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Best Ways to Turn Face and Heel....and Those who Need It

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Hey fans of the squared circle, DK Wrestling Savior here with another interesting topic. This is one that I feel is out of the realm of the usual, just like my blogs about the fans.

The list is interesting and I'm going to do what I can to not be so obvious with my list. I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to add fuel to the already sky high flames of the fire with the John Cena heel turn talk. Instead, I'm looking into the future. Guys who are starting to get a little repetitive and need something fresh and new to kick start them in the right direction.

First I'm going to start with the top 5 best ways to turn either way. I'll count them down from easiest to most difficult, from five to one.

Heel Turns

5. Insult the Crowd - Obviously the Easiest

4.. Attack a top face - A great way to draw big time heat

3. Gloat About Yourself - Popular after a title is won

2. Cheat to win a match - Always a definitive action, especially if your a face

1. Turn on your Tag Partner - Works mostly if your a face tag team

Face turns are a little trickier.

Face Turns

5. Come to the Aid of a top face - An easy choice. Help Cena = Get Cheers

4. Fight Back - Popular when a tag partner is yelling at you constantly.

3. Involve the Crowd - Fan fare rules. Give them sunglasses and hand slaps.

2. Cut the Promo - Something the crowd can respond to or yell with you.

1. Show Guts - The Stone Cold approach. The crowd will warm up to you.

There you go. Those are the top five most popular ways, without a ton of detail. Now I have a list of wrestlers that I think need a turn one way or the other, and I'll also list how they can do it where it'll make sense for them. Who knows, some of these turns can kick start a career or drag one out of the mud it's currently in.

Drew Mcintyre - FACE TURN

Drew Mcintyre is someone who has the look, and build of a future star in the company, very similarly to Wade Barrett. Difference is, Drew was never pushed against top faces and hence, was unable to draw legit heat. Now he's buried. He needs a face turn. The best way they can do this for him, is have him save Santino from getting beat up by Hunico and Camacho or something along those lines. Aligning himself with Santino makes sense because every segment seems to involve the both of them at some point on Smackdown each week. And while Santino and Drew would be just as much a joke as Santino and Vlad Kozlov, it would help get Drew in the right direction, if nothing else.


The "Most Must See" blah blah has gotten so stale. All the heel promos of everything he accomplished last year. He's basically relegated to being a filler in an Elimination Chamber match where he will play hardly any part. I feel the WWE dropped the ball on this one. The Miz had a great showing in the Royal Rumble and instead of aligning him with Cody Rhodes for most of the match, they could have let him gain respect and pops by having him make legit eliminations and portraying him as showing tons of heart and guts in the rumble. Instead, he's buried and needs a face turn badly. He can keep the "Awesome" thing going and really feed from the crowd. How can they turn him face now? I think they can kill the R Truth feud and work him in as a hard fighting, leaving it all on the table type of guy. The fans will warm up to him little by little...and instead of saying, "I'm Awesome", he can cut face type promos and say things like, "That would be...Aaaaawesome". Or something like that.

Alex Riley - HEEL TURN

Riley was a pansy as the Miz's lap dog. He turned face, beat the Miz a few times, then on to the burial grounds. I don't know why or what happened with him, but he's young and has a bright future ahead of him. They should push him to challenge for IC or US Titles and if they have him win, have him do it by cheating. Instant heeling. But he's stuck in a rut right now, just like Miz and Drew. He needs a fire set under him and a heel turn would do him good.


The more I've been watching this Kane/Cena/Eve/Ryder thing, the more it reminded me of Kane w/ Matt Hardy and Lita. And while the kiss moment between Eve and Cena tonight has probably gained her boos for the foreseeable future, I figure a heel turn and joining with Kane would be a good way to go. Maybe she can screw Cena over at EC. He saves her, she kisses him, he tries to avoid it, she knees him below the belt. Kane with a chokeslam into the ambulance, the rest is history. The Divas really lack a division these days and she could be a heel valet for Kane.

Well there we have it. I could go on and on about a potential John Cena heel turn or what not, but I decided to focus on those least talked about. Guys who, in 2012, should really step forward and start moving in the right direction. The Miz was already there in the main event and he can get there again. The rest need to start getting themselves noticed again or else idiots like Funkasaurus are gonna get all the screen time and they'll stuck in Superstars matches.

Thanks for reading. If you have other ideas for heel turns, face turns, or wrestlers who should turn, I'd love to hear them. Enjoy your week everyone.

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  1. bearkg88's Avatar
    Good blog bro as usual. I also agree with the four superstars you picked for turns, especially Riley and Eve. As for Drew, if they are going to push him like it seems they will, he needs to turn face for sure otherwise the push won't do much for him
  2. The Piper's Avatar
  3. Royce's Avatar
    I was thinking about Eve turning heel with kane today. I think it will work well and give kane even more to feud with ryder over for wrestlemania. Keep up the good blogs... always looking forward to the next one.
  4. RatedATB's Avatar
    Great blog and I agree with everything except the Eve turn. I'd much rather see Kelly as the heel valet, considering she sucks in the ring, and she has that screech that could piss anyone off, much like Vickie, and could do pretty good managing a team, maybe even helping a team like Hawkins/Reks get over.
  5. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    the Drew and Santino tag team looks like the direction the WWE will go in my opinion.

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