Punk at Wrestlemania for the WWE title. Who's champ going into that match? Who cares? We have 6 weeks of mouthing off back and forth to look forward to afterwards, because we know what the match is going to be. *Note: If you still think there's a chance at Jericho vs Undertaker, please attend a class on wrestling basics 101. I'm begging you.*

Now of course, the WWE needs their money so they're going to do their PPV every month, like always. But one thing about The Elimination Chamber that really brings it such intrigue, is the unpredictability. An unpredictability that doesn't exist this year, because of only 3 possibilities. Sheamus vs Cody. (Unlikely) Sheamus vs Wade Barrett (Decent Chance). And Jericho vs Punk (Guaranteed). What else is left? There are no other possibilities left and for those who are fans of The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, The Big Show, now know that it's all a waste of time.

So how could this be fixed? Well, for starters, save The Elimination Chamber to precede SummerSlam instead of Wrestlemania. Or throw it in there somewhere in the fall where there's a gap between SummerSlam and Survivor Series. There's less unpredictability there. The WWE isn't signing special people for matches at these other events. They save that for Wrestlemania. So now, the door is open for everyone. Instead, they should use one of their other PPV's or bring back King of the Ring or something to precede Wrestlemania. End whatever feuds you want to end, build some future people up so there's a reason to showcase them at Wrestlemania in a capacity that's not just a filler match. And as far the titles go, have the champs in tag team matches. Simple fix.

*Example Scenarios* - CM Punk/ R-Truth vs Miz/Ziggler, Jericho as the special ref. Or CM Punk/Kofi Kingston vs Ziggler/Swagger. No title on the line. No using Miz, Ziggler, Kofi, and Truth as cheap fillers.

Another thing the WWE can do is STOP BEING GREEDY. You're already going to charge $60 for Wrestlemania. $75 or $80 if you want it in HD. There's already a good chance that you're going to break the buy-rate record of 1.25 million. An even better chance is Shaq is definitely signed, sealed, and delivered. Let us wrestling fans have February and March. Throw in a Saturday Night's Main Event somewhere in the middle of this so it's not just 8 Raws and 8 Smackdowns before Wrestlemania.

In closing, I just want to reiterate that The Elimination Chamber works best when there's unpredictability. Would it be the worst thing if The Great Khali won the title in EC if it was in September? Or what about Mark Henry? Or The Big Show? Hell, you give joke title reigns out to guys like Alberto Del Rio and Christian like it's candy on Halloween. If it doesn't threaten the integrity of your biggest PPV showcases, then it doesn't do as much harm. But when it's all too predictable, like this year, I think it takes all relevance away from it.

So wrestling fans, ask yourself this. Are you even looking forward to Elimination Chamber this year? You already know the results.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy the Elimination Chamber and I'm sure we'll have plenty to discuss next week. Be Safe.

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  1. Tall's Avatar
    I have a few predictions.

    John Cena will beat The Rock. That will be his transition into a heel. Beating up Ryder will give him some heat but cheating to beat The Rock at WrestleMania, in his solo comeback match, in his hometown would give Cena major heat.

    Also I don't know if Punk or Jericho will win at EC. The match is destined so I wouldn't be surprised if for example Punk eliminated Jericho, Jericho attacked Punk and Ziggler pinned Punk. It's happened before. Therefore Jericho would get more heat and the match will have more meaning having cost Punk the title. Also it means Ziggler has the chance to face Sheamus at WM, perhaps that's why the WWE is making Sheamus wait until after?
  2. bearsfantildeath's Avatar
    i think its a horrible idea to have a feb ppv anyway. have the rr and build 8 weeks towards the biggest event of the year, have a 3 hr raw in between to settle little fueds but keep main events in focus
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    I guess ziggler wins the Raw EC match with the interference of Jericho...thus Ziggler vs Sheamus..

    DB will win the Smackdown match n goes to Wrestlemania...

    Cody will defend his IC championship at wrestlemania...

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