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My tips for WWE storylines and gimmicks...

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First rule of wrestling and building a star, its so much easier to build up a face then it is a heel! With that said...

Lets start with the big one, John Cena! You have got to turn him heel and you're doing a good job building things after the lip lock with him and Eve but please don't drop the ball! Have Eve and Cena end up becoming a on screen couple, kind of like Macho Man and Sherri was! Cena goes back to not giving a damn about anyone while Eve is just the bitch you love to hate and is always at his side. When the ref's has his back turned, Eve is smacking whomever Cena is fighting or something like that... also have her do the not so lady like things too to get people's attention which a face can use to get major pop from the fans (watch Royal Rumble 1991's Warrior and Sherri interview for a idea of what I mean). Don't have Cena go back to the rapping, but have him return to that attitude with Eve.

As for Ryder, you can make him such a bigger face with the whole Eve/Cena storyline. Have he come back still hurt and face Kane at Wrestlemania and upset Kane... (kinda of a Rocky vs. Drago build up, no way in the world do you believe Ryder can stand a chance but he has everything to lose.) After Wrestlemania, have Vicki G. try to recruit him into her stable and of course he turns her down but then the next week have him start to chase Kelly Kelly (or do something new and have Kelly start to chase him, but he's guarded from previous experience so the storyline drags out more). Vicki of course hates this and starts taking her frustration out on Kelly to get to Zach. This feud builds up to Zach winning the US Title back, but then have a match with Zach/Kelly vs. Swagger/Vicki with the losing diva having to quit the WWE. You have Swagger and Vicki win and this form into if Zach will join Vicki against his will, Kelly Kelly can return but Vicki plays the part of puppet master which builds up to a match between Swagger and Ryder to end the feud where Zach puts the US title on the line against Kelly Kelly's contract which Zach wins. You then leave Kelly Kelly as his valet, and make them kind of the Macho Man and Elizabeth without the jealous behavior that Macho had! Also, have Zach grow up a little bit in how he acts. He can still have his catch phrases and such but just act more mature.

I would have Jericho win the title from Punk and end their feud after Wrestlemania. With Jericho as champion, have him be a heel but he starts going after people who he feels has copied him but play off his old lionheart gimmick a little bit from WCW. Doing things that obviously imitate him drive him crazy! He can do things to try and make whomever he is feuding with look stupid (kind of like the fat body guard he had in WCW making fun of Goldberg and his security.) Do it right, and he's a heel getting great heat but you tune in every week to see what he's going to do because his segments are so damn funny because you wanna see who is going to be the ass of his jokes.

I did read a idea on here about The Miz that I loved. You really need to turn him face! We have never seen that in years of him in WWE. You can work with his catch phrases to keep them still playing off the crowd. He can easily go back to how he was during the Dirt Sheet days, which was funny as hell by the way! He could be the type of character that always manipulate the heels into doing things they wouldn't normally do, much to the crowd's enjoyment! Also have him pull the Stone Cold type deal, play off the crowd's opinion but do it a bit different way! Stone Cold would always do the Hell Yeah thing, have Miz bring up a great idea, of course present it to the crowd and as they are cheering, he could start going "really" like he does over and over to try and get them to be louder (like a singer does for a band in concert.) Then the idea I read on here that I really liked, whenever he finally gets the crowd loud enough, always finish with the phrase "That would be awesome!" I do not remember who had that idea, but thats a great one!

Dolph Ziggler has a good gimmick but play to the crowd more with him. He loves to show off, so start having him pull people from the crowd into the ring (like the Million Dollar Man) use to do, and have contest with them! Who can do the most push ups, sit ups... whatever, you get the idea! This easily leads into him making open challenges to anyone that wrestlers answer. He also could place wagers on things, being such a show off and when he loses, he has to find a way to get out of the wager.

Cody Rhodes needs to be more of a Rick Rude type of character. He plays the part of dashing, always telling the guys all of the girls in the building want him but always running the girls down like they are not on his level and such. For someone with great in ring ability but kinda middle of the road on the mic, picking at the people themselves is such a great way to get heat! You could even have someone like the Bella's become his valets and each week he uses them to show what a beautiful woman is suppose to look like while running down the women wherever they are and have them act toward him like Elizabeth did with Luger toward the end of WCW. They always help him take his vest and stuff off, giving him massages in the corner, etc...

I personally believe Jinder Mahel is a gold mine! Give him the classic anti America gimmick! Every time he comes out, he runs down everything thats American but pushing his religious beliefs, but not in a preaching way but more in his way of life and his moral code makes him better then us! Easiest way to ever get heat in this country! In Canada or United Kingdom, have him ride them like they are trying to be America. Lead all of this up to him becoming US Champ, and every night talking about how he is disgusted to be the champion of this country and spit on the title and stuff but he only keeps it because he knows it disgusts Americans more that he is the champion. Biggest key to him though, he is a heel but he always wins clean. He doesn't have to cheat, he beats people clean which plays into his moral code, his beliefs make him better then us.

Randy Orton needs to be a heel again but no so straight forward. Think Michael Myers with him, he always keeps coming and its not just to beat you but destroy you! Make the punk a big deal again but he never speaks, but always looking to hurt people. No one is safe around him, men or women. The title doesn't seem to be a huge deal to him but of course he is always using it as bait to get people close enough to enough so he can attack them.

Ted Dibiase needs to work on this common man gimmick more and more. Have his wrestle in blue jeans, like DDP use to! He always plays to the crowd, leaving and entering through the crowd like DDP did. He has more heart then anyone, it takes so much more then normal to keep him down. Build him to be the idea of the hard working American who never gives up no matter how hard times get. People love someone like that who takes absolutely nothing from no one!

CM Punk is connecting to the crowd so much right now, just keep letting him do his thing and saying what everybody is thinking.

Kane can stay as this big dark evil character that manipulates people for fun.

Christian returns to the entertainer he was when he was with Edge, even doing the poses again but he is the ultimate underdog.

Have Del Rio become a modern day Million Dollar Man but have him do it more American's will do anything for money and have him push the limits a lot more (like attitude era stuff.)

Big Show needs to go back to being the gentle giant that always plays off to the kids and push him! Let him carry the title some! Have him pick up kids and put on his shoulders and stuff celebrating!

Mark Henry needs to the whole hall of pain but make him a face. He goes after people but the more the crowd cheers, then more he does! Like if he puts someone through a table and the crowd cheers, he plays off them like he can do better and does something more like throw them off the stage.

Sheamus is doing great right now, would suggest having people use the anger issues you're developing with him more and more against him, like matches where he is the champion and if he gets DQ he loses the belt.

I like Daniel Bryan as this I'll do anything to keep my title, and when he isn't the champion, he will do anything to regain it but drop the stupid vegan remarks that make no sense at all. Don't try to make him out like he's better then everyone, just that he's willing to do the dirty rule breaking things to win but go to another extreme where people have to do things to try and force him into a corner, where he cannot find a way to wiesel out of things.

R Truth needs to keep playing this gimmick where he is crazy but sometimes have him do things that make you wonder if he is crazy or not. Have him come into the ring to start a match but have him start arguing with little Jimmy as soon as the match starts, freaking out his opponent. Have it go so far that he grabs a mic and starts to argue with Little Jimmy and lures his opponent in somehow during the argument and when there guard is down, he attacks them out of no where to get the upper hand from the get go. This could make for some of the funniest moments on TV right now!

But the biggest thing they need to do is bring the members of the Kliq that are still in condition to be on TV (Triple H, Shawn and Nash) and have them run things! Triple H of course is the boss man, what he says goes but have him bring Shawn in to be the RAW GM while Nash runs Smackdown and let them be funny!!! Quit with all the seriousness on wrestling these days!

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  1. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I would love to see all of these, plus Hunico and Camacho to become the next Cryme Tyme/Los Guerreros.

    Also start making Kingston more aggressive. I'm not saying turn him heel, buts he's too freindly and happy all the time, they need to make him more like when he was feuding with Orton in 2009. Kofi trashing Randy's car was one of the best moments of that year.
  2. 68wPayne's Avatar
    I can agree with most of these. Not so much the DiBiasi wrestling in jeans thing, I always thought that was kinda dumb, but I like him being more of an everyman. He has kinda started doing that with the DiBiasi Posse Party thing. I think by having him saying that he isn't some rich guy, he's just a good ol' boy from Mississippi would have him connect and get him to the point where he is a great IC or US champ. I also think that the Daniel Bryan vegan comments is basically him just copying the CM Punk "I'm straight edge and I'm better than you" kinda gimmick.
  3. mikeslone88's Avatar
    I did leave out one thing, Hunico, Camacho, Primo and Epico would be cool as a latino street gang group, I was thinking you could call them Juarez. They could use the freebird rule with the tag team titles and always be out to do anything to make a dollar and anyone who crossed them would have a huge target on there back.

    Also, have Michael McGillicutty come out and do this big promo about how WWE never respected his father and never gave him the push he deserved because of backstage politics and then have him go by his real name, Joe Hennig! Then make him this Magnum TA type character that doesn't give a damn, speaks his mind and stands up to anyone and everyone.

    And make Kofi, in my opinion, this raggee type that appears on screen to be nothing but a typically Jamican who loves to smoke weed, and always in a good mood but always have him talk like he's blowed away. He's just the super nice guy who just wants to have a good time with everybody and no body can piss him off.
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