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$hazBlog: WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

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What's up guys, Shaz11 here with my predictions for the WWE Elimination Chamber

May Contain Spoilers!!!

1. Beth Phoenix (c) vs Tamina - Divas Champion match
Hopefully this match gets a good 10-15 minutes, these divas can actually wrestle. So Tamina is finally getting a push! HELL YEAH! Obviously Beth is gonna win this, I think Kharma will come out after the match maybe attacking Beth or just standing on the ramp.
Who I think will win: Beth Phoenix
Who should win: Beth Phoenix

2. Epico and Primo (c) vs Uso Brothers - Tag Team Champion match
This will be a card filler, it hasn't been announced yet but I can see it happening. Epico and Primo for the win!
Who I think will win: Epico and Primo
Who should win: Epico and Primo

3. Jack Swagger (c) vs Sheamus - Non title
I think they'll be a segment with Swagger getting all cocky and Sheamus walks in and then Teddy Long says that Swagger has just earned himself a match with Sheamus, another card filler. Sheamus is on the poster of EC and he ain't in a big match, wierd much?
Who I think will win: Sheamus
Who should win: Sheamus

4. Kane vs John Cena - Ambulance match
I honestly don't think Cena will 'embrace the hate' he will remain super. Good buildup to this match to be honest. I looked at a thread to see Cena helping out with charity and shiz. It's a shame that people are booing him. This match was to give Cena some challenge before he faces The Rock, so I can see him coming out on top.
Who I think will win: John Cena
Who should win: John Cena

5. Daniel Bryan (c) vs Khali vs Big Show vs Santino Marella vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes - Smackdown Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Champion
Can't wait for this match it's gonna be the shiz. D-Bry's definately gonna win. I'm not sure if Randy Orton's injury is kayfabe or not. I think Santino will enter as the 6th man, to give D-Bry the easy win. I think we'll see a Big Show heel turn as well to start the feud with Shaquille O'Neal.

Big Show - Eliminated by Khali
Khali - Eliminated by Big Show via KO (Show turns heel after knocking out Khali cause he got eliminated)
Wade Barrett - Eliminated by Big Show
Cody Rhodes - Eliminated by Big Show
Daniel Bryan - WINNER
Santino Marella - Eliminated by Daniel Bryan

Who I think will win: Daniel Bryan
Who should win: Daniel Bryan

6. Cm Punk (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho vs The Miz vs R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler - Raw Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Champion
The main event of the night. Kofi being in the Chamber is shocking, but I can't wait to see what other stuff he does, after that handstand he's bound to shock us with another skill. I think Jericho will get the win, which gives Punk an excuse to challenge Jericho at WM 28.

Cm Punk - Eliminated by Chris Jericho
Kofi Kingston - Eliminated by Cm Punk
Chris Jericho - WINNER
The Miz - Eliminated by R-Truth
R-Truth - Eliminated by Chris Jericho
Dolph Ziggler - Eliminated by Cm Punk

Who I think will win: Chris Jericho

Who should win: Chris Jericho

I'm bit busy at the moment so I though I'd post my predictions early. I'm off for now, catch ya later!

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  1. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    Why on earth would they turn Big Show heel? You really think they need ANOTHER heel turn by a top contender?
  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    @TheWonderKid - Are you smoking the wrong Marijuana? Read properly next time I clearly wrote 'I think we'll see a Big Show heel turn as well to start the feud with Shaquille O'Neal'. So it's to start the feud with Shaq!
  3. TheWonderKid's Avatar
    Right, I read the blog. That's still dumb in my opinion. Unless you're gonna turn him face right after 'Mania...which would be dumb. I dunno, maybe they turn Mark Henry face or something.

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