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TNA: Against All Odds

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These are the results and some description of the TNA PPV Against All Odds. I’ve included my ideas (chosen before the matches) of who I want/think is going to win. These picks pretty much demonstrate that I’m shite as a prognosticator.

TNA – Against All Odds

Start with a video package about the main event, the four-way match between Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, James Storm and Bobby Roode.

First Match: Jesse Sorenson v Zima Ion
Want to Win: Sorenson
Think will Win: Sorenson

I think Sorenson will win because I expect Aries to keep the title, and Ion winning would mean a heel v heel match. Though I would like to see that, I still expect Sorenson to win. The match is reasonably well fought, but little reaction from the audience. Sorenson gives a football to a fan, which is then taken by Ion to cement his heel status. Sorenson is sent to the floor, and then Ion does a flip off of the second turnbuckle which knocks Sorenson out, and he wins by countout. I won’t be surprised if that was a botch and results in an actual injury. Rating: 4/10
Winner: Ion (my record: 0/1)

Christy Hemme does an interview with Bobby Rude. Next, TV champ Robbie E comes out with Robbie T and says that since he wasn’t scheduled he’s instituting a Robbie E Invitational and challenges anyone to come out and face him for the title. Shannon Moore’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

Second Match: Robbie E v Shannon Moore
Want to Win: Moore
Think will Win: Robbie E

Moore hasn’t been seen for a while, no heat has been built up, so I think this will be just the start of a feud. I’ve actually thought the TV title has been pretty meaningless lately, hopefully this will be the start of moving it into the picture. I really dislike Robbie E and his gimmick, so I want Moore to win, but I don’t really think he will. I hate Robbie E’s lime green ring wear also. It’s a decent match, some reaction from the audience on both sides. Robbie E actually does some decent moves, but Moore is simply amazing. However, Moore tries a rollup which Robbie kicks out of, sending Moore into the ropes where he is punched by Robbie T. Robbie E covers Moore for the win. Rating: 6/10
Winner: Robbie E (my record: 1/1)

They do a video montage of the conflict between Gail Kim and Tara over the past few weeks.

Third Match: Gail Kim v Tara
Want to Win: Kim
Think will Win: Kim

I think Gail Kim is pretty hot, so my pants come off for this match. Madison Rayne comes out with Kim, but they appear to be arguing. I think they will keep Kim champion for a while, but I really don’t mind. The match goes back and forth, and Kim and Rayne keep shouting at each other. Rayne eventually leaves the ringside, apparently disgusted with Kim’s attitude and shouting “Screw you” at her. The crowd is firmly behind Tara. Kim tries the Octopus submission hold, which I haven’t seen by anyone else in a very long time. The Knockouts division is so much better than the Divas division of WWE, I’ve got to say. Kim hits the Eat DeFeet move for the clean win. Rating: 6/10
Winner: Gail Kim (my record: 2/1)

Christy Hemme does an interview with James Storm. After the interview, they show a recap of the feud between Matt Morgan/Crimson and Samoa Joe/Magnus.

Fourth Match: Matt Morgan Crimson v Samoa Joe/Magnus
Want to Win: Either
Think will Win: Morgan/Crimson

Pants are back on. I really don’t care which team wins, as I like them both. I think Morgan/Crimson will win though. TNA has a glitch and starts to show the X Factors for the next match, but they quickly correct that. Joe and Morgan start the match trying to knock each other down, until Joe kicks Morgan and gets the advantage. Most of the audience doesn’t seem into this match as much as many others. There is some good tag team wrestling in this match, much better than what I’ve seen lately in the E. Crimson goes for a spear on Joe and hits Morgan, and the challengers hit a combo that gets them the win. Crimson walks away from the ring and leaves Morgan in the ring. Rating: 7/10
Winner: Samoa Joe/Magnus (my record: 2/2)

Christy Hemme starts and interview with Bully Ray, who insults her and takes the microphone while telling her to go away and continuing on his own.

Fifth Match: Austin Aries v Alex Shelley
Want to Win: Aries
Think will Win: Aries

I am a big Aries fan, first seeing him in ROH. I don’t think Shelley will win here since he’s not been seen in a while and this might be the set up for another feud. I’m less sure about this prediction based on the results of the first match (number one contender). Zima Ion is the contender, so I’m thinking that they might get Shelley the win to make it a classic face v heel scenario. The crowd is pretty split on chanting for either contender. This is probably one of the best matches I’ve seen in a very long time. Excellent moves and counters. The crowd eventually starts chanting “This is awesome” which cannot be denied. Both contenders kick out of what seem to be match-ending moves. Both hit some amazing moves. Shelley hits Sliced Bread and covers for almost three, but at the last instant Aries grabbed the bottom rope. Aries hits a brainbuster and Shelley kicks out. Aries hits the Last Chancery and Shelley taps out. Rating: 9/10
Winner: Austin Aries (my record: 3/2)

Christy Hemme does an interview with Jeff Hardy, who is in is typical silly makeup and garb. I am not a Jeff Hardy fan. There is a montage of the background for the Styles/Kazarian match.

Sixth Match: AJ Styles vs Frankie Kazarian
Want to Win: Styles
Think will Win: Styles

I think Styles will win to get an edge over Christopher Daniels, who seems to be manipulating Kazarian. Kazarian comes out wearing a Daniels T-shirt, but does not seem very happy. Throughout the match, Kazarian seems to be giving only a half-hearted effort at times. Kazarian attempts to shake hands before the match, but Styles refuses and rips the T-shirt off. The crowd seems to be a little sympathetic to Kazarian, and the chants alternate between “Let’s go Styles” and “Daniels sucks.” The match goes back and forth for a while, some interesting moves, until Styles hits a moonsault from the top rope onto Daniels. When he goes back into the ring, Kazarian hits the Fade to Black for the win. Rating: 7/10
Winner: Kazarian (my record: 3/3)

A sign at ringside seems to be taking a swipe at the E’s tweeting mania and reads “Tweet This!” I approve of this message. Christy Hemme does an interview with Eric Bishoff and Gunner. Eric says that he will give Hulk Hogan a towel that he can throw in to end the match, since Gunner is going to destroy Garrett.

Seventh Match: Garrett Bischoff v Gunner
Want to Win: Garrett
Think will Win: Garrett

Let’s make this clear: I do not now and have not ever taken Garrett Bischoff seriously as a wrestler. That being said, however, I’d like to see him win simply because Eric and Gunner remind me of some bullies that picked on me as a kid. They just poss me off. I also think that Hogan will want to claim that his training is what enabled Garrett to win against Gunner and embellish his “reputation.”

Garrett hits some good amateur moves, but nothing spectacular. Gunner powers through Garrett for just about the entire match. EB gets involved briefly, and Hogan goes over to stop him but gets backed off by the referee. EB slaps his son and Hogan punches him out. Hogan starts to throw in the towel but is stopped by Garrett, who is then decisively pinned by Gunner after a DDT for the win. Rating: 2/10
Winner: Gunner (my record: 3/4)

Christy Hemme does an interview with Sting. A video is shown of the events leading up to the main event and comments by the competitors.

Main Event: Jeff Hardy v Bully Ray v James Storm v Bobby Roode
Want to Win: Anybody but Hardy
Think will Win: Roode

I’m thinking that Roode will continue to hold the title, to set up a one on one against Storm down the road. I am not a Hardy fan, I am not an emo Twilight addict. He’s a great wrestler, I’ll give him that, but he just doesn’t do it for me. I hope to heck he doesn’t win. The crowd does not agree with me, they seem to be firmly behind Hardy. While I don’t care which of the other three wins, Bully Ray would be my personal pick if pressed.

Roode attempts to get Ray to work with him, but Ray declines and steps out of the ring to let him face Hardy and Storm alone. Ray comes in at an opportune moment to take out all three, and there is a small “Bully Ray” chant from the audience. Roode and Storm team up briefly against Ray and start the “Beer Money” chant until Roode hits Storm. Storm and Hardy go to superplex Roode, then Ray slips in and throws them all to the mat. Ray accidentally splashes the referee and then hits a Bubba Bomb on Hardy and pins him with the ref out. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, ref still out. Roode hits a spear on Hardy, Storm gets a move in on Roode and sets up for the Superkick. Ref is pulled out of the ring by Bully Ray before he can count three. More moves and the ref is out again. Hardy takes off his shirt to a massive pop by the emo crowd, then misses the Swanton Bomb. Roode grabs the championship belt and goes to use it against Hardy, but is stopped by Sting. Roode provokes Sting and spits in his face, who then swings at Roode with the belt but hits Hardy instead when Roode ducks out of the way. Roode covers Hardy and insists that Sting do the three count. Sting reluctantly counts Roode to the win. Rating: 6/10
Winner: Roode (my record: 4/4)

Overall, not a bad PPV. Not the best by any means, by not bad. The Aries v Shelley match was definitely the high point and made it worth the price.

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  1. Austinfan's Avatar
    the ending ruined the whole show. That whole sting counting for Roode was beyond stupid
  2. The Piper's Avatar
    I agree with Austinfan, the ending was beyond terrible, but the X Division title match was one of the best matches I have ever seen, except for the botched brainbuster at the end.
  3. matt1tude's Avatar
    how was the ending horrible? it was pretty good and keeps roode on his path of doing whatever it takes to keep his title. and if it was so bad of an ending then summerslam 97 ending was bad also, with bret spitting in hbk's face then hbk accidently hitting taker then having to count for bret. I'm sure you all will either defend it or turn on the TNA copying WWE B.S.

    People bitch just for the sake of bitching.

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