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WWE: A Better Booking for the Undisputed Championship

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Note: This booking starts off replacing the Raw episode before the Elimination Chamber.

Raw starts out tonight with a lot of hype surrounding HBK's return. In the mix of all that excitement is the continued building fued of CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. The show starts off with John Laurinaitis coming out cutting his usual style of promos regarding still being the interm(is it still interm?) GM of Raw and still being the VP of Talent Relations. He basically says that he's learned his lesson, and promises not to make the same mistakes to get personally involved in matters. He will be a completely unbiased GM, and will do his best to make every member of the WWE Universe proud. Cue in Punk's music...

Punk comes out and says no one and their mothers is buying into his crap. In that he doesn't even want to know what John had to do to keep his job. The fact still remains though that no one and their mothers wants you here in the arena, and no one and their mothers wants you on their televison screen. John smiles and says something along the lines of that he is sorry that he feels that way. That out of everyone he was going to apologize to he was going to be the first. He extends his hand and says sorry for all the trouble, and he hopes that through proper communication that the two of them can work well together.

John continues his ass-kissing by stating that Punk is the WWE Champion, and that both of them should be working together to give the best possible show for the WWE Universe. John takes out his phone, and offers Punk to be in his important group contact list in case either of them ever wants to communicate with one another concerning anything WWE related. Punk looks at him like he's an idiot, and John continues by saying he could even be someone to come to if ever needs to talk about anything other than WWE. John asks do you miss your family and friends back home? Maybe you can talk to me about it, I want to be a hands on boss. Punk gets close to him and says yeah he has something personal he would like to discuss. It's something thats been bothering him for a long time, why do you continue to be an absolute waste of everyone's time? Do you try, or do you just suck naturally? You can take your group contact list and bury it with the rest of your joke of a career. Punk raises the WWE Belt and leaves with his music playing. John starts texting on his phone.

Later that night Jericho and John have a odd backstage promo regarding him being the last entrant in the Elimination Chamber, it seems that Jericho is trying to disuss a sort of plan with him.

As the night rolls on they do that Chamber debate. During that segment Jericho holds no punches, and continues to verbally bury everyone in the match. Afterwards there are several other odd backstage promos, but they include the Miz approaching R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, and Dolph Ziggler(with Vickie of course) separtely.

Elimination Chamber PPV starts off with fireworks and all that good stuff. The Chamber starts winding itself down, it seems that we are going to open the show with a Chamber match, but which one? Camera is backstage showing CM Punk walking in his casual attire and rolling his luggage around. John approaches him and says what are you doing? Punk both confused and annoyed askes what are you talking about? John says that he took a poll last night on asking the WWE Universe what match they would like to see the most. John continues by explaining that his match had the most votes, and John is just giving what the WWE Universe wants. Something of course Punk has told him before he was incapable of doing. Punk upset explains how can this situation be fair without telling him he would open the show. John says he emailed everyone on his contact list, and doesn't understand why Punk didn't get it......oh thats right Punk refused to be on it. John smiles and Punk storms to his lockerroom to get ready. Jericho appears shortly afterwards giving out some indication that it was Jericho's idea.

The Raw Chamber match starts and to the displeasure of Jericho, all the entrants of the Chamber match are still in the match by the time Jericho escapes his pod(by him being the last entrant). As soon as Jericho enters the ring BAM gets hit by the Trouble in Paradise. As well gets jumped by Miz, Kofi, Truth, and Dolph, with them all hitting their finishers on him. Punk doesn't get involved Jericho is the surpirsing first person eliminated, and Jericho throws a fit before leaving. Punk wins the match and celebrates.

Later Jericho goes up to John and asks what the hell was that? John explains that it seems Miz got most of the particpants involved in the plan to take him out. Jericho fuming says that he has to do something to fix this. John says he will see what he can do.

The main event of the night is the Smackdown Chamber(although after knowing who's in it, that would seriously be painful, but bear with me). As Santino comes out, John comes out and explains that he has decided, since Santino is a Raw superstar that he will replace him with a better Raw superstar. Jericho comes out and locks himself inside the pod. Long story short Jericho wins the World Championship.

The following night Punk and Jericho have an excellent verbal exhange with one another, only to be interruped by Sheamus the Rumble winner. Long story short again situation arises where both belts are on the line in a Triple Threat Match. As far as who wins it doesn't matter to me, becuase it will be a good thing for either of these 3 men to win. Most likely Sheamus since HHH loves him for some reason. This way they can have a Triple Threat Ladder match in Chicago at Extreme Rules, and have Punk and Jericho be too involved with each other to win that match. This allows Sheamus to actually have a run while Jericho and Punk finally start their one on one rivarly.

Let me know what you think, I know its probably not perfect. But honestly they need to have one world champion already.

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Thoughts and Opinions


  1. Halfbaht's Avatar
    agree there should only be one champ, but this wont happen
  2. 01crusea's Avatar
    It isn't still interm because it never was interm – it's interim. Also, CM Punk complaining that something isn't fair wouldn't fit with his character. But I sort of like the idea. Shame Edge did what you think Jericho should do a couple of years ago, eh?
  3. Descendant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 01crusea
    It isn't still interm because it never was interm – it's interim. Also, CM Punk complaining that something isn't fair wouldn't fit with his character. But I sort of like the idea. Shame Edge did what you think Jericho should do a couple of years ago, eh?
    Interim or Interm whatever you know what I meant lol. Secondly I wasn't trying to make it seem that Punk was complaining, just ask something along the lines of that. Also Edge took out Kofi and locked himself in it, John the "Interim" GM would have made it a lot more official and believable if he would just come out and say that he is making a change.

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