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Independent Wrestlers That You Must See...

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This list is inspired by the recent signings of Chris Hero and Claudio Castignoli to the WWE.

I was very happy to pay a small amount of money to see them before they were signed to the media giant. This is a list of wrestlers you must see at your local independent wrestling before they are signed to WWE or TNA. (I'm leaving Ring of Honor off this list because many indy wrestlers pass through their organization).

1. Kevin Steen - Amazing wrestler and he can cut the best promos in the business. Yes, I think he cuts better promos than CM Punk. His recent work with Cornette (boss vs. disgruntled worker) is rather inspired and he carried the "feud" to the ROH message boards. He works many other organizations including PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerilla) in Southern California, Evolve in the Northeast, mainly New York and many Canadian organizations. His finisher is the packaged piledriver and it is a work of art.
My recommendation for a DVD starring Kevin Steen: Steen Wolf (Pro Wrestling Guerilla) Kevin Steen vs. El Generico for the PWG belt in a Ladder War.

2. Ricochet - Probably the premiere high-flyer on the independent circuit. Not the greatest person on the mic but his in-ring heel persona is top-notch. It's unheard of for an American to go to Japan and win one championship during his first year. He won 3 championships. The Japanese DO NOT reward on looks or promos. His speed, aerial and basic fundamentals bore him the accolades. Working mainly through Dragon Gate USA and Dragon Gate Japan. He makes sporadic appearances in Evolve and PWG. He had a recent run with the Chikara wrestling organizations.
My recommendation for a DVD starring Ricochet: Freedom Fight 2011 (Dragon Gate USA) Ricochet vs. PAC. Wild match that ended their feud in 2011.

3 & 4. Madison Eagles or Sara Del Rey. Best female wrestlers on the planet. Beth Phoenix has been neutered since joining the WWE. Eagles and Del Rey do not have to censor or be nearly as "safe" as Phoenix. At 6'1" and a lean, athletic frame, Madison Eagles dominates most matches with great ring work and decent promo work. Del Rey is just an incredibly gifted wrestler that often tangles with men and women. Del Rey is stronger on the mic. Eagles and Del Rey wrestle for SHIMMER. They have also appeared in Heartland Wrestling Association, World Class Extreme Wrestling, EGO Pro Wrestling, New England Championship Wrestling, ACE, Ring of Honor, Combat Zone Wrestling and Chikara.
My recommendation for a DVD starring Madison Eagles: SHIMMER VOL. 35. Madison Eagles vs. Jesse McKay. Great back and forth. Del Rey is on this tape, as well, but her opponent is a bit green.
My recommendation for a DVD starring Sara Del Rey: Sara Del Rey vs. Mercedes Martinez. Watch this on youtube for free.

5. Mike Quackenbush. This guy has lived and breathed wrestling since 1998 and it shows. He has either trained, wrestled or helped book matches with every wrestler during this time. He's rock-solid in the ring and carries Chikara on his back with a bevy of wrestlers he has helped trained.
My recommendation for a DVD starring Mike Quackenbush: High Noon (Chikara) Grand Championship Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Mike Quackenbush. Overall great DVD quality and fun match to watch. Mike has had better matches but few on which the DVD is entertaining from beginning to end.

I realize I'm leaving out quite a few wrestlers: El Generico, PAC, Davey Richards and on and on. Please don't be offended by my list. This is simply to inform people for the small price of $10 to $30 a ticket, you can have an entertaining night with your independent wrestling organization in your local area. Please support independent wrestling. Pick up the DVD's listed on this blog and tell me your honest review. I promise you, you will discover many, many more wrestlers on your own.

The WWE or TNA will pick up these wrestlers soon and you may have a short time to see them locally. Use the internet. It's there for a reason.

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  1. 68wPayne's Avatar
    Agree 110% on Kevin Steen. Truly lives up to the name Mr. Wrestling. I always loved the bit where he had his son who was only a few months old at the time pin Ricochet (i think) after 3 Package Piledrivers
  2. Duderino's Avatar
    Yeah loving Kevin Steen, I do enjoy discovering indy wrestlers ever since randomly found Teddy Hart on Youtube years ago, I had great hopes for that boy... Thanks for the list anyway I will check out Ricochet.

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