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Greatest Announcers/commentators

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I was reading some of the previous blogs about top and least favorite wrestlers and thought I'd try to spark so convo on top commentators. The art of commentating and telling a story to go along with a great wrestling match seems to be forgotten to an extent so I figured I'd take a trip back and remember some of the greats who helped make some of the greatest matches ever better. Off the top, four commentatoing teams stood out:

Jim Ross and Bob Caudle-Back in the mid to late 80's during the UWF's run, these two called the action. I think they were great because there was such a vast knowledge of wrestling between the two of them. There was no heel announcer so the usual back and forth between the "face" announcer and the "heel" announcer was lacking but they were still a great team.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler-They were great together and played off of each other perfectly. They were a more current version of...

Gorillia Monsoon and Bobby Heenan-To me they were the greatest commentating team in wrestling. The back and forth between these two never faded, but despite all of their verbal jabs at each other over their favorite wrestlers, you sensed that there was a tremendous amount of respect and friendship between them. When I was younger, WWF Wrestling Challenge used to come on every Saturday night and I looked forward to the commentating just as much as I did the matches.

Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura-They would be right at the top along with the previous team for all of the same reasons. Just an awesome duo.

Dishonorable mentions: Mike Tenay, and Don West, and Tony Schiavone (the absolute worst man ever to be behind the mic).

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  1. steviej893's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisQ1
    Not ashamed to say I was partial to a bit of JBL and Michael Cole. God I miss JBL.
    I agree...JBL was a great heel announcer. Earlier in his broadcasting career, Michale Cole reminded of Vince know, over-excited lol.
  2. Playboy Stevie V's Avatar
    One more quick thing. The worst announcer recently is Booker T. He's just bad. Bad lines, bad play by play and sometimes you can't even understand him. I hate hearing "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as a play by play quote.
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