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Fix WWE: Manage Titles, Tag Team, Diva Division & More!

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For the lazy/Digest Version:
Restore prestige to the mid level titles by defending them against and having them ocassionally held by upper card opponents.
2. Resurrect the nearly dead tag team division by recruiting and developing wrestlers that are already part of a team.
3. Create stables that are well, stable! The best stables ever have lasted for years with various incarnations. Don't be afraid to re-invent a group, instead fear the "super group".
4. The divas division is shown no respect and it's going to be at least a year before it's "fixed" even partially. Fixing is part Kharma, Phoenix, Nattie, and Tamina and part not being buried when they get airtime.
5. Vince has to accept that he needs to give up some control in order for his company to flourish and grow to its full potential once again.


1. Managing Titles
Somewhere along the way, WWE has forgotten how to bring prestige to their titles and there's definitely no quick fix to this issue. Though there are a few steps which they could take in bringing more prestige to the belts.

One of the first steps which they needed to do and have been on for some time now, is that straps were changing hands on an average bi-monthly basis not too long ago. The major problem was having Cena and Orton in the title picture, which has been completely rectified at this point. We have some long-reigning title holders now like Cody Rhodes and that's good. Mark Henry's run with the World Heavyweight Championship was also terrific, I honestly thought at one point they might let him run with the title up through mania. (Kind of wish they had as it would've made a defense (against Sheamus?) that much better.)

That said, they've definitely made progress, but there's one thing which they need to go after that has historically never been done. The top guys in the company like Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Barret, etc. need to not completely ignore the IC and US titles. These guys all put on what are definitely decent matches and have each earned their place, BUT (and it's a big one) if they are in the title scene for the "lesser" titles.

Bottom Line: It simply makes the titles worth more when they're defended against or held by some of the truly killer talent. While they will never have the prestige of the top tier, these titles need to be presented as being worth more as honestly, few casual fans can name the current US Championship holder. Even fewer can name the current tag champs, which brings me to...

2. Putting the Team Back In Tag
It seems like every tag team these days is set-up to fail and there are too few actual tag teams to support having tag team belts. Don't get me wrong, there is one REAL tag team that isn't a matching of two talents they had no other real use for in The Usos, but the last real team was the Hart Dynasty which they ripped the Bull Pup out of faster than the Screwjob hit Bret. (The last before they came on the scene was Cryme Tyme and that fell apart because of Shad. -- When I first saw them, I thought in terms of seeing a young Harlem Heat and it's a shame we lost that.)

The problem which WWE is facing here is that there is only one or two real tag teams (IE: guys that come in as a team) in their company at a time. That's the real reason that the tag team division is failing. Instead of looking at this point for singles competitors, they should be looking for more tag teams to recruit in order to breathe new life into the division.

3. The UnStables
Secondary symptom hurting the tag division: WWE doesn't have something which made things exciting throughout the olden days... stable stables.

Now-a-days you get stables like (New) Nexus, The Corre, SES, Evolution, Legacy, etc. that exist for a whole of 6 months to a year before vanishing off the face of the planet. This eliminates the ability for legitimate tag teams to form out of the stables such as DX's HBK/HHH or even New Age Outlaws.

When was the last time a stable even lasted as long as DX or hell even The Nation of Domination?

The major problem WWE has with stables is that they tend to make their current stables top-heavy by buying too much into the "super group" concept. Groups like the legendary ones mentioned above, The Four Horsemen, and hell even the nWo all had one thing in common: They had more than one incarnation and in many of the instances outside of the nWo and later DX, the groups never exceeded four members.

The secret to forming a good stable is like the secret to making a good burger. You need one, maybe two main ingredients, and some spices. When you can't use one spice, you try another that seems to make sense in that role. The primary thing is that you need to be willing and able to substitute beef for lamb when need be in that main role to keep the whole dish from falling apart.

So instead of having the unstables, we have absolutely no stables aside from maybe Vickie's boys. Though I definitely saw annoyance from Dolph last week and absolutely see him breaking away from her by the time Mania rolls around.

4. The Dreadful Diva's Division
Most of these women shouldn't be out there to begin with. A gymnast or dancer does not a wrestler make and beyond that WWE is whipping some of them out of developmental too soon. There are simply too many squash matches and too much detachment from main or even secondary storylines to matter.

I see hope in the future for the divas division, but that isn't for another year down the road at the very least. We need more who actually belong there like Beth Phoenix, Nattie Neidheart, Tamina, and Kharma/Awesome Kong. Though I will give some props to Eve Torres as she's definitely been improving with time and some are comparing to an early Stratus. The pieces are there, now all they have to do is work them.

The others I haven't mentioned such as the Bella Twins and AJ should seriously be left to being valets or something. AJ has fallen into that role and it keeps seeming like they're pushing the Bellas there, but not quite.

5. Vinny Mac
The single biggest sin that the 'E is guilty of comitting is they start storylines that are absolutely terrific, only to drop them off cold in a month or less. There's really no way to fix this, other than Vince not being able to make creative changes when there's less than a week before the show goes on. Even better is to give his input as to the direction he wants things to go, and let the writers do their job and take care of the details of making it happen.

Vince is also much of the reason Cole ends up saying a lot of stupid or completely unrelated stuff. As a lot of fans have pointed out, Cole will talk about totally unrelated stuff during the divas matches. I fully believe between knowing Vince's supposed history with divas and knowing he's in Cole's ear the entire show... Vince has no respect for the divas division and it can't truly succeed until he has taken a back seat.

In fact, the company as a whole seems to be suffering as Vince seemingly tries to defy the facts by trying to constantly re-establish who is in control of the company. The truth is, Vince was a great leader for the company. He grew the brand into something terrific I don't think his father could have ever imagined it becoming. Though he is getting on in years and like his father before him, it's absolutely coming time to pass that torch to Paul/HHH.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. UltimateOpportunist's Avatar
    Great Blog, I agree with Vince needing to take a backseat so that the fresher minds can do the work, and One good stable that I believe could be built after mania would be a return of the corporation! With Johnny Ace, David Otunga, Dolphin, cody rhodes and Ted Dibiase. While non of them are THE main event YET they could Push these young guns while being dominant! But generally you got the right idea on how to fix this company.
  2. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    aj can wrestle u just never seen her work in indy scene
  3. lucky7pointman's Avatar
    vince dont do all the work it the creative team doing the work all vince do it give the ok
  4. Austinfan's Avatar
    all of this is good stuff....

    It's just that WWE is not really concerned about things like that, they are more concerned with doing things outside of wrestling such as launching a network/Selling merchandise/youtube videos/Selling theme music they really don't care if the product stinks, why would they? They make money no matter what and there is no competition to take them on and make them actually produce quality television.. yet...
  5. xAzureSkye's Avatar
    lol at AJ being a valet, you clearly haven't watched AJ vs Naomi or AJ vs Serena
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    Vince needs to step down, but not to Trips, Trips has done terrible things to the WWE: Sheamus winning the Rumble, Sin Cara, and his CM Punk feud that went nowhere fast.

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