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An alternate storyline for Undertakers streak

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This is just an alternative storyline for Undertakers streak this year but I fully expect them to do Undertaker vs Triple H (3) and so far I like how the storylines been going.

The Raw after elimination chamber Triple H comes out and wants Shawn Michaels to apologise for calling him a coward. Michaels comes out and refuses to apologise, He says he knows Triple H can beat the streak and as they say third time lucky. Shawn says that their era can live on through the legacy of HHH beating the streak. Shawn says HHH at least in his eyes is a changed man but not in a good way. He says HHH needs to man up and finally accept takers challenge. HHH turns around and pedigrees Michaels before walking out.

The next raw Shawn comes out and wants HHH to explain his actions, HHH says that Shawn running his mouth was wasting valuable air time for the future of wwe and in the future Shawn will understand that it was a good business move. Shawn says Triple H is all business now just like his father in law, what happened to Dx? HHH says Dx was a long time ago and that he's grown up since then. Shawn says that he wants the fun Triple H back, the one who wasn't all serious and cowardly.
'Dong Dong'
Undertaker comes out and says he still wants his vengeance and he wants it at Wrestlemania 28. He says he doesn't often issue challenges but he needs to prove to himself he can walk out under his own power. HHH says he stands by his previous statement in that he will not be facing the undertaker at Wm 28, so taker will need to find himself another opponent. Shawn says HHH needs some sense knocked into him because he doesn't want a coward as his best friend. HHH says that Shawn couldn't end the streak but he can but just doesn't want to out of respect. But since Shawn returned a few weeks ago he hasn't respected HHH at all and Shawn needs to be taught a lesson, he challenges Michaels for one final match, Shawn looks to Taker who simply nods. Shawn hits sweet chin music on triple H and says I accept. This sets up Shawn Michaels vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 28.

Later that same night Christian returns and cuts a promo. He says that whilst he was injured he had lots of time to think. He says he's accomplished a lot in this business, he's been ECW champion, a tag team champion, a world champion etc. And he would of won the royal rumble had he not been injured. But because Sheamus won it he gets the title shot vs _______ at Wrestlemania.
This leaves him with nothing to do. He could compete and win money in the bank but as he already said he's been a world champion. This left him thinking, what hasn't he done in the wwe? And then it came to him, he hasn't ever had the chance to break Undertakers streak. He says both him and Undertaker are actually quite similar. They're both veterans of the sport, they've both been in a tag team with their brother and they've both spent more time on Smackdown then Raw just to name a few similarities. He says no one believed he'd ever be a world champion yet he accomplished that goal a while back. Before he was injured his saying was one more match but now he's changed it to one match because that's all the time he'll need to end the Undertakers streak.

The following raw Undertaker says that he accepts Christians challenge and Christian will rest in peace.

At Wrestlemania Michaels defeats HHH and the Undertaker defeats Christian to go 20-0.

I know that HHH vs Shawn Michaels isn't very likely to happen but I think Christian vs Undertaker has a chance provided Christian doesn't return until after the elimination chamber. However, I think its more likely that Christian will compete and win the Money in the bank ladder match.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading the comments.

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Updated 02-15-2012 at 05:46 PM by Callum

Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    No. Russo booking again. Sorry dude. Well written though
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Interesting idea, but I don't think there's a chance at it. I actually do not like how they're building this HHH/Undertaker thing. And I do think HBK needs to be a major part of it.

    Also, I don't think HBK and HHH will have a segment like that at a PPV.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    hmm its most unlikely to happen...I feel like they bring some how Kane into the eq:n with HBK/HHH/UT...but, ur idea is drops of elixir for me...a Christian Mark though..:d

    Christian n come out and say...all the thing what u have mentioned..also add one more thing..."when E&C broke out...WWE treated unfairly with me..n allowed Edge to have his glory...every where ppl say Edge is better than me but actually it aint...I was always the best talker n best in ring...but, never got the its clear that at this point of my career I cannot become a 10time World champion to nullify Edge...he can do one thing which neither edge nor any man live or dead on the planet has ever did...that is defeating Undertaker at Wrestlemania"///UT will not accept initially...but, Xtian with few promos n cunning tactics..make UT angry n finally UT agrees to it....n we'll have a gr8 match @Wrestlemania..
  4. madnonsense's Avatar
    Christian will never EVER get out a 3 count from a first tombstone piledriver. Undertaker needs to face a wrestler who can withstand 2-3 tombstone piledriver finishers.

    Great blog, but I don't think it will going to happen.
  5. Green Kush's Avatar
    this is a HORRIBLE idea... it's so stupid

    i just registered to say how stupid this idea is

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