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WWE: Booking The Unification Of The World Titles

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First off I don't want the titles to be unified because then there would be less chances for guys like Christian, Barrett, Rhodes etc.
You may now be wondering why I'm writing this blog, It's because I've seen people on Ewn who want the titles unified and I started thinking if the titles were to be unified how would I want the unification to come about.

At Wrestlemania Bryan defeats Sheamus to retain the World heavyweight championship . The following Smackdown Sheamus cuts a promo, he states that Bryan got lucky and he wants a rematch right now. Bryan comes out and says he's already proved he's better than Sheamus and he doesn't want to waste his time beating him again. Barrett comes out and labels him a disgrace to the Uk and says that it's his turn for a title shot. Just as Sheamus is about to respond, Bryan attacks him from behind. Barrett and Bryan beat down on Sheamus until William Regal runs down to the ring with a chair to clear out the heels. Teddy Long comes out and makes it a tag match which ends in a no contest after an all out brawl occurs which ends with Barrett the last man standing in the ring.

The following smackdown Sheamus gets his rematch but it ends in disqualification after Barrett intefers. The next Smackdown Teddy long announces that there will be a triple threat match: Sheamus vs Barrett vs Regal for the no 1 contender spot. Regal wins after making Barrett tap. Regal cuts a promo saying that at Extreme Rules he'll do something he's never done before, win a world title. He says he's been in the business a long time and he's finally going to win the most prestigious title in wrestling and who better to defeat then his former student. He says Bryan has changed but not in a good way for he's become far too arrogant and cowardly for his own good. He says that when he beats Bryan he will retire the following nigh----
Barrett and Bryan attack only for Sheamus to come down to the ring and attack the heels returning the favour. Sheamus says Regal has been a great mentor and he will use his new knowledge to defeat Barrett in a tables match at Extreme rules.

Meanwhile on Raw
At Wrestlemania Chris Jericho defeats Cm punk in a great match which ends in Jericho countering GTS into Codebreaker.

The following raw Jericho says that he has taken back what is his and has proved to all the wannabes that he is truly the best in the world. Triple H comes out and tells Jericho that he has to defend his title because Cm Punk still has his rematch clause. Jericho says that Punk is phoney and everyone knows that Punk can't beat Jericho because Jericho is the best in the world. Again their would be great promos leading up to Extreme Rules.

Extreme Rules
Justin Roberts: The following ma---
Vince returns he comes down to the ring with a mic. He says since being relieved from his duties he's been thinking and one day he came up with a brilliant idea. From now on their will no longer be a Wwe or World heavyweight championship because he has unified them. He says this will ensure superstars are 100% focused because there are now even less opportunities for the top championship. In another good move he has decided to bring back the cruiser weight championship and a battle royal to decide the champion will take place in a few weeks at the raw super show. Because of the newly unified world championship instead of abandoning both scheduled matches he's created a new one to ensure the best entertainment value for everyone watching.
Unification World Title Match
No Dq Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Match
Daniel Bryan vs William Regal vs Cm Punk Vs Jericho

He hopes that everyone will enjoy the rest of the show.

Early on in the match Regal goes after Bryan and Punk goes after jerhico. Bryan climbs onto the turnbuckle only for Regal to push him off. In the ring Punk and Regal do a few tag team moves when suddenly Codebreaker to Regal who's sent backwards and falls outside the ring. Jericho and Punk show some nice technical wrestling in the ring before Bryan returns to the matchup with a sledgehammer. He hit Jericho and then repeatedly pummels at Punk. He chucks the sledgehammer to aside and goes for the lebel lock which punk manages to counter into a side slam. Regal returns to the matchup and immediately goes after Jericho and Bryan, Regal Plex to Bryan gets a 2 count. He tries to lock in the Regal Stretch but Bryan prevents it. Punk comes back into the match with a table but Jericho pounces on him before he can utilise it. Regal sets up the table and try's to suplex Bryan onto it but Bryan counters with a thumb to the eye.

Meanwhile Punk and Jericho are going at it with Punk eventually getting the upper hand. He places Jericho onto the table, climbs up the turnbuckle and the savage elbow drop connects. 1-2- and a near fall, He lifts Jerucho up and hits the GTS.
Jericho is Eliminated

Meanwhile Bryan and Regal are fighting on the entrance ramp but Bryand has a kendo stick and is repeatedly hitting Regal with it. Punk brings a ladder into the match and hits Bryan with it. Punk hits the GTS on Bryan 1-2- and a kickout. Punk begins to ascend the ladder, he reaches the top, he sets up for the Savage elbow drop but when he jumps Bryan rolls out the way, Bryan locks in Cattle Mutilation leaving Pink with no choice but to tap
Punk is Eliminated

Only two conpetitors left now, Bryan vs Regal, Student vs Teacher. They trade blows and eventually reach the ring. Bryan irish wips Regal against the rope but on his way back Regal connects with the Knee Trembler but Bryan kicks out at two. Regal picks Bryan up only for Bryan to get him into the Lebel Lock put of nowhere. Eventually Regal escapes but he is now very worn down. Bryan climbs the turnbuckle and waits, Regal gets
up and turns around only for Bryan to attempt a crossbody, Regal catches him and hits the Regal Suplex. 1-2-3
Bryan is Eliminated
Regal is the Unified world champion.

Retirement Speech/Farewell

The following Raw Regal says that whay he was going tos say before he was attacked a few weeks ago was that if he won he would retire for good. He says he is sad to retire but he has acconploshed everything he set out to do in the wwe and more and he feels now is the right time to retire from wrestling. He thanks _______,__________,________ and _____. The roster comes down and claps etc.

From there a king of the ring like tournament takes pkace for the vacant Unified World Championship. And Regal replaces Lawler as a Commentator on Raw. Alternatively he could become a manager or work with the Fcw talent in preparing them for the next level.

Thanks for reading and I look foward to reading the comments
I picked William Regal because he deserves too win at least one world title for all he's done over the years.
Too all people who say Sheamus isn't from the Uk- I dont see why everyone has a problem with this, nobody complains that Santino is not Itallian, that Kane isn't actually a monster or that Brodus clay isn't Funkosaurus

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  1. Mikeyboy7777777's Avatar
    great storyline but sadly will never happen
  2. pjpjr6's Avatar
    lol, William Regal. Really?
  3. jhorton1215's Avatar
    You're allowed to dream, but no way will they ever unify the titles again.
  4. allygoode's Avatar
    Plus Sheamus isnt from the UK , hes from Ireland
  5. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    Won't happen. EVER. Because Vince Russo doesn't work for WWE anymore.
  6. InRite's Avatar
    LMAO@Aint No Grave!
  7. bartish2's Avatar
    I know you don't agree with this idea and neither do i, ITS FUCKING STUPID. Having around 40 superstars fighting over 1 world title would be ridiculous and stupid. Multiple world titles gives more superstars opportunities rather than just 1 or 2. It also gives each brand a main title picture and have 2 brands with 1 world title is stupid. This idea is so stupid and would just put more superstars labelled as jobbers because only like 4 will be given main title would just be jobbers... this idea would make the wwe worse and anyone who wants it needs to think again... a big company like the wwe with over 40 male superstars would not work with 1 world title... 3 guys given main event status rest given jobber status lol. would be in even worse situation. They just need to rename the wwe title and get a new look for it thats not a spinner
    Updated 02-13-2012 at 07:06 PM by bartish2
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